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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1051592016-07-17 15:59:41 *Kirn said:

    This game is a very curious one. It's a combination of 3D action game and a top-down shooter. Hmmm... no, that doesn't sound right. Let me think.... This game feels like a a child of an angry rape between bullet hell game mechanics and quick time event game mechanics. And it was a mutual rape, like, both sides fucked each other long and hard, and in the end noone could figure who ended up on top, and some time later they had a cute little bloodthirsty baby, that is this game.

    You think I over-exaggerate?..

    Well, I really don't. You see, this game is... very short, actually. If you do everything perfectly, you probably finish it within an hour, watching all cutscenes. Thing is, you will not do everything perfectly, because this game is hell. It has nothing except for boss fights, and it's deliberately difficult.

    Story is both simple and hard at the same time. You are a prisoner in something that seems to be an extremely elaborate prison. One day you are released by a mysterious bunny person (no, I am not on drugs), and told to escape, to kill every jailer and go back to the world. So you do. And... that's pretty much what you get for all the game. All information you get is from the words of your jailers before/during/after fights, and also from the comments of the teleporting, gravity-defying mysterious bunny person (no, I am not on drugs, really).
    Game actually doesn't even tell you your name until the final part, and you don't get the names of the bosses you killed till you see the credits. Final part, though, makes up for all the lack of information, making a pretty clear explanation of what's going on. Also, there are basically 3 endings - mid-game ending, and also bad and good endings at the final stage.

    But what you will care more for is the bosses. The gameplay. They are one and the same. You only get a bit of a backstory to every boss, but that will help you get a feel for them. And trust me, you will spend enough time with them, while they be kicking your ass, to start really caring for them.
    Now, gameplay is generally similar in all fights (with some exceptions). You start in the big arena, fighting against the boss. You can shoot at it, or try to close distance and attack with sword. They will also try to shoot or melee you. Shooting attacks you either dodge or shoot down, and melee attacks you have to parry, which requires quite good reaction. After you damage boss enough in that stage, you go into more of a melee fight, where you can't shoot, and arena is much smaller. There you work hard on staying alive and damaging your opponent, until it loses a "life". After which you go again, because every boss has a few lives, and each of those changes their mechanics to some extent. Meaning, after you feel comfortable in first boss stage, you will probably get raped in the second.
    Last stage of the boss is usually a pure bullet hell, which you have to survive to land the final slash.

    Between the fights, you just walk from one boss to the other, listening to your bunny friend. And... that's pretty much the whole game. Which doesn't sound like much, but this game is a lot, trust me. Cutscenes are beautiful, landscapes are bizarre, and bosses are both extremely hard and extremely memorable. If you want a brutal sword-wielding challenge, concentrated to the max - this is for you.

    Oh, and I am writing all that after beating the game in normal more. I don't even want to think about what will happen if I decide to try it on actual hard.

  2. #1052192016-07-19 08:52:31 *--Jack-- said:

    Recently played through Assassins Creed 3 and AC: Black Flag again since they were really cheap during the steam summer sale and I prefer PC over console. Also playing Fallout 4 and not nearly as disappointed as I expected, despite the pathetic level of bugs in this supposedly finished game.

    Also I'm not playing Pokemon Go.

  3. #1065542016-08-30 04:46:45Kirn said:

    Recently there's a lot of games - quests, usually - that come out not completed at once, but in episodes. I think, Telltale Games made that idea really popular, and now that's a pretty common way to quests to be released. In cases like that, I usually wait for all episodes to be released, and then just play them all at once, getting full game experience. So, recently I got me another one of these...

    This is a story about girl named Max, who just turned 18 and recently returned to her hometown to attend a prestigious photography class in local high-school, since she wants to be a famous photographer. After experiencing bizarre nightmare about huge tornado destroying the town, she suddenly finds out she has power to rewind time. Which she proceeds to use to fix big and small injustices around her, along with her old-time friend Chloe. All while thinking about upcoming prophesied tragedy.

