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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #917832015-09-01 04:24:38awkwardangels said:

    All I've been playing is FE:A lately like, I have over 500 hours in it and everything. I've married Chrom 8 times, I regret it so much I hate this game so much fucking piece of shit game!!!! ;____;

    This is relevant too I guess, I'm getting MGS5 in a few hours.

  2. #919242015-09-06 03:11:58awkwardangels said:

    I decided to update this since I got Metal Gear Solid 5 on its launch day, September 1st. (Honestly thank god it released 20 days before my birthday.) I've played it for a good... 20+ hours, give or take.

    Firstly, this is one REALLY long game. The prologue itself is over 1 hour, and I've heard completing chapter 1 alone takes over 15 hours. Missions themselves can be a breeze or really hard, which adds in how long this game is. This is one of the longest games I've ever played, next to Persona 3 FES.

    The graphics? Wonderful, one of the best looking games out there right now. The Fox Engine is the best graphics and gameplay engine I've ever seen, much less played. Keep in mind that I'm playing MGS5 on my PS3, and it still looks great.

    The gameplay is a mishmash of older MGS games, wish some new stuff added in. Like DD, your wolfdog you can bring on missions with you, or Quiet a silent sniper you can also bring on missions with you. Its still the same ol' MGS game, sneaking around without being spotted. The box is back, and has a lot of new stuff added in.

    I haven't really played around with Motherbase that much, besides changing its color, but you can customize it too. Make it your own Motherbase. You can also collect enemy's you've knocked out during missions, not killed, and have them join your little army. This is required because they can help out with making items and weapons for you.

    Also, errrr everyone knows how MGS is pretty gay. I mean, Ocelot was confirmed to be in love with Big Boss awhile ago by Kojima himself. MGS5 just takes this on another level, for example your soldiers sure are eager to be beat up by Big Boss and their moral increases if they're beat up by him. I for one welcome this wholeheartedly.

    Either way, MGS5 truly shines and if your a MGS fan then please get it. MGS5 is the last, true MGS game since Kojima left Konami.

  3. #929402015-10-23 09:19:27Kirn said:

    I do not like all the space sim genre games... But some of them can be really quite damn good.

    So, this is a space sim game, and it is an indie game, and let me tell you, it looks damn nice for indie project, which so often don't have good graphics at all. The game tells about you - unnamed protagonist - going to a very outlaw-ish sector of space because of request of your good old aunt. Who is also a smuggler. And when there, you can't find your aunt, and you are burdened with a weird tech artifact she left for you. That's the start, and after that, it's all up to you.

    Now, I myself is not far into the story yet. Not enough time, and all. I can tell you, the story is not complicated, not yet at least. But while being simple, it fits the general feel of the game, which is seriously the main attraction here. I mean, do you like Cowboy BeBop anime, for example (if you don't - go shoot yourself in the head)? Do you like Firefly series (if you don't - go shoot yourself in the head)? Both those shows push for idea of a "Space Cowboy", mixing sci-fi setting with western mentality, and doing it in a way that inspired whole cult followings. And rightly so. So, this games also decided to push for that... Let me just show you the trailer here.

    First of all - this is exactly the kind of music you will hear in-game. If you got exited for that alone - yes, stop reading, go get the game already. But that's generally the feel you get. This sector of space if a frontier, with mix of factions, outlaws, mercenaries and bounties. Speaking of bounties. There are a lot of them around. At times you will warp past distress beacon and change your course to get to it, only to find that it was an ambush set by pirates (seriously, it's ambush like 50% of all the times), and if you manage to beat them, you may find out that they had bounties on their heads, which you immediately and automatically claim.
    More proper way, though, would be to... consult a bartender. Yep, from what I saw already, every station got a bar, and a bartender there that can share some of the trading news and also, for a price, tell about locations of a few local bounties. By the way, getting bounty is not always as straightforward as just arriving to a place and shooting everyone. A lot of times you will arrive just as the local militia would be cleaning criminals out. In that case you will have to rush to get some kills for money before every space pirate is killed. Or, alternatively, you may arrive at location and find noone but the militia ships. Well, don't despair. You can scan the ships and find out, that one of militia members actually got bounty on their head. So, if you aren't afraid of lowering relationships with that faction, you can go ahead and attack it.

