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  1. Deus Ex: The Fall: PC Version Out

    #572182013-06-04 07:49:53 *DarkChaplain said:

    Eidos just put up this video after quite a few teases via social networks.

    Looks like they'll be revealing their next big thing tomorrow already, instead of waiting for a surprise reveal at E3. Maybe that even means that they're already well into development, rather than having E3 being just about unveiling their project (think: Final Fantasy Versus XIII's E3 presentation in 2006).

    They have also dropped tweets like these:

    So, what are your expectations for this one?

    Honestly, I was not a fan of or impressed by Human Revolution. It had the right ideas and brought the stealth-gameplay back onto the market in ways that I didn't think possible.
    However, it suffered in terms of its plot, structure, characters, and character development especially.
    Funnily enough, a lot of my criticisms with the main game have been fixed with the Missing Link DLC, and it looked even more polished than the original game, design and graphics-wise. They apparently reworked a lot of the engine, and while I feel very sore about the lack of patches for the PC version, Wii U owners can feel lucky that the whole game uses the improved engine on their platform.

    I think that gameplay-wise, they might again not go far enough with their augmentations, but it seems like they took people's criticisms seriously, and will not be outsourcing vital parts of the game (boss battles) again with this next project.

    Funnily enough, this might not even be a game, but the rumored movie project - the Human Defiance trademark turned out to be... an april fools joke (and a very good one which I'd love to play if it would ever be made).

    Either way, I am curious about this. I'd prefer a game, for obvious reasons, but am a bit worried that Eidos has too much in the pipeline for that, with the Thief reboot having seen quite a bit of trouble already. Still, they're fairly far into Thief's development, so I see no reason why their preproduction on The Fall couldn't have started already.

    Anyway, I'm rambling.Share your thoughts on this, and maybe let's kick off a bit of a story discussion.

  2. #572202013-06-04 07:54:59DarkChaplain said:

    Disclaimer: This is a speculation / discussion thread. If it turns out to be a game, there will be a separate thread for the game itself and upcoming infos, trailers etc.

    Since this is a speculation thread, spoilers are a given! If you have not played Deus Ex and Human Revolution yet and do not want to be spoiled, better stay out of it.

    As Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a prequel to Deus Ex but still left a gap to fill between the two, "The Fall" seems likely to try and act as a bridge between the glorious augmentation renaissance as seen in HR (despite all the anti-augmentation activists) and the grimdark setting of the original Deus Ex.

  3. #572242013-06-04 08:18:38hellstorm901 said:

    I liked Human Revolution. I admit it's the only Deus Ex game i've played but still. Very enjoyable.

    I'll be interested to see what comes of this.

  4. #576372013-06-05 14:32:29DarkChaplain said:

    $6.99 / 5,99€

    ..... a fucking reskin with touch interface....

    Sure, yes, James Swallow's prequel novel Icarus Effect is the direct prequel to this "game", but come the fuck on!

    TotalBiscuit is having a real ragequit I feel....

  5. #576472013-06-05 15:22:20 *hellstorm901 said:

    Well that's worse than I expected.

    Given the recent reveals I assumed The Fall might have been either an Anime film like Mass Effect and Dragon Age got or a Live Action short series like Halo Forward Until Dawn

    But this. Well this really is just a crap reveal isn't it?

    (Add on)

    Didn't notice you changed thread name. I was actually about to suggest The Fail might be more appropriate.

  6. #578782013-06-07 07:13:26DarkChaplain said:

    @schmidt because the game is canon and provides a conclusion to the prequel novel and also ties into the latest game's plot and provides more info and buildups to the inevitable full-blown sequel and thus is something the fanbase would like to experience in a proper way?
    maybe also because Deus Ex is a PC-centric series with a huge legacy and while HR was somehow dumbed down to appeal to the console audience as well, this is the first time Deus Ex is moving fully away from the PC?

  7. #579302013-06-07 17:31:22TechnoNinja said:

    I've actually played all of these games surprisingly. I got the first two really randomly too. My favorites are definitely Human Revolution and Invisible War( I think that's what it was called) No idea why they went with an ios game though. I was about to be excited too >.>

  8. #579552013-06-07 21:11:06 *schmidt said:

    @Ecstasy Is an obviously half-assed iPad spin-off worth wasting the rage energy? Maybe I'm too skeptical about the very idea of a mobile spin-off of a series traditionally tied to big systems, or maybe I'm just not a fanboy enough, I guess.

