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  1. Contractors V.S The Branches of Sin v2

    #568382013-05-31 20:55:06 *Wolfangle said:


    Bringing back this old thread from the dead. Obviously if you're clicking on this thread, you must have already watched both anime. If not, then here's a simple base line.


    From the anime, "Darker Than Black", some people at random ages in the world are given an ability/power at a random time of their life. They then become almost emotionless & start searching for an answer for something (It's been a while since i rewatched it)..Anyways, after they use their power for a certain amount of times. They have a "price" they must pay..As in, you have to smoke some cigs, or tell the truth to everyone you talk to, or cut off a body part to gain back your powers/abilities. www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHJjr9HpIQw

    Branches of Sin:

    These people are in a death-roll prison & some crap goes down each week? i think. Where they're locked in an arena in a 1v1 prisoner fight. Sure enough, these prisoners have powers/abilities too. Their powers/abilities are all blood based. As in, scythe blades coming out of your arm, :| (this one is fucking weird to imagine) pulling out your earrings so blood flows out & you gain super strong tentacles on your hair, armor, i think there was even one associated with a cannon or a sword.


    Well yea, there you have it. In a full fled fight of Contractors vs The Branches of Sin, which side do you think would win? Pictures & Videos are much appreciated.

  2. #568392013-05-31 21:17:08hellstorm901 said:

    Oh when I saw contractor I thought you meant Pandora Hearts. I've never seen Darker Than Black but i'll go with Sin. Sin powers are something special.

  3. #568442013-05-31 22:48:44 *Cenica said:

    I have never seen Branches of Sin. Guess I will have to check it out. Which season of Darker than Black are we talking here? Because if we talk first season I think Hei would kick ass but after that his character wasn't BA and even got stuck babysitting a little girl. (Notices both vids you have are from the second season.) Ah. I see.

    Edit: Oh you meant Deadman Wonderland. Close call but if it came down to a battle with the original Hei then I think Hei would win. The thing is not all contractors have abilities that could be used in a fight. For example Yuri is only able to see faraway places through water.

  4. #568652013-06-01 01:50:52 *Cenica said:

    Yeah but it was just an example. There were other contractors with non attack type abilities. Which is my point. It'd probably have been better if you'd picked specific people to compare rather than an entire group.

    Also her lack of emotion is up to debate.

  5. #570712013-06-03 20:43:06Wolfangle said:

    Thing is with a contractor tho, is that they're almost always prepared for their price later on. With the branches of sin, once you've lost too much blood, you're basically done for. Until you eat (some foods can help regenerate blood; like bone(as of what i once hear))

    take this fight scene for example, with eating a burger to gain back powers..can't do that so fast with blood

  6. #570732013-06-03 22:45:11hellstorm901 said:

    Difference is though both sides abilities have an ultimate price but in terms of practical you find that the Branches of Sin win because the Human body will regain it's blood and you can transfuse in worst case scenarios. Whereas contractors have prices which sometimes can't be met for example the guy in the video needs to eat Burgers but what happens when he runs out? Make that, what happens when he runs out in an isolated area or a place where he can't get Burgers? His power is affected by his need to carry a stash of Burgers around and the need to resupply in a contingency.

    A person whose power is limited by blood has to limit themselves to avoid killing themselves through overuse of their power but as long as they are given a few hours, maybe a day tops and as you said. food to sustain their body then they'll regenerate the lost blood and be back in the fight.

    I'll bullet point both sides issues.


    • Location of where you're fighting if your price can't be met in certain areas
    • Whether your price is easy to pay anyways
    • You can't really fight a battle of attrition if your price is one that can only be paid in peace

    (Branch of Sin)

    • How quickly your body can recover its blood naturally
    • You can't fight a battle of attrition. BoS requires quick fights and can't be drawn out
    • Your power declines with use or damage you take. Even cuts will hamper your power.