    I have to admit this right here, at first the game didn't grab me at all. It's kinda hard to get excited about being 18 y.o. girl whose main artistic expression is taking selfies. And, to add to it, a lot of the characters you will interact with are high-school students, same age as the main heroine, speaking like kids do these days, and absorbed into their own silly high-school drama. Which is what you will have to deal with most of the time.
    Additionally, I often don't trust games involving time travel, because they are impossible to keep logical, and at some point things would get completely ducked up and out of hand. Though, I have to give credit here, game itself understands that and uses that to its own advantage.

    Let's take a break from talking about story (I will return to that) and talk technical details. As I said, this is an episodic game, so even if you get full version, it's separated into episodes. It plays like you would expect a quest to play, though, it's one of those games where story just progresses, without any real puzzles, so it's more of an interactive narrative where you make choices that change stuff later in the game.
    Game does not have save feature. Instead, you use your time rewind ability to get the desired outcome. Which his the main mechanics of the game. You would talk to someone, and they won't reveal information you need. But you can get a clue from that conversation, rewind time, and start that conversation from the start, this time using that clue to get more out of dialogue. Also you can prevent (and set up) some events like that. And you can also use that ability to solve some of the spacial puzzles. When you rewind, game tends to show you the parts of the timeline where you made some important choices that could be remade.

    In terms of graphics, game is alright. It's not too impressive, but since photography plays important part here, there are some nice visuals, majestic, funny and sad. Upcoming tornado looks damn impressive, and it's preceded but some other weird shit which also provides for some nice imagery.
    Music of the game is very nice, and plays quite a big part in creating the atmosphere. This is one of those games where you really notice the tunes that are played, and the full soundtrack already got a shitton of views on youtube.
    To add some complaints here, I had some recurring problems with the game. Quite often, while character would speak, their mouth wouldn't move. And also, in all scenes that were video and not rendered, only music would play, but not other sounds or voices. I didn't miss out on the story, cause I had subtitles on, but it was still frustrating. Perhaps that is because I pirate my games, so I hope that problem doesn't persist in the proper release.

    So, going back to the story, game fully deserves its name. The events are indeed weird. And it escalates quite a bit in later episodes. I have to be honest, even though I didn't get into it at first, story and character development eventually grabbed my interest. Some events are very predictable, some aren't. It's a mixed bad or teen drama and some very serious shit.
    Time travel is being... well, time travel. As game develops, you get more power, at few times pretty much going into separate timelines. Funny thing is, the game, at a few points, just overrides what you have been doing before. Which can be frustrating at the time, when you really start thinking about it.
    Still, while the game does not explain a lot of things, and while you may have questions about the logic of what is happening, in the end the whole time-traveling shenanigans are tied up and resolved in the way that I can call satisfactory enough. I won't spoil the ending, but it does teach us important lesson about time-travel.

    The game isn't long - each of its 5 episodes is just around 2 hours. Together they amount to decent enough gameplay. I'd say, game is enjoyable, if you can get into its theme and story. And for those deciding to try it out, my advice is - even if you don't like it immediately, try playing through it a bit. It does get better from the beginning.

  4. #1079822016-11-11 20:44:52Kirn said:

    I have been neglecting this thread, even though I have been quite busy with games. So, let me describe one I am playing now.

    This technically is a horror game, but... No, wait let me start with the story. In this game you play as a Norwegian single mother, whose son was stolen from her. Following the kidnapper, she finds herself in a place, where no humans from our world should not go. Ever. Old and forgotten place, full of dark and evil things.

    Now, as I understand it, this game is pretty much kickstarter-backed indie game. So it does not look as well as some other games of the genre, but still, it does not look bad. The most endearing part of the game is, of course, the scenery - it's not called 'Through The Woods' for nothing, you know. During the game, you will go through some areas of the wilderness that look pretty damn creepy even without monsters lurking through them.
    Oh, and monsters do lurk. The whole game is based on the Norse mythology, which is something I am actually a fan of, so you get quite a few Norse tales come alive and jump at you. It actually reminded me of the 'Troll Hunter' movie at some points.

    Story is also quite interesting. Well, the main story is pretty straightforward - mother trying to find her son. But along the way you get to know both minor stories of the place you got into, and the main story of how it all came to be, and how things happened the way they happened. And it's pretty damn clever and, as I mentioned, heavily tied to the old Norse stories.
    Well, saying all that, there are bad sides to the game as well. First of all - it being indie game, I think it wasn't tested too well. So, I had the character stuck in some textures quite a few times, and at times it is quite annoying. Nothing game-breaking, but still. Another thing I can say... game is not exactly a horror. So if you would want to pick it for horror elements, like jump scares and such - you will mostly be surprised. The game is very grim and dark and it will try to scare you, but not by the usual means, but by more, so to say, emotional devices. It is creepy, I will give it that - if you really think about the whole story, so it got that going for it.

