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  1. Hyouka!

    #571932013-06-04 04:34:59 *Evangelina said:

    This was such a compelling anime. It had the right amount of mystery, romance, and school life. Anyone else think so?

  2. #572072013-06-04 06:45:14Taro_Tanako said:

    This was one of my favourite slow burns. Took me a while but eventually I ended up really liking every character. I'd love it if they ever did more.

  3. #572132013-06-04 07:24:32Cheryl said:

    I agree too! i really loved each episode and houtarou was an amusing character! it would be great to have more series like that!

  4. #572502013-06-04 09:55:51 *Yuu-kun said:

    I really enjoyed Hyouka too <3 I love the way Houtarou acts when Eru says she's curious about something. His energynessless is...epic. I really like this character, and I admit that I recognize a bit myself in Houtarou... And Eru is so cute !

  5. #601812013-07-01 11:00:10muckoanggono said:

    The best creation of KyoAni. But I hope for more complicated cases in the future, something involved with a real crime maybe? I also hope they're planning to make a 2nd season ofc.

  6. #602442013-07-02 07:43:28shade said:

    the thing I like for most in this anime is the character development, they all basically had strong and compelling characteristics, but gradually change as the story flows~

    and I like the way they keep the school life story, well its their rose-colored life xD

  7. #605762013-07-08 17:59:08Evangelina said:

    @Koraunmidora Yes, I searched the soundtrack for Hyouka immediately because it was so amazing! @Taro_Tanako I agree, I felt like I instantly liked Houtarou because he was lazy and I'm super lazy as well. Eru was very interesting as well, but it took me a while to like the other two. @Yuu-kun Totally agree with you! @TCManila I haven't seen those two but yes, Hyouka is great! @muckoanggono I think the cases were alright since they were just beginning everything but yeah, more complicated cases in the future would be so thrilling. I hope there is a season 2! @kaykiii Was the manga just as amazing or more amazing?

  8. #631672013-09-01 13:30:48izzymcfrizzy said:

    @Evangelina - I agree with you~!

    Hyouka was such a beautiful anime with beautifully designed characters and storylines. I loved how mysteries had such a clever twist to them, and made you slightly envy Oreki because of his incredible talent.

    I know some might complain that the romance was developing too slowly throughout the series, but in my opinion the innocent feelings and distance between Chitanda and Oreki at the end was sufficient. If the creators of this anime had over-emphasised the romance it might have destroyed the magical atmosphere of this series.

    It may seem like I am against the romance but I actually totally ship the two couples together. I'm being honest. They are all so unbelievably cute. ^_^

  9. #631822013-09-01 20:29:12Evangelina said:

    @izzymcfrizzy I thought the romance was how it should be for most animes. Sometimes when you progress two characters too quickly, it just doesn't feel normal; which is how I think they wanted Hyouka to be. A typical slice-of-life with the twist of mystery and solving problems.

    I ship them too! At the end when he says like "I'll follow you anywhere" or something like that, then he really doesn't, I thought that was great. It foreshadows that there will definitely be more to Eru and Oreki!