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Parent: How To Survive Zompocalypse?

  1. #568772013-06-01 04:26:48jkripper123 said:

    Weapons: first off I want to say that knives are the most impracticle weapon in a zombie apocalypse. If you stab a zombie, they won't feel it and you will be locked in an intimately close range with the zombie. A can of pickles is a better weapon than a knife vs. zombie. Blunt objects are the best way to go. Fill water balloons with lye (or really strong base substance) and beam a zombie with it, in a few minutes it will be a puddle of blood. You won't need too much supplies since it will pretty much be lying around amidst the chaos. Use a blunt object to break windows and or skulls of zombies/violent lunatics. By Hotd standards guns might not be so practical. Too loud. Baseball bat seems common enough on this thread and it is quite useful. Axe, hammer, sledgehammer sounds ideal but also quite heavy. If I list any knives they will be for utility only. Provisions: food can be found on any street and in most stores. If you live in a city or town than you surely won't starve. With this logic you don't really need to pack much food. Utilities: Swiss army knife, serrated knife (probably one on the SAK), secured medi-kit. If the zombiemorphose was caused by disease than someone in my family would probably experiment with a cure. Family full of scientists and doctors :O Clothing/armor: debatable between full body protection and low armor increased mobility. Don't wear metal I guess and put some kind of tape on the bottom of your shoes to muffle your steps