    And that's how it is. This place is spinning even without you there. Convoy ships are traveling around systems, miners and their escorts are being attacked by pirates, unsuspecting ships getting blown up on mine fields... Seriously, one time, while warping through the system, I literally plowed through a mine field. Thankfully, my hull held, so I just looted some scrap left from someone less lucky floating around and went along my route.
    By the way, warp here is very nice because, while warping, you can turn around. Meaning you aren't selecting your destination and just pressing a button, but instead you fire up them warp drives and correct your course on route. Along the way you can find nebulas, mineable asteroids, distress beacons and just weird signals that are marked on your map. All that provides a ton of layers to what is going on. You have your main storyline, but that is wrapped in layer of missions and side-quests you can take on stations to get money (or you may just haul trade goods, mine asteroids... or hunt asteroid miners and traders, that works too), and while flying around literally anywhere you are further distracted by beacons, ambushes and just random space crap.

    The most unusual thing about the game is its combat system. And here's the deal - this isn't 3D game in full sense, not for you anyways. It's 2.5D game. Because, while flying around the solar system, you can't change your altitude. Yep. The game location is virtually flat, so your options are forward, left and right. Yeah, you can't even go backwards, cause you don't have that kind of thrusters on your ships, you can either have your main engine propel you ahead, or turn it off and stay motionless.
    Next big thing to realize is that you aren't flying a fighter ship. Nope, your first ship (which is called Rasputin btw) is already a sort of light cruiser, meaning you eat fighter ships for breakfast. But don't get cocky, anything bigger than you makes a scrap out of your junk-barge in a minute.
    Now, with all that, space combat in this game is as close to a 16th century naval combat as you can be while staying a space combat. Your ship got turret points, on which you set turrets that fire at enemies automatically. And you are left with broad-side cannons, which you can aim, in a somewhat restricted manner. Alternatively you can switch to turrets mode, and automatically target enemies with fast firing, but I won't recommend that. Automatic turrets fire surprisingly well and clean up your enemies fighters fast enough, allowing you to concentrate at bigger target or dodging. Dodging is important, by the way, because your shields and underlying armor are separated into 4 parts, and if you are hit on the right side, you might want to turn around and allow enemy to hit your left side, which is still shielded. Shields regenerate, armor must be repaired, anything that passes that directly damages your ship's HP and systems.

    In addition to all that, game has a lot of minor stuffs making it very appealing and, more importantly, convenient. For example, when you buy new ship, you do not have to re-fit it with armor and weapons - whatever you bought for your previous ship is being installed on a new one immediately. Well, if you go from having 7 turrets to having just 6, the one that didn't fit is placed in your hold. Additionally, there's no money loss on equipment deals. When you buy turret for 2500 credits, you can sell it for the same amount. And the game automatically offers you to install it on your ship. And when you don't have enough credits, but would have enough if you sell that turret and buy a new one for the same slot - game offers you that trade without making you go though the whole process yourself. All that makes things much more convenient for you, and it also allows you to freely try different equipment and weapons setups without worrying about losing money on bad choices. Which is nice, because trust me, while game works well to be convenient, it's not easy.

    All in all? This is a game for space cowboys, and that says it all. Get it now, go out there, shoot stuff.

  4. #932832015-11-01 15:53:49Kirn said:

    Are there any fans of the Borderlands on the house? That game where you go around shooting thousands of things on a horribly unfriendly planet Pandora (and its moon in the 3rd game), surrounded by colorful array of weirdest characters you can ever find on a lawless planet deep in the ass-end of space? Sounds familiar? Well, Telltale Games made an episodic adventure for it, mixing their own style of making those kind of games with the general Broderlands craziness.

