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This place still exists?

  1. #572112013-06-04 07:20:08Dec said:

    I never visit here, I've been away from 6 years now and I feel like it has changed so much it brings tears to my eyes.

  2. #572232013-06-04 08:11:35M_E_W said:

    So much has changed since I last popped in here....I didn't actually do much, but the email brought me back and hopefully I'll stick around. It was always fun here.

  3. #572882013-06-04 14:06:12belatkuro said:
    Got an email saying this site is still alive. Brings me back.
    This site started at the height of the Durarara anime. I remember when this was just a chatroom with only a maximum of 50 people allowed inside. A lot sure has changed.
    I'll try to visit this every once in a while I guess.
  4. #572902013-06-04 14:38:55Kuroba_Loki said:

    Wow... look at all the oldfags in one thread, I thought it wasn't possible for this many oldfags to be in one thread other than the oldfag thread

    I'm new here btw

    Don't mind me


  5. #573022013-06-04 15:24:52Aluysion said:

    LOL I remember when it was that clusterfuck. Some good conversations were had though. Kinda sad some of them don't exist anymore, but it's worth it for this fantastic revamp of the site.

  6. #573572013-06-04 17:08:54llunbuRe said:

    returning because I got an email from the website loll. Mizuchi was right, there is a lot of change. I don't know what to expect lolll.

  7. #574282013-06-04 18:16:59PockyOwO said:

    Back after a few years.. wasn't this like the DRRR Dollarz Chatbox thingy? so Wassup people? :D *lurks around to see wats goin on

  8. #574352013-06-04 18:21:42Eri said:

    I agree with Aluysion, too bad our old threads are gone. Now we look like a lost legacy that came out of nowhere and tries to rule this place...

  9. #574452013-06-04 18:33:52cyan said:

    Ahhhh... I feel so old right now. But I have a bunch of good memories of those old times. Cheers guys!

  10. #575542013-06-05 03:00:46zarakiXespada said:

    i guess I'm not the only one then i haven't been here for a long time to be honest i completely forgot about it ^.^' I should do a comeback!!hehe

  11. #575682013-06-05 04:23:59HalfBakedCheeto said:

    Apparently so, I didn't even know I registered on this site until just recently. Ahhh well, didn't know anyone back then, don't know anyone now, so chyeah, back to playing videogames I go, cya in a year or so when I get reminded again.

  12. #576102013-06-05 11:37:26Cloud-VK said:

    With all these people showing up I got my fingers crossed for the return of Di and Yuki. I really miss those guys~

  13. #576182013-06-05 12:31:28Ozey said:

    wow, it's been like three years? colorless in drrr remind me of twitter now, those two are somehow similar, how you get information on what's happening in the area etc. maybe i'm from turkey/istanbul that's why, if you know what's happening here atm.