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Deus Ex: The Fall: PC Version Out

  1. #714842014-03-18 10:45:01DarkChaplain said:


    So... the PC version is out, and... its okay, I guess, but has a whole bunch of shortcomings due to being a mobile port. The controls aren't remappable, but resemble the defaults from Human Revolution. Voice acting and gestures are mediocre to poor, though. Flat and uninspiring. Enemies still disappear shortly after dying/being taken out, so no wakeup calls. No jumping, only contextual vaulting. You can definitely see that the gameplay was simplified for mobile devices, but at least they did an effort to bring it closer to proper control devices.

    Better than expected, not as good as I hoped port.

    I'm currently an hour in, finally past the tutorials and the expositional stuff, so hopefully now the game opens up a bit more.