    So, I would actually recommend this game not for fans of horror genre per se, but for those looking for a very dark gaming experience. The world of the game certainly gives you that. Also, it is a clever re-imagining of Norse mythos, which I personally enjoyed. All in all - not grand game, but certainly something worth mentioning.

  5. #1081522016-11-23 04:05:05--Jack-- said:

    So I decided to get OVERWATCH, and I'm enjoying it...although I'm still annoyed as I always am with online first person competitive games. The characters are great, some more balanced than others, and they all have good graphic design. One of the complaints (besides lag) is that matchmaking is a bit random.

    In other words, a bit bullshit.

    When you first play OVERWATCH, you slowly "level up" by moving up ranks. There are two main modes of play, being Quickplay and Competitive. In Competitive you are matched with other players who are within your rank range and other balanced systems. To play Competitive Mode you have to be at least rank 25. Quickplay simply puts you and other players looking to play in a match. Any players at all. While this seems like an okay option, what I don't quite understand is the balance system with Quickplay. I could see a lot of higher and lower ranked players being stacked on the same team, but I've had matches where almost all of my team or the enemy team were greater ranked than the others. In other words, there practically isn't a balanced system for Quickplay. There have been several instances where one team will be full of 6 players between ranks 8 to 16....while the other team has players from rank 26 to 79. I wouldn't complain about it so much if it weren't for the fact that I'm pretty sure people didn't intentionally want an unfair or unbalanced game mode...not to mention the one that all new players are stuck using until they put in a lot of hours of gameplay.

  6. #1087962017-01-15 08:19:07Kirn said:

    As someone who respects Warhammer universe, I just could not pass up this game. First person shooter? In Warhammer 40K universe? Yes please. Now, Space Hulk concept is quite old one - GamesWorkshop did board game on that tens of years ago, I think. And it is very simple - there's a mass of derelict ships, there are monsters inside, there's a bunch of tough guys space marines in terminator armors (basically - walking tanks) who go there and perform some objective while killing everything that moves.
    I think, there was space hulk computer game, that was a turn-based strategy. I am pretty sure there was. Haven't played it though. But I did get this one.

    The premise of the game is simple as fuck - new Space Hulk is found, a small squad of people with stgeel balls is sent to investigate, while the main number of space marines are fighting the Tyranid swarm somewhere outside. Initial mission is uncertain, but as the team progresses, it all becomes centered on collecting important stuff from ages past, and not letting alien monsters to grab it all before we do.

    Game is separated into levels, and you can setup your squad before each level and also during it (using limited psygate charges to return to staging area). You can modify 3 squad members:
    Barachiel - your 'kill them all' guy. He can be given the heavy weaponry like assault cannon, or heavy plasma. And he shoots better than you do, trust me. That's actually a thing in this game - AI takes shots from across far rooms and actually hits.
    Nahum - you can give him melee weapons, but his main purpose is to carry a bolter pistol and a scalpel/syringe torture-looking device that got healing charges that you can use for the team.
    You - battle-psycher, librarian of the chapter. One man army. You can carry any and all weapons, and their improved models, unlocked during the game. And you also have a wide range of psychic powers. And you get to order the other 2 around.

    After you finish each level, you get Fervor Points depending on how you did - 4 max per level. Those you can put into 3 skill branches. One improves your squad, another - your own character, and last one gives you move psychic powers. Even if you do perfect play, you cannot get all the skills, so you really have to decide on your gameplay style.

    Game is quite hard. And not just in the fact that you are attacked by huge waves of enemies. It's the fact that the enemies never stop coming. If you just stand in one place somewhere, eventually, you will be overrun - xenos are fucking uncounted, and they never stop spawning even on the lowest difficulty because this is what the game is all about - unforgivable punishment that you either take or unleash.

