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  1. Short Story Contest (Planning): Word Count Discussion & Jury Applications on Page 7!

    #567332013-05-30 20:33:40 *Cenica said:
    Calling on the writers of CL! Are you ready to test your penmanship? Then this is the contest for you. Join your fellow members in a competition of wit and imagination.

    This is what we have so far:

    The Challenge: Complete a short story and prove yourself the very best (like no one ever was...)

    The Judges: DarkChaplain, Kip, and Wolfangle

    The Reward: "Mightier than the Sword" Badge (see below)

    The Rules:

    Short stories must not exceed 7500 words. Stories over the word limit will automatically be disqualified and will not be judged. A word of advice: Aim for 5000 words and leave yourself room to grow just in case.. [[Lower Count Being Discussed]]

    No NSFW stories. This means that you are not allowed to write up porn or extremely gory scenes just for the sake of writing gore.

    No fanfics or stories involving CL users

    Vote for the subject you wish to write about and PM me if you want to enter so I can get an idea of how many people there will be.


    The genre of this story contest has been decided Horror/ Thriller by your votes. You are allowed to add influences from other genres to create something like a SciFi/ Thriller for example as long at the focus is on the horror/ thriller element.
  2. #567342013-05-30 20:40:43 *Cenica said:

    List of Participants:


    B1U3 / Brofessor

























    Also you don't have to enter the contest to be able to vote. Vote for what you'd like to read also.

  3. #567362013-05-30 20:50:13DarkChaplain said:

    Just stating the obvious:

    The Judges will read your submissions carefully and give feedback on each of them.

    So even if you do not "win" the contest, you will still get something out of it - feedback is valuable, you'll want to get as much of it as possible.
    The Judges will need to make sure to give good feedback that you can "learn" from, point out flaws and praise the good. No one-liners, but proper comments on your work.

  4. #567402013-05-30 21:08:19DeathByBiscuit said:

    I would also like to participate, whatever the subject, seeing as writing something you're not used to is also pretty fun, anyways I voted for supernatural.

  5. #567572013-05-30 22:25:01megumi-tan said:

    I really enjoy writing but always struggle sharing my work (may it be writing or not). You can put me down as a possible participant, but no promises.

  6. #567602013-05-30 22:38:56 *Momimochi said:

    The Judges will read your submissions carefully and give feedback on each of them.

    will read your submissions carefully



  7. #567652013-05-30 23:53:07DarkChaplain said:

    Try. We haven't decided on a timeframe yet, and even if you might not finish it up, you'll still get some practice out of it.

    Concerns I heard so far:

    • People dropping out
    • Story Length
    • @kosuke participating

    I'd rather see people not finish up their stories or have an extended Deadline than people not even trying to participate.

    Half the fun will come from people interacting with each other over this project, sharing ideas, concepts, or even just complaints. If you participate, you'll be able to share your experiences and make new ones, and maybe you'll even earn praise from the other participants.

    Even just going in with an open mind and discussing your ideas, character concepts or short excerpts will help both yourself and the rest of the group and the project as a whole.
    Sure, you'll have to make an effort for it, but you're taking advantage of a good opportunity here. Don't pass it up lightly!

    As for the Word Count, well, you really do not have to max it out. Even just writing 2000 words is fine, and depending on the idea you have in mind, writing less than that can work just as well. It really depends on what you are willing to do and how well your ideas work out. It wouldn't be the first time a tiny spark of inspiration turns into something big either.

    And since I heard complaints about the word limit of 7500 being "too low" - 7500 words is a very solid guideline for short stories. Everything above stretches the format.
    Sure, you could write 10000 instead, but that would not help you learn to deal with the limitations, and I don't think people want to read too many far-stretched stories that don't manage to get their point across.

    You will not be allowed more than 7500 words.
    Writing that much is overwhelming enough, and the average will be way below that. If you hit the limit without being close to finishing it up, you'd better go back to the drawing board and rethink your story's structure and whether or not your idea was suitable to the format.

  8. #567682013-05-31 00:16:52hellstorm901 said:

    I've managed to partly write something and as suggested before I'm trying a different theme than I've previously written.

    Make no mistake it's still Sci-Fi (Technically) but in terms of the Sci-Fi used in my existing fiction and in a second in planning fiction this really is something different so I'm interested to see if I can at least finish this.

    Up to 1000 words already.

  9. #567702013-05-31 00:20:19DarkChaplain said:

    Hey, we haven't started this thing yet. Details may still change, so you'd be better off patiently waiting for the contest to kick off.

  10. #567722013-05-31 00:40:15hellstorm901 said:

    If I didn't make some start on it, given me, I would probably have never started it so this is just insurance for me.

    Even if the contest is cancelled I can mothball ideas from this into my second fiction or finish it and just publish the short story to my FictionPress account anyways.

  11. #567692013-05-31 00:18:47DarkChaplain said:

    Word Count Update:

    The Limit of 7500 words stays in place.
    However, you are now supposed to plan with 5000 words in mind!

    This serves to help you get a feeling for word counts - more often than not, you will have to write more than expected to have a well-rounded story. Plan with 5000 words in mind, or even less than that, to make sure you will not get into trouble with the upper limit.

    This hopefully also reduces pressure on both the participants who feel slightly overwhelmed by the format AND the readers.
    While 5000 words might not feel enough for some, multiply them by the number of participants and you'll find that we might get dangerously close to novel-length.

    Worst case scenario: Nobody's gonna read the submitted stories due to them being too lengthy and reading them all would consume too much time.
    Let's try to avoid that.

  12. #567762013-05-31 00:55:44 *DarkChaplain said:

    Since Common Sense seems to be lacking.... NSFW stories are banned. This is not about porn or extreme gore.

    Sad, really, that some of you can't seem to take it seriously...

  13. #567862013-05-31 04:06:20Kip said:

    i can't wait to see how this plays out. i'm looking forward to reading all of the submissions and giving feedback~

    i hope all of the participants have fun writing. i agree with DC, even if you can't complete your submission or make it to 5,000 words, you should at least try and hand in anyway! it's good for practice. :)

  14. #567882013-05-31 04:47:21Kirn said:

    5000 words is more than enough, I believe, I participated in contest where you had to write less than that. By the way, if there's no nsfw, what about swearing and overall profanity?

    Also, depending on final rules and theme of the story, I also might participate.