    Final episode - number 5 - was released recently, so I took these weekends to go through all the game experience, and I have to tell you... damn! This is very much insane. But let's get more specific. Type of play is already familiar to us "chose your own adventure" narrative, which I know in Telltale Games from Wolf Among Us. From that point there's actually no change to the formula. You go through the story, your decisions slightly (or not so slightly) change what will happen next. It's a familiar formula, not really that interesting in terms of gameplay, but providing for very nice interactive narrative.

    Story places you somewhere after the 2nd Borderlands game. Actually, it's pretty much somewhere before and after the cinematic cutscene of the third game, which is obvious because [spoiler] who is later [spoiler]. Your main heroes are Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is from Hyperion middle management and is a fan of - now dead - Handsome Jack. Game starts with his being fucked over by his competitor and demoted, so he decides to steal his competitors deal. Which is for a Vault Key. On Pandora. Where that guy never was before. Fiona, on the other hand, is native Pandora citizen, and she is a talented con-artist, traveling together with her sister Sasha and their mentor Felix, cheating people out of their hard-earned money. And their most recent scam is an attempt to sell to some Hyperion idiots a fake Vault Key. You can already guess, that this will work out just great.

    Now, I will tell right away, story is pretty damn interesting. It's funny at some moments, extremely silly at others, and sometimes just damn sad and dramatic. It's a good ride, and here you will actually see very distinct character developments. Not just for main heroes, but for a whole lot of people. But what's more important is... it is an adventure game, but it keeps the style of Borderlands as much as it possibly can. I mean, damn... There are crazy characters, there are cute little introductions for every one of them, there's seriously huge amount of gratuitous violence and gore, and... there's a song at the start of every episode. If you played Borderlands game, you know how important were those opening songs and scenes to get you pumped up for the game. Well, here we have 5 of them! Each more epic than the next (except for the third one, that one is very friendly and relaxed). And additionally there are some fun nods to the main games, like, every loot is highlighted in Borderlands items style. So yes, if you loves the Borderlands games, you will absolutely love this one.

    So yes. Great new and old characters, awesome music, great style. The only problems this game has is not much in terms of actual gameplay, like it is with all games like that, and also separate episodes are just too damn short, so do the thing I did and just go through them all at once.

  5. #968282016-01-03 08:45:51Kirn said:

    So, let me ask you. What do you do when God - your creator, whose name is Elohim - talks to you? Will you perform all the tasks he commands you to? Will be obedient and not do the one thing he tells you never to do? And will you listen to the fucker inside the computer terminal who tells you you aren't even a person? What is a person, actualy?...

    Okay, this game came out a year ago, and I only just now got around to trying it out. What I red about the game is that it's a FPS quest game, and combined with game screens... It all reminded me of an olde quest series "Myst". Which I didn't like. So I passed on the game, and only tried it now. And turns out, it's less of a quest game as "Myst" was, and more of a Portal-like game.

    The core of the game is simple enough - you solve puzzles. Beautiful landscapes you travel are sectioned off into separate puzzles which you solve to get "sigils", which look very much like tetris blocks, that you use to open further doors and unlock puzzle-solving items. From what I see, game is separated into "worlds" that are representation of different ancient ages.
    Puzzles don't involve portal, as far as I can see, but they are quite varied. You are met with force-fields, floating mines and sentry turrets, and you have to deal with them using array of jammers, boxes laser beam conductors and even, occasionally, axes.
    Additionally to solving obvious puzzles, there are a lot of secrets out there to be collected. Or just watched. Or red.

    So here's the big spoiler. You are a robot. Deal with it.
    Just as Portal, this game got rich story hiding behind the puzzles. First of all, yes, you are a robot. You are a high-version model (still not version 1.0 or higher, though), created, apparently, to run these simulated puzzles. You are urged to do so by God. Along the way you find QR-codes left by earlier versions trying to do the same thing you are doing, and you can even leave some messages yourself. You will see glitches in system that will make you doubt the world being correct or even real. You will encounter user terminals where you can read old texts or engage in conversation with a strange entity who is either Satan or system administrator. And eventually you will have to make a choice and decide if you want to travel up the great tower, which is something God tells you not to do.