    But that is also game's downfall. Main problem is, game is - there's no other way but to admit it - completely repetitive. Every map you kill tyranids, and then you kill more tyranids. Along the way you get a few more types of them, but it's really just all same enemies all the way through. And when game gets especially punishing, you just find yourself stuck in the same place, killing same enemies like you did thousand times before. It gets repetitive, it gets frustrating, it's not good.
    On the other hand, I have to admit, that it is the correct feel of what space hulk idea is all about - you are locked in a confined space with thousands of clawed horrors, and you just go forward and kill them all. It is grim, it is unforgiving, because it is Warhammer.

    So yeah, my opinion of the game is quite uneven. I had fun, but I also was frustrated enough to swear in Russian during the gameplay, which says a lot, really. I'd say, gore is quite good, and this game is probably more fun in coop more which I haven't tried. Fans of Warhammer should definitely try it out. Others? Up to you.

    And since I now do videos of my gameplays, here's the link to the playlist of how I went through it.

  7. #1087972017-01-15 09:43:38Kirn said:

    And since I actually finished 2 games recently, here's another one I did:

    Batman. The Telltale series. Now, anyone who knows Telltale studio know how they do things now. They found a pretty cool niche of episodic cinematic games, and they are thriving by making games get involved with a story that is slightly altered by player actions. And it's not the first time they did comics either. They do Walking Dead, which is a comic book initially. And they did Wolf Among Us, which is not just based on Fables comic book series, but is a prequel to that and, what's more, that game got made into comic book by Vertigo, meaning, it became canon in the Fables universe. Which is pretty damn cool.

    But yeah, back to Batman. And I want to get technical stuff out of the way first and immediately. This is a Telltale quest. Meaning, it really is more of a visual novel than a real game. You get some extremely easy choices, and you get to press buttons during quick-time events, and you get to decide on a lot of conversational choices, but that's about it. I always wish these games to be more complex for a player, like the Sam & Max series they did, but I guess, this is truly a thing of the past now.

    Another thing I must and will complain about - game sucks on PC. Apparently, on consoles it looks great (at least that's what I seen and heard), but on PC you are plagued with minor scene lags, weird shades and some strange glitch that makes it impossible to see things shown on TV screens in game. I guess, these episodes were made for consoles first, and then ported to PC, and this time it was not a good job.

    Okay, with that out of the way, let us take a look at the story, cause, as it is with Telltale games, that's the key thing. The story written for the game is original, never told before, and it concentrates on Batman's early days. He is already established as a caped vigilante, but he haven't yet met any of the real villains. I mean, heck, even Gordon isn't commissioner yet. So Batman just beats up on random thugs, while Bruce Wayne support's Harvey Dent for Gotham mayor position.
    And then all hell breaks lose. Combination of Wayne family past and crime surge puts pressure on Batman from all sides, drama keeps ramping up, and eventually there is nothing left in front of him, but hard choices, each of which could be the very wrong one.

    Okay, yeah, couldn't resist to put that picture. Now, I won't spoil the villains or the majority of the story, in case you would play the game or decide to watch me play it. I will, however, mention some things. First of all, the main villain of the game is as original as the story itself - it is a new Batman villain. In some respect, it is a move away from what we know - because we all know and love classic Batman villains - on the other hand it does make things feel fresh.
    And those who want classic villains - there are some. I mean, I already mentioned Harvey Dent. And when you google pictures for this game, you immediately can notice Catwoman. So, some of the familiar faces (and two-faces) are here with us. Still, as I said, the story happens pretty much at the early stages of Batman's career, so authors made some of the villains... let's say, more youthful than you would expect. No, no children, but really, looking at younger versions of those guys was quite interesting.

    Choices of the game matter and don't matter at the same time. They don't matter, because one way or the other you will be dragged through the story, and it is pretty much the same story whatever you do. On the other hand, you do get to chose details of your Batman story, and some of those can affect the characters quite a bit. And since it is Telltales, and they do write some pretty good characters, you do worry about the choices you make, and you do think about how it would affect the details.
    So, as always, they give you enough control to worry about the consequences, but not enough to really fuck things up.

