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Post the song that matches your current feeling in life.

  1. #655282013-11-06 13:29:21Rune said:

    For some reason, Tuesday, November 5th turned out to be my lucky day after a while. I mean, I actually had a good sleep and woke up really early and really fresh. Then I went to the comics class and got to read "The Flash" which was incredible. Afterwards, our class shot a scene and I got to operate the camera and it was just incredible to be somewhat in charge of everything simply because I was the one who saw everything. At my night class, my incrementally getting absurd class finally went over that barrier by being a total mess of hilarity and we totally were just bantering for like 3 hours!

    Then on the bus on the way home, I got to make 3 new friends simply by merit of them playing Pokemon. Continuing the Pokemon streak, I then managed to hatch my first Perfect IV Pokemon in my Phantump! Then, I went fishing for a Gorebyss only to find a shiny Lanturn lol.

    So, what have I been listening to while all of this was happening? (As in, what got stuck in my head when I experienced all of them feels?)

    This song:

  2. #655592013-11-06 21:28:42Wolfangle said:

    I've got my day off from any sort of work today, chat seems peaceful for the time being, and not much arguments around the house today. Kip shared this nice song on the chat & it matches my mood..Sooo yea~

  3. #662032013-11-15 04:06:20Penthus said:

    For the past few years, I've been incredibly exhausted seeing through both others' and my own attempts at keeping up social appearances just to be polite and make those around me feel comfortable. Lately, I've been more honest with myself, my friends, and I'm trying to do the same with acquaintances and strangers by letting others know that I'm not that interested or just cutting them out of my life. I know both my situation and this song sound incredibly angsty, but Method Act (and almost all the other songs off this album) holds true to how I feel. Maybe this'll encourage other people going through the same to be more sincere with their social interactions.