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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #567472013-05-30 22:06:06 *Mau said:
    Armor is a good choice, so long as it doesn't hinder movement, also you need to know how to wear it, and have the strength and endurance to run around in it for long periods of time.
    In situation like a Zombie Apocalypse, restricted leg movement is a death sentence.
    The dead don't have to worry about exhaustion, they don't even breathe probably.
    You do though, so if you don't have the strength for running around in armor, skip it and keep it light.
    Some padding might be good in vulnerable areas such as the vital areas, where a bite could rupture something, but nothing excessive.
    The key is getting the hell out of dodge, not fighting them to the last one.
    Its not about discomfort, so much as its about keep movement unrestricted.
    Keeping everything in the medium, not too much, but not too little will win out in the end.
    You don't need robocop armor, the forearm, neck and thigh guards as well as the gloves will suffice.

    Zombies also tend to work in numbers, so its best that you high tail it instead of trying to take them down, clip them if you have to, but don't put all your focus into killing them, because like grey hairs; take one down and five more replace it. Not worth it, and your ammo/resources are limited.
    But hey, its all about preference, do what you think will ensure your survival.
    Not to mention this is a totally hypothetical situation that really has no weight after all.