    This game is seriously good. It has solid interesting gameplay, stretching over a serious number of puzzles (you probably didn't see what I did there), and it has rich story that will keep you interested and wondering all the way to the end. Game also has 3 endings, from easier to hardest, and you apparently don't have to re-play the game to see them all - just load the last checkpoint before the ending and go for bigger challenge.
    Game is made by Croteam, which is a studio that became popular by making Serious Sam games, and they didn't lose their touch! And they plant some nice easter eggs there that their fans will surely recognize.

    All in all - good choice for everyone who loves puzzles. Or is troubled by big existential questions.

  6. #971722016-01-09 23:30:56awkwardangels said:

    Its funny how a non-FF game can feel so much... like one? Compared to FF games these days anyway. Yeah I know Bravely Default started out as a FF game but according to SE its not one...... somehow.

    I really like it in my 8+ hours of playing it so far, its classic turn-based strategy which I've always loved. Theres also a lot of Jobs, they're all different which is nice. The artworrk is gorgeous, especially the backgrounds. The plot and characters are great too, though I haven't gotten that far into the game mind you.

    Its one of Squares best titles in... I dunno when. Its classic FF, which I wish SE would return to.

  7. #971782016-01-10 02:26:11Kinnear said:

    Tales of Zestiria and Undertale. Both of which I highly recommend. Will be moving on to Ori and the Blind Forest and Cave Story shortly after due to people giving me Steam gift cards for Christmas/My Birthday. xD

  8. #971792016-01-10 03:15:02 *Yugure said:


    After 10 more recruits (and countless hours of going from 1st floor to 99th, damn you Arceus), going back in playing Super Smash Bros. 4 (coz, Bayonetta HYPE)

  9. #972112016-01-10 15:08:44 *armedzerox said:

    The Witcher 3

    I was scrolling through all the thread replies, and since i didn't found any post about this game so..... lemme do it

    A long post (at least for me coz i never write this long before) so it could be boring for those who don't like epic settings where there are vampires, monsters, dragons, ghosts and curses etc etc.

    I am still in the middle of the adventure... Astonishing as i expected. It was a very awesome game. Beautiful scenery, a lot of potions, a tons of things you can do, control your own path (basically means a lot of choices you have to make during the gameplay) and a lot of sides stories when you play the sub quests. With of course, loads of moral values . A totally different combat style with other arcade style gameplay which force you to tap attack button, making enormous combos and all, this game test your patience. you can attack first blood, directly on, but it"s better to wait until the right moment to attack (adapted from the witcher 1, will explain later). It's like when you are in a real fights, where speed and combos are not everything. The story is incredibly nice.The game actually started from a novel. i actually haven't read it yet but i will.

    I was waiting for this game to came out after i watched the developers review. I was asking all around about the game and found out one thing. It is not recommended for those who haven't played the witcher 1 and 2. So you know what i did, yeah I played the witcher 1 and 2 jut to play the witcher 3.

    I almost gave up on it because the witcher 1 have a totally different combat style. trust me, i t's really weird...It's like you're playing a rhythm game. you have to wait for a signal to launch the next attack for combo. took me some time to get used to it tho. But since the plot is what driven me to play until the end, so i kept on playing it until i finished.

    Then i started playing the witcher 2. The combat style is different, more towards normal approach when you want to attack opponents. I freaking cannot believe it when i was missing the the witcher 1's combat style!! somehow it is unique and awesome! But nevertheless, gosh the story is superb.

    From novel, witcher 1 until withcher 3, It is all related, so for those who seeking for a new adventure and epic world, i really really recommended you guys to give it a try.