    And as for the series quality: don't know 'bout you, but well I think Invisible War has really lowered the standards.

    @DarkChaplain Well, I can't say a game with more info and buildups is always a necessary thing to experience. Even if we talk about this very series, I'm in the middle of Missing Link and I don't have a single idea why the hell am I playing it. And a mobile spin-off? Pffft.

    The thing is that I don't get all this loud and surprised disappointment with a project that is quite probably going to suck and can't be taken seriously.

  9. #580272013-06-08 09:16:08Ecstasy said:

    @schmidt I'm not that big a fan of a series, but I still felt disappointed because I feel like it won't end here. Other companies might start doing the same and while it's ok for games like Mortal Combat, for some other games I'd just find in unacceptable. Deus Ex games were always for PC. As DC said it's a first person action shooter with stealth elements - there can be nothing challenging about a game on IOS, they'll just end up simplifying things. So let's hope it won't affect other games... I mean god forbid TES IOS :'DDD

  10. #599122013-06-25 00:36:01DarkChaplain said:

    As you might be aware by now, Deus Ex: The Fall is a sequel to the Deus Ex prequel novel, Icarus Effect, by James Swallow (who writes for a lot of scifi publishers and franchises, including Warhammer 40k, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Stargate, 2000AD, etc). Swallow also was heavily involved in writing the story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Now, the novel has TWO protagonists, but The Fall will only feature one of them as playable protagonist - the dude, Ben Saxon.
    Anna Kelso, however, will not be playable, despite the team's consideration for her.


    Deus Ex: The Fall nearly had a female protagonist, according to director Jean-Francois Dugas. The game stars Bex Saxon, a former mercenary, who is on the run. However, Ben is accompanied by another character named Anna Kelso, and she was considered for the leading role.

    In an E3 Q&A video shared by Square Enix (watch it above), Dugas reveals that, while Anna was considered early on to be the game’s protagonist, the development team was running on a “very tight schedule,” and intended to make use of existing animations and art assets, all of which were based on a male physical form.

    “It was a decision that made from a production standpoint more than a creative standpoint,” Dugas admits.

    So basically, while Anna and Ben had equally important roles in the novel, Square Enix wasn't willing to invest time and money into making it happen, and instead opted for the way of the as-cheap-as-possible cash-in with The Fall, and recycled the hell out of their previous work. Figures.

    Dugas and writer James Wright also reveal Deus Ex: The Fall is the start of a Deus Ex story for mobiles and tablets, and that there will be more stories in the future. That said, Eidos are remaining mum on the specifics for now.

    And yeah, it will be a spinoff series on iOS. Fuck yeah, just what the fans of the franchise always wanted, simplified bs gameplay on their phones 8D

  11. #705912014-02-25 17:25:55DarkChaplain said:

    Well, that was quicker than expected. Needless to say, I am happy they at least put it onto the same platform where the rest of the franchise has been for ages, with proper, non-touch controls. And the preorder even comes with the original Deus Ex...

    • Full Mouse & Keyboard control scheme
    • Microsoft Controller support
    • 28 Steam achievements
    • Steam Trading Cards and Badges
    • Adjusted Artificial Intelligence
    • Revised game tutorial
    • Removal of auto-target options
    • Revised aiming reticule
    • Removal of in-game purchase options, with rebalanced game economy
    • Revised cover options - now matches Deus Ex: Human Revolution (HOLD or Toggle)
    • Resolution, Anti-Aliaising and Vertical Sync options
  12. #705992014-02-25 20:56:18Mau said:
    It's like they WANT this game to be a shitshow.
    They just keep kicking themselves in the teeth.

    and when in doubt default to male protag and blame time constraints for it lol.
  13. #706012014-02-25 21:58:30DarkChaplain said:

    Well, the game apparently was quite alright for a mobile game on tablets - just shit for everybody else who would miss out on a bunch of background plot. Kick in the teeth for the fans.

    Now, if they do the PC release right, as in, implementing proper PC gameplay similar to Human Revolution, its definitely something I'll pick up.




    As for the characters, I'm pissed that they'd not have Anna sections. Both her and Ben were featured in the Icarus Effect novel (which I'll now have to pick up after all), so I'd have prefered both to be playable.
    I can see why it was easier to recycle animations for the male protagonist, but I'd have prefered Square Enix to not have announced a new announcement so close to the deadline.