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  1. Do your plans for tomorrow ever go through?

    #573822013-06-04 17:33:11llunbuRe said:

    How often and likely do your plans ever go through? Do you find yourself bailing at the last moment out of fleeting thoughts?

  2. #574152013-06-04 18:06:02AnaMiaLaura-chan said:

    Well yeah, sometimes. If I really really don't want to go somewhere, you'll have to drag me there. But most of the times I'm just sitting alone (with my special someone) playing games and stuff

  3. #574582013-06-04 18:52:26Camellia said:

    Well, there's always someone who complicates the important things that are going to happen. For example my first dan exam of Taekwondo, would be on the same day as when I move in with my fiancé in Berlin, while I don't even live in Germany. After the financial problem was solved, they decided to move the date of the exam a week later. But I can't just change the date of my moving so easily. -_-

  4. #577252013-06-06 02:26:14 *llunbuRe said:

    @InsaneBoredGame, well when I do that approach, nothing happens lol.

    @hellstorm901, awe, and why is that...?

    @Noodle, oh my Noodle, I remember you from the old times! Hello again! and congrats on your trip to Japan, how long are you staying?

    @AnaMiaLaura-chan, I can relate to that...sometimes I don't feel like going unless people 'bribe' me with their "it'll be fun" pleas. haha.

    @Camellia, I think I remember you too from the old times, and wow, fiance! congrats on a huge life changer. Excuse my ignorance when it comes to ranking, what color belt are you getting in the arts?

    @Jasphers, apparently you're one of the few that can pull it off.

    @Revenga, is it usually drama??

    Sorry if it seems weird that I responded to all of you in one post. But I legitimately like the responses and felt the need to reply!

    As for myself, I never tend to make any 'serious' engagements unless I'm doing it on the behalf of someone else (parties, cookouts, gatherings).

    My thinking is that if I put too much 'effort' or feelings into something that I want a certain way and it turns for the worst, I'd feel like crud... so I tend to do a spur-of-the-moment, last minute sort of plans.

  5. #577412013-06-06 04:20:49 *Noodle said:

    @llunbuRe Hi, and welcome back~ I'll be staying for about a year :3

    If you mean more casual plans I do tend to procrastinate unless (like you said) it's for someone else.
    Take a jog? Naah, tomorrow.
    Practise guitar? Hmm... I can do that later.
    I think you get the idea x3

  6. #578132013-06-06 21:02:40my_emptyness said:

    my today plans doesn't even get followed so i don't plan on what to do tomorrow anymore... i admire those who can follow through their plans though

  7. #578232013-06-06 22:35:11johan_5179 said:

    Hmmm.. My little plans like setting targets for myself in terms of study (read 3 essays and make notes by tomorrow, have to read next 10 chapters today, have to learn that new method of multiplication) usually fall in place. Such plans concern only me and it would be a shame if I didn't pull them off, considering that I try not to make unrealistic goals.

    When plans include others, like let's go to a movie or something, they usually fail because someone or the other has to bail out or fuck up or the like.

    I haven't lived long enough to have made any long-term plans. So i cannot talk about those

  8. #578282013-06-06 23:02:54llunbuRe said:

    @johan_5179, I can relate to how going to a movie ends up with half or all people not going. It can be such a turn-off and a bad experience to remember "hang out time with friends".

  9. #578602013-06-07 04:21:48Revenga said:

    @llunbuRe sometimes is just drama, but it has happened to me, one time I made a really good plan, not too elaborated and I ended in the hospital because I broke my arm, and sometimes it just happens some things that you won't believe. maybe it's just my bad luck xD

  10. #578622013-06-07 04:38:15Namida said:

    @llunbuRe well, as you just said i dont do any "serious" plans, unless its something that im planning for others. When it comes to my personal choice i tend to do the things i feel at the time i feel them, dunno if im making myself clear. I mean, i improvise depending on what i feel like doing at that time. I dont like the idea of planning things with a lot of anticipation, tho i know its a necessity most of the time when its something that involves other people. But i always hesitate when i have to "confirm" my asistence to some planned events where other people invites me, because i dont really know how i will feel about it when the day comes, maybe i dont feel like it, maybe im tired, maybe i want to do something else, and yes... im that person who tends to change their mind at the last second, so i end up not going to the places i say ill go. Its not about being lazy or disrepectful, i think is more about being sincere with what i really feel at the moment.

  11. #579652013-06-07 22:08:25Camellia said:

    @llunbuRe You do? really? That's surprising, since I was more of a lurking person who only commented in only a few threads. xd I'm actually getting my black belt, first dan and my teaching diploma.