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  1. small things in life

    #572192013-06-04 07:54:10AnaMiaLaura-chan said:

    Hey everyone, it might be a bit silly, and I should really be doing my homework now but, I would like to ask a question. I know it's a real stereotype question, but here I go. Are you really happy with what you got on the moment? If not, why? What do you have? I would really appreciate it if someone would seriously answer.

    with love, Laura

  2. #572262013-06-04 08:20:06 *hellstorm901 said:

    I'm not happy at this moment with what I have. Why?

    I want a Boys Anti - Tank Rifle for some reason and realise I'll probably never see one in my life.

  3. #572272013-06-04 08:27:18AnaMiaLaura-chan said:

    That is a pretty damn awesome gun you got there. Ever thought of making one? You can look up the blueprints and make it out of paper. It can be done with some guns from Fallout. If you have a lot of patience, I lack that quite a bit, than you should look it up :)

  4. #577352013-06-06 03:16:20llunbuRe said:

    Am I happy with my life at the moment..?

    It's such a simple question, however it requires a lot of thought and reflection.

    Now that I think of it, I'm somewhat content, but I wish I could do more? Of course money shouldn't be a thing that holds people back, but in my situation it is.

    but as for the simple things... like waking up in the morning, living and breathing, being able to function and sit here, being able to write this to you. it makes you think how lucky we are.

  5. #577522013-06-06 05:56:49Britt said:

    It's complicated because my life really isn't all too bad, like if I was someone else my life would be great. My family has decent money, I live in a decent house, I'm good at sports and I have passions like playing the flute and writing which I'm also good at. I have good friends and everything. But I'm not happy, because I hate myself. Because I'm so shy and I can't socialize with other people at all and I have a panic attack every time someone looks at me and I think they might talk to me. And all I want right now is to be 18 and out into the world creating my own life and doing what I want, and I want to travel across the country all by myself and just be alone exploring the world for a few years. Life is so confusing and overwhelming and complicated and I just want to get away, but I can't because I'm only 15. I know I can't complain, because I have a good life it's just the way I perceive it that makes me unhappy and it's my own self that makes me unhappy. Sorry to rant. Wow. The Colorless suddenly became my diary.

  6. #578032013-06-06 19:45:33AnaMiaLaura-chan said:

    @ llunbuRe, it is quite an odd question isn't? When we are asked we say yes I am, but if you start to think about it, you doubt the answer.

    I believe a lot of people want to do so much more, and money indeed holds back. It is rather unfair actually. I don't really know you, but i hope you will do that thing you want to do or for you to obtain it :)

  7. #578042013-06-06 19:56:32AnaMiaLaura-chan said:

    @ Britt, there is absolutely no reason for you to apologize! Everyone has their problems.

    You shouldn't say you hate yourself. And about being very shy, I understand it can be very troublesome. A friend of mine is also very VERY shy. I would say you should just be more open, but that's easy for me to say. I can't really understand, sorry.

    And being 18 isn't all that great. It's the age when you need to be able to take responsibility for everything you do. Just enjoy being 15, there will be a time where you wish you are 15 again. But when you turn 18 you might think entirely different about everything.

    I agree with you on life, it is, but that's why you hardly ever get bored with life. And it's odd, but that is what is makes it so great too!

    Complaining my bum, you say and realize you do have a nice life, but just want something o change, I doubt anyone can say they think their life is perfect, 24/7.

    I really hope you will travel around the world (you should go to Austria and Italy to, very very beautifull). And don't worry about being unhappy, as stupid as it sounds, it kind of is the age. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. Just don't make yourself lonely.

    Wish you all the best wishes!

  8. #578682013-06-07 05:26:06MrKitty said:

    Pretty much, theres obviously stuff I want but that stuff aint really important stuff if u get what I mean but my dream is to have a Olympic size pool in a giant mansion with a trampoline on top of it HOLY GOD that would be awesome

  9. #585462013-06-11 00:06:58Evangelina said:

    I really appreciate you for making this thread. It's something I think everyone wonders in their head. As for me, I would say that as an eighteen year old high school graduate, life is pretty good right now. I have a loving family, a boyfriend that I care deeply for, and I got into two amazing colleges. I cherish every day I have with these people because soon I will be going off on my own and I find that scary and exciting at the same time. If you had asked me this let's say in my freshman year, I would have said that I hated my life, that I hated a lot of things. But that's the wonderful thing about growing up and living. Things change, and it's up to you to make the best of it. I would say happy is a bit of an understatement for me. I don't mean to shove that into people's faces or anything.

    I just hope everyone who has doubts right now, has a wonderful and amazing life.