    All witcher 3 snapshot is taken from my favourite island.. so.. the picture looks similar.. i should have taken it from other places as well... if you request me to upload snaps from other environment settings, i shall fulfill it. :)

  10. #984962016-01-31 15:06:44 *Kiboune said:

    Episode 4 released for PSO2 and i decided to come back in the game. Now game have almost godly (and tottaly best among mmo) character editor.You can turn accessories as you want and even change size of accessories. Also you can play now as "pokemon master" - summoner And SEGA added Tokyo (2028) to connect anime and game...

  11. #985032016-01-31 19:58:31 *Kirn said:

    So... does the name "Homeworld" tell you anything? Back in the 1999 it was the first really 3D strategy game. Real-time strategy in space, taking you on a journey across the whole galaxy. All modern space strategy games? They all exist because of this one. Later, in 2003, Homeworld 2 was out, and while it wasn't novelty any more, it still had the story we all enjoyed. Not so long ago, remastered edition of both games became available on Steam.

    But now... 13 years later we suddenly have another brand new game in the series.

    First thing first - it's not in space. Yep, this is a prequel, so the nation that you will "later" lead among stars is now only trying to figure out what they should do on their own planet. So, technically, we have a "normal" RTS, with the story expanding on the story we knew before.
    However, if you played the old games - this will be immediately familiar to you. Yes, you are not in space. However, the gameplay is still the same. You have your main cruiser - huge machine acting as a mobile base. And you have your different types of units, separated by hull types, you have probes, you have RUs scattered on the map, units and resources that you have transfer through the game from one map to the next... hell, even good-old command view is there.

    There are some additions though. Like, if in olde games you didn't have much reason to ever try and move your mothership, here carrier is a serious power that you would do well to haul around the map. Plus, it houses fighters and bombers, which you can use for air strikes (which is pretty damn handy, I can tell you that). You also get Rachel S'jet - scientist unit, who also can't die or it's game over. And there are now two types of resources. And units cap, for all your total squads.
    So, it's a new game that feels both like old ones and as new one. Oh, and it's still obviously 3D - elevation and lines of sight play major part in what's going on.

    So, is the gameplay good? It's alright. The game isn't hard, but it had this interesting quality of not having a static base. So home is pretty much where you park your carrier. Combat is easy to learn, but if you really want to push it to it's limit - there's quite a lot of micro-management with using terrain and units abilities waiting for you. There are some things that could have been done better or more convenient, but the gameplay is solid.

    And, of course, there is a story. And I can't really talk about it without getting all sentimental. The story of Homeworld is always a story about great journey... journey through the desert, the planet, the galaxy... In a way, it feels almost religious... Then again, I am an old fan. Suffice to say, there is a story, there are beautiful videos, and if you played previous games - you will get more out of it than those who never played Homeworld 1 and 2.

    This is a sequel/prequel game that I never expected, but I think I am glad we got it.

  12. #990462016-02-11 11:06:33Kirn said:

    This will probably be no surprise, but I play XCOM 2. I play it on hardest difficulty, like that game should be played. And I love and hate every second of it.

    Well, after glorious reboot of the series back in 2012, we all knew that XCOM is a thing again, and is a good thing. So when we got news about part 2, obviously everyone had high expectations. I can tell you right away, those expectations were met.
    Spoilers right away: it's 20 years since last game's events, and you lost. You fucked up, and let aliens take Earth. Governments of the world cut a deal with aliens, and now Earth is united under a single ADVENT government, humans mostly live in huge mega-cities, world became more technological, and there are no diseases, but aliens are free to do whatever they want with the planet. And they do.
    Obviously, there are resistance cells across the planet, and one of them is led by John Bradford (one of the characters from first game). He gets a team to repair old alien craft and makes a raid on alien facility to secure someone who was captured by aliens and kept in stasis for 20 years. That is you, Commander, and now you have to lead your forces against alien threat again.