    All in all, this game is very similar to other Telltale games. You get good story - dramatic and extremely brutal at times - with some extremely memorable characters. You don't get much of a gameplay, and in this case you can get some game glitches. I would say, it is a pretty good Batman story. And it was a bold move to make this game right after the Arkham Knight game, cause, even though these games are extremely different, it's still Batman games, but really, Telltale Series hold their own here.

    And of course, if you are too busy to play the game, you can watch me play through the episodes. Though, to be fair, watching me play the game and playing it would take exactly the same time.

  8. #1087992017-01-15 16:47:50 *Chahzou said:

    In terms of single player adventure stuff I'm currently playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and started Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Not sure how the latter is going to develop but it seems interesting enough.

    Then there's Planet Coaster which I really enjoyed until my theme park started lagging even on lowest settings as it was getting bigger, which it really shouldn't because I have a decent PC. Hoping for optimizations in the future.

    Other than that I like playing Rocket League from time to time with friends. It's really fun and the matches are short if you don't have much time.

  9. #1088212017-01-17 23:41:11Bayne said:

    Me a few days ago:

    Eh, the first game wasn't too difficult, how hard can Dark Souls 3 be?

    Me now:

    Stumbles and crawls weakly towards the bonfire, on the brink of death Praise the ever loving sun I'm saved!

  10. #1088232017-01-18 09:32:45 *Kap said: Nuclear Throne is a rouge-like dual stick shooter, The main goal is to consecutively beat the game but not in an Isaac way where you have to win multiple runs in a row. in nuclear throne you beat the game multiple times within the same life, go to 7 different stages beat the final boss and then do the same 7 stages but harder! The game offers different modes as well, such as co-op and daily (and the dailies are used for leaderboards,)


    -8 playable characters

    -Every character has an alternative skin that requires you to do special challenges with each character to unlock

    -Nice art

    -Still being updated (1/18/2017)

    -Literally never ending so there's always room for improvement

    -Tons of weapons and around 16 upgrades



    -Specific game ruining meta (god build that has gotten people twofold as far as people who don't)

    -co-op isn't online (there is a mod available but that's a freakin hassle) also if you want to do local co-op you have to use a controller and the game is definitely living on the mouse side of town,

    its the only thing that can get me going now

    edit 1/21/2017
  11. #1088342017-01-19 17:03:05Giyuo said:
    Currently am playing the new Yu-gi-oh phone game "Duel Links" and it has me addicted surprisingly. I enjoyed it enough to actually spend $14 on it when most games only get $1 out of me. Granted I think i've hit my limit spending on this game but that's a good thing cause I usually force myself to quit a game I feel I absolutely need to spend cash on to progress. It's thanks to them giving out the in game cash every time they hit a mark for new players that join that I didn't have to spend much to reach the higher ranks of the PVP in the game I think.

    But if your a fan of the card game in real life, I wouldn't recommend this game. It would just be a dissapointment probably(I play it in real life and like this game, but only because it makes me very nostalgic and exited for the movie to come out this month). It's more for new and casual players since the selection of cards for now are limited and if they ever update the selection, the stuff people previously spent their money on would become irrelevant fast. XD

    So fair warning, if you actually pick up the game, you'll be making yourself the entertainment of people that actually put some cash into game in pvp(basically once you hit silver rank and above), so avoid it and just go casual until you rank up a bit. Will make the game a much more enjoyable experince IMO.
    I have the same name here as on the game if you want to add me. :P
  12. #1090282017-02-03 19:20:15Kirn said:

    This is King's Quest. From Sierra. If you aren't having immediate hardon while hearing this, you don't know nothing about the olde quest games. But yeah, for those who need history reference - at one time the quest games market was pretty much just Sierra quest games. I mean, it literally felt like there was nothing else. Space Quest, Hero's Quest, Police Quest.... Leisure Suit Larry adventures, for fuck's sake! And, of course, King's Quest series. Damn, they pretty much invented the adventure game genre back in the day, and you know all those pixelated indie quest games that often come out recently? They all play that Sierra nostalgia card.

    So, years and years after all that pixelated goodness, Sierra decided to release another King's Quest title, making it a sort of addition to the franchise and reimagining of it. Modern graphics, obligatory choices, less difficulty (seriously, quest back in the day were super-hard), and game itself separated into 5 episodes. Well, I have waited till all episodes were out, and I got through all of it now.

