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Parent: Do your plans for tomorrow ever go through?

  1. #578622013-06-07 04:38:15Namida said:

    @llunbuRe well, as you just said i dont do any "serious" plans, unless its something that im planning for others. When it comes to my personal choice i tend to do the things i feel at the time i feel them, dunno if im making myself clear. I mean, i improvise depending on what i feel like doing at that time. I dont like the idea of planning things with a lot of anticipation, tho i know its a necessity most of the time when its something that involves other people. But i always hesitate when i have to "confirm" my asistence to some planned events where other people invites me, because i dont really know how i will feel about it when the day comes, maybe i dont feel like it, maybe im tired, maybe i want to do something else, and yes... im that person who tends to change their mind at the last second, so i end up not going to the places i say ill go. Its not about being lazy or disrepectful, i think is more about being sincere with what i really feel at the moment.