    Well, that's the story of the game. Actually, I could never really figured the ending of previous XCOM game. It was too deep for me, really, and I guess that was one part of the game I didn't like. So now we have a much clearer story. Commander was taken by aliens and kept alive (you will find out why in the game), and in the meantime aliens totally changed the planet. Very totalitarian. With health benefits and chip implants.
    Story is being simple enough, so what about gameplay? If you are familiar with the series, you know it's turn-based tactical squad game with economics. Obviously, the new game is different in some ways, which is what I will talk about.
    Main difference is extremely obvious - you aren't sitting in a base and scanning world for UFOs. You are actually in UFO and alien motherfuckers are sitting on earth and scanning for you. But this is actually cool. You own a huge mobile base which you move around the world as you establish contacts with resistance in more and more planet regions.

    Ocasionaly enemy UFOs can hunt you, and once in a while (very regularly) there will be missions available. The thing I love the most is that regions don't have "attitude" scale anymore. In previous games you had to chose at time which region to help, while attitude of others towards you would slip down. Here you also have some picks, but those are much easier to take. Also, you can lose a region here if you won't accept some important mission, but I believe, you can take it back (red that somewhere, never missed a region-losing mission yet myself).
    Things aren't easy, however. Aliens got something called Avatar Project, and it counts down progress as you try to fight. ADVENT forces are building bases that make progress go faster, and you in turn must destroy those to set it back. It's a real tug-of-war, and the thing that will absolutely press you into developing certain rooms in your base first.

    Rooms are built a lot like in previous game. Your UFO starts very messy, and you got a lot of places to clean up. Though, now it doesn't cost any money - instead, you actually salvage valuable alien supplies while doing it. You also need a lot of engineers to clean up stuff and later run the rums to improve their qualities. Also you obviously need scientists to run research. And just so you know - you start with 0 of each, and can get then through missions or recruitment.
    And I do mean "through missions". You aren't just awarded a person when you kill some aliens - you have to infiltrate alien building, actually rescue a person and take them to evac zone. Or, you may have to capture some alien-loving human. In that case you hit that one in the head and carry to evac. And yeah, you also can carry to evac your wounded squad-mates. And a lot of missions start with you being concealed, so you get a drop on your fist met group of enemies.

    As always, squad is what represents you on the battlefield, and you can have a lot of fun with that. You probably know of people customizing their squads up to people's names and color of their weapons. Hell, you can even name your weapon. Well, I am not much for customization, but some of it is very useful in game-terms.
    First of all, you can have 5 types of soldiers that can take one of 2 paths: rangers are your stealthy scouts or brutal melee fighters (yes, you can actually fuck up enemy berserker monster with a fucking sword here), grenadiers are your machine-gun and explosives masters, specialists can use their drones to hack or heal people, and sharpshooter can be deadly snipers or agile gunslingers. You can combine skills as your units level up, but I can tell you that for the most part it's better to keep any single soldier specialized in a single skills tree. Last soldier type is psi-soldier, whom you get later as you build special room to train them. Those can just fuck stuff up with their minds, though training them is long and hard process. Totally worth it though.
    Furthermore, some dead enemies will drop loot, which can be resources, or implants and weapon parts, which you can use to further improve your squad. And, obviously, the more you research, the more cool stuff you can build. There's a lot of things to put your resources in, and never enough available stuff.

    As I wrote at the start, I play final difficulty, and that's how the game should be played - that makes it evil and unforgiving in everything. Though, I do play with save games available, and you can turn that off too, and if you do that, you have real balls of titanium. However, there are more merciful modes there, so which allows you to get the experience you want - from easy stroll through the story to real long war of attrition. So this game can be fun for anyone, really, who enjoys tactical fights.

    Seriously, though.... why the fuck did they put tits on them snakes?!

  13. #1002622016-03-11 16:30:53Deftones said:

    I've been playing this game recently, it's my first XCOM. Anyway, I'm loving the risk/reward.

    Had my whole team wiped (because I suck), but got the VIP to the evac. Had to sacrifice my last guy to waste the enemy overwatch, very fun!