    Gameplay is what you would expect. You walk around, talk to people, gather items and use them in clever (or silly) ways with other items. Also, your hero - Graham - is a decent archer, so at times game would offer you a chance to shoot a bow. And the game is actually full of puzzles. I mean, actual puzzles, like you would find in puzzle games, from sliding blocks puzzle to Sudoku. Those aren't difficult, and they provide interesting distraction from the usual adventuring routine. Though, I gotta say, 4th episode had a bit too many puzzles, almost all of them being variation of the same puzzle.

    But of course, the most important part of the adventure game is the story. And the story here is extremely damn good. Actually, the game IS the story. You see, old King Graham (voiced by Christopher Lloyd btw) is telling the stories of his adventures to Gwendolyn, his granddaughter. Each episode is one story, and each story, in addition to being extremely entertaining, is also teaching some important lessons about love, family and adventuring. And also dragons. Because what is a good story without dragons, really. This setup of the game allows for Graham to be the narrator in his own story.

    And naturally, the game itself is full of colorful characters. During your adventures, you will meet owners of the shops of the local town, who provide you with a sort of bravery/kindness/wisdom choices, a collection of knights, guards, princesses, family members and goats. There's also a villain, whose identity I should not disclose, because immediate spoilers. Actually, the villain of this game later turns out to be one of the known villains of the olde King's Quest series, pretty much providing continuity to the whole setting.

    All in all, this game is not exactly the olde style adventures we used to get from Sierra. The game is modern, it plays so, and it looks so. However, the atmosphere of craziness and humor and incredible adventures is still very much the same as it was many many years ago. This game made me laugh, made me think and even made me sad in a good way more than one time during the play. All in all? Awesome game with great story and remarkable characters. And now I hope that there may be continuation to it one day.

    For those who might be interested in watching the game: my King's Quest playlist.

  13. #1090752017-02-09 02:18:02Kinnear said:

    I am currently playing (And am almost finished) Tales of Berseria.

    It's pretty great. Better than Zestiria in my opinion (Which was also great)>

    Incidently, if anyone's interested, Humble Bundle has a Bandai Namco bundle on now that'll get you Tales of Zestiria for $15 plus 11 more games essentially for free.Highly recommend picking it up if you're interested. xP

  14. #1090852017-02-10 22:00:42Kirn said:

    Finished this one yesterday. This one is an isometric horror game, which is a pretty rare genre itself. And this particular game is created by people who did another isometric horror game Stasis. Sci-fi horror. Actually, Cayne is in the same setting, though, you don't have to know Stasis to play it (I totally forgot how Stasis went already). It is an indie game, and yes, the text on the picture is absolutely true - it's a free game, so you don't have to read me here, you can just go and get the game right now, for no money at all.

    Now, the game is pretty short. You won't spend more than 3 hours playing it, really. Though, it does have moments when you just get absolutely stuck, without any idea which item to use with which item next. Though, mostly it all is logical enough, so you don't get too stuck when you are used to the game.
    In addition to using items, you find a lot of diaries of the people who worked on the station, and in those, in addition to some very interesting reading, you would find clues to puzzles and some codes to locked doors.

    And let me tell you, the people that you read about in those diaries are a horrible bunch of individuals. No, seriously, I got more disgusted by the people who wrote that stuff, than by all the gruesome imagery, and there was plenty of that. It's like some bunch of space retard rednecks got stuck in that place, and them plotting against each other and fucking each other brought the disaster that we got stuck in.
    And speaking of. In this game we play as a very confused pregnant woman. She got drunk and accidentally pregnant, went for abortion, and suddenly woke up in this unfamiliar and scary place, being already 9 months pregnant. Not the best condition for survival, but she braves things like a champ. She also reacts to what happens with some humor, when she can, which is a nice defense mechanism I guess. All in all, she is alright character, and I did feel for her during the gameplay.

    All in all, the game is damn short, and I gotta say - it's not much of a horror, cause you get almost no jump-scares. Also, the story and the end twist are pretty predictable. But it is very atmospheric, and filled with extremely gruesome imagery and text, so you might enjoy it, if you like that sort of thing. And, again, the game is free, while being good enough to pay money for.

    And, as always, if you would be just interested in watching that - here's my playthrough.