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  1. #571972013-06-04 04:47:59odaime said:

    Aaaaaaaa.... I'm just the only one who ship taichihaya? orzzzzzzz I know chihaya has no interest to beat taichi because what she thinks just karuta and arata, but he has grown up to be a shonen-kun-who-was-a-jerk and it's precious TT^TT

    Have you read chapter 113? it's still raw, but I have to say Arata in hakama is so kakkoi~!

  2. #601732013-07-01 01:07:26muckoanggono said:

    @Evangelina but Queen might feel that way towards Arata and it doesn't look like Arata holds a feeling for Chihaya? btw they did battle against each other! the 24th of second season!

  3. #606582013-07-10 06:24:56muckoanggono said:
    @Evangelina lol.
    from the beginning (Queen's first appearance) I had always been hoping for Arata and Queen to end up battling against each other. and I was so excited to the 23th and 24th of the second season.
    and just as expected Arata won the match.
  4. #610482013-07-17 01:42:40Evangelina said:

    @muckoanggono He's so good, but I wonder if even he could beat the current master... Yes, the last few episodes were pretty exciting. I knew Arata was going to win the second she was like, "I can't get all of you," :/

  5. #617242013-07-27 03:15:21Evangelina said:

    @muckoanggono Is the third season confirmed? I hope they let chihaya beat the Queen, I can't believe after all that excitement and work, they made her hurt her finger. I haven't even looked at the manga for it.

  6. #617272013-07-27 04:54:51muckoanggono said:

    @Evangelina it's not confirmed but there's going to be an OVA soon. what I wanna watch is Arata's match against the master, tho Arata doesn't look like he'll stand a chance. bu at least I wanna watch him having a good match with the master.