  14. #992882016-02-16 00:57:21 *DunnDolo said:

    Multiplaying my butt off right now since i got an xbox one for christmas.

    For xbox one im playing:

    Destiny, The adventures of van hellsing, Gears of war 2, judgement & ultimate, The Evil Within, and Smite

    For 3DS XL im playing:

    Monster Hunter 4, Pokemone Alpha sapphire (even though i hate pokemon), Shin Megami Tensei 4, Shovel Knight, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

    For my regular DS im playing:

    Phoenix Wright, Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, Portrait of Ruin, Dawn of Sorrow, and Radiant Historia

    Whew that was along list. As you can see i like to multiplay. LOL

  15. #992932016-02-16 01:58:06Hooyen said:

    Project X Zone on 3DS. The whole game is just people coincidentally running into each other and fighting it's so great.

  16. #1000702016-03-08 02:08:40Lieutenant said:

    It's a shame that this game doesn't get as much hype as the disappointing last game, which is most probably the reason why the hype died down. Honestly saying, this game is a lot better than the previous game, it's more smooth and less technical problem. Characters are likeable and deal with less drama of their own and strong in characteristics, even though I wouldn't say they're as memorable as the old characters such as Altair and Ezio.

    But hey, in this one, you play two goddamn characters. Twin, man and a woman, known as Jacob and Evie Frye. Your HQ is pretty much in a moving train (yeah moving HQ how about that!). Fast travels are vantage points (that place where you sync and do the leap of faith) and the train. A lot of public figures such as Alexander Graham Bell and Queen Victoria (and many others more to even list them). The best thing about the game is the insane grappling hook (or rope launcher, w/e) that lets you travel faster from building to building and get up there in no time. It's non-logical but who cares, especially me lol.

    Anyways, in this game, you conquer London and also try to search for the piece of Eden, old classic way of AC games, really. Though instead of recruiting assassins, you recruit thugs instead and make a gang of your own, which called The Rooks, to bring down the Templars' gang, Blighters.

    As you conquer London little by little, gang wars will be updated when you're near or have completed your objective, if you're lucky, you get to kill the gang leader(s) before the gang war even. By progressing the story further like this, you'll get closer to the Templar leader of this game, which is Crawford Starrick, and obviously, you have to kill his henchmen before him. But as unlike any other missions from the previous games, you have additional opportunities to discover while you're in the mission, like stealth opportunity and unique kill opportunity etc.

    And like the previous game, they let you upgrade your gang conditions and also character customization! You level up and gain new weapons and costumes and be stronger than ever. At least, this time, you don't really have to get a pick-lock tools to pick-lock doors and chests, you'll be able to do that by just getting the skill itself this time. They honestly save a lot of your time here.

    You have to further the story progress and complete missions, side quests and even by your associate activities to gain these items. Gaining levels can also be done this way, including side-drama to do which includes saving the civilian, tackling the thief, scaring the bullies and stealth-kill-messenger.

    Other things you can do including unlocking all the secrets and additional bonus in the game, and also riding carriages and cart, because why not, makes it look like GTA in the old times ))

    Plus, they have additional games like Jack the Ripper and also World War I to play (you will meet Winston Churchill there!) which gives you much more than just the main game itself.

    To be frank, it turns me off to play more AC games after Unity but I decided to give a shot with this one, because why not, also, playable female character(s), they're probably the first ones to be made inside the proper game (because Shao Jun and Aveline are on different types of AC games).

    I'd recommend this if you like history obviously, and it's so much fun to play since you can switch characters and all. I've finished the game but I'm still going on with side quests and additional games, and I'm still enjoying it. )

  17. #1020342016-05-05 00:50:55armedzerox said:

    Just finished it. I also want to add that the Music is awesome! i heard that it composed by game music award's winner. But the thing which is sucks it the music where i really love only played when we're on top a high building. so if we get down the music stops.. developer's sucks...

    But overall the game is nice. And the musics are.. sooooo beautiful!