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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1001892016-03-10 06:11:04 *123-456-7890 said:

    Been playing video games recently, other than melee. Surprising right?

    VA-11 Hall-A Demo (I finished the prologue)

    Where is My Heart?

    Update: Link's Awakening

  2. #1009312016-03-31 16:14:41Kirn said:


    You may know that I am a big fan of Blackwell series, which was made by Wadjet Eye Games studio. So I naturally interested when they make something new, and this here is their new game.


    Shardlight tells a story about Amy Wellard - woman trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. 21 years ago nuclear war destroyed most of the world structure, and now people live in ruined cities, trying to get by. It's not a complete wasteland though. There is a ruling class - aristocracy - that acts as a government for the people. But, as you would imagine, they create quite an unfair system. And, what's more, horrible disease called "green lung" is killing of big percent of the population. And Amy recently found out she is infected, so now she has to find way to survive the disease for which there is no cure.


    As it is with Wadjet Eye games, this is your classic point-n-click quest made in pixelated retro style. Well, even though it's pixelated, it is very nice to look at. It works, it doesn't look ugly, and I have to say, game itself looks pretty good. What works here is the setting of the game itself. The grim future, while being all sorts of horrible, provides some damn nice backgrounds.


    Story doesn't lag behind. And I have to say, this game took me by surprise a few times. Well, it's well paced, well-written, and characters are interesting, but what got me the most is how brutal it suddenly is. And I don't mean the landscapes with the long-dead people on them. Though, there's enough of that here. No, at some points the game will just turn fucking violent on you. To not spoil too much - at the start of the game, you meet a mad in underground tunnel, caught under a piece of rubble and slowly dying. And he asks you to put him out of the misery. And apparently, Amy is really good with a crossbow. So yeah, you get to mercykill someone during a character introduction.


    That saying, you can't die. You know, like in some quests you can die a horrible death and then try again? Well, here game just doesn't let you go into death situation. That saying, in general the game feels more simple in its gameplay that previous Wadjet Eye Games titles. Like, in Blackwell series you had a whole mechanic of cooperating with ghost, or in Technobabylon you could go into virtual reality... Here gameplay is very simple - walk around, interact with stuffs.
    At the start of the game, when there's a lot of locations of your map, you may experience some difficulties figuring out what and how to do next, but somewhere closer to middle the game becomes more linear, unneeded locations disappear, and the process of going through the story gets much simpler. Which is a bit of a shame, because while the story is really good, I wouldn't mind a bit more challenge to it.


    So. I enjoyed the game quite a lot, during its setting and a very serious no-nonsense story. Gameplay is pretty standard for the point-and-click games, with no distinguishing features, and the whole game is quite simple, but it is still a very good passtime for a few hours.

  3. #1016652016-04-25 14:26:14 *Kirn said:


    So yeah... You might have noticed that recently Steam had Danganronpa out, and short time after it, it had the second part of the game available as well. I heard a bit about it before, and I know there's anime, but before that moment, I never ever really looked at what it is, never watches anime, never saw videos or reviews. So I embraced it like a new thing. And damn, I did not expect what I was getting at all.


    I guess, I won't be spoiling much if I say that these games are basically a murder-mystery case. Decent number of students from a prominent academy gets put into a strange situation where they can't get out, and the only way to escape is to kill someone else and then to not get caught during the investigation and the class trial. Those are the rules explained by a nasty monochrome plushy bear. Who is now your headmaster. Congrats, kids, you are all on drugs!


    Seriously, though, game feels like the authors had no rules restricting drug abuse of any kind during their work. And they used that to the max. So, not only you are presented with a surreal situation, but even every character is more or less surreal in some way. See, the students attending the school are "Ultimates" - absolutely exceptional in some one ability. One might call them quirky... only that seriously goes beyond that. It's what they are, and some of them are extremely intense about it.
    Murders feel similar - you take a look at some of the most bizarre situations you might expect to see. Or might not even expect. You know, I can't help but compare this game to Ace Attorney series... and you know what, for all its wackiness, Ace Attorney looks like a very serious piece of narrative. This? This just takes things up to fucking eleven.


    Since the game is pretty much visual novel with some gameplay elements, story is the main part. And... it's wacky, but I have to say - it's good. It will make you go completely crazy, but it will all fit in the end. And now, as I play the second game, it does that to me again. And I can tell you, game breaks 4th wall like it's made of glass. Monokuma fucking expect you to know events of the first game in the second game... that bastard... That fucking bear...
    Ahem, well, nevermind. Story is done well, with both the main events and characters themselves - being so weird and diverse - doing really good job. Plus, really, I can't think of any story taking place in a closed area that would be so blatantly epic and grand and not be ashamed to do that. This game flaunts its style in fabulous and bloody way.


    So. Story is good. So what about gameplay?
    During the game, you will mostly explore the setting and interact with other characters and surroundings. This will be done in visual novel style. Or "daily life" as the game calls it. During that time you more through the story and also have "free time" during which you can increase relationships with other students. This is done to get to know them and also to get some perks that you can equip for the last stage of the game.
    As soon as someone kills someone, you enter the "deadly life", where you pretty much do the same, but it takes place in shorter time, and your main goal is to find all the clues, which will be added to your notebook as "truth bullets". As soon as you are done collecting all the evidence, game automatically drags you to the last stage of the chapter - "class trial".
    Class trial is, pretty much, the trial. Yep. But the thing about it is that there's no defendant, no lawyer and no prosecutor. Just a bunch of kids trying to figure out what happened and who is to blame, and the end result is decided by a vote. Obviously, if you do everything right, then vote is correct, otherwise you get game over and can try again.


    Now, this I must say. While the story is good, and I like how murders are unique and strange, and I enjoy the trial for its interactions... This is, in my opinion, is where the gameplay elements are not too good. Obviously, it would be too boring to just pick options in dialogue, so you are given a lot of challenges and mini-games.
    Most notably - you will partake in arguments, when people will be just speaking their minds or trying to convince others, and it will be up to you yo "shoot" one of the evidence you found into the statement that is not true. Sometimes you will have to just pick up answer from some choices. At times you will have to guess correct word of the key item... and so on.
    Some of these (like the argument with figuring wrong statements) work well. Some - like the rhythm battle sequences.... not so much. Or like the game added in second part, where you have to do some mind-skateboarding sequence, reminding me of old Sonic bonus levels.
    I feel, some of that just does not feel right for the trial game. It's not too tedious, but it does break the atmosphere.


    So. While some gameplay elements are very much out of place, the story of this game is rightfully epic and, as I understand, got a whole cult following. And it pretty much deserves it. It's fun, it's grand, it has a lot of killings in it. What more do you want?

    Good game, and I am looking forward to finishing the second part.

  4. #1017542016-04-28 00:58:23 *armedzerox said:

    Just started playing non-piracy games.

    And anyone wants to join me in CS:GO?

    i know it's lame but i am just plain desperate.


  5. #1018122016-04-28 23:59:32 *Bayne said:

    Recently purchased this one from a local game store; easily the best fantasy style game I've ever played.


    A great mix of beautiful scenery, intense combat, deadly surprises and merciless opponents; couldn't ask for anything more Edit: in case the picture doesn't show, it's Dark Souls

  6. #1027282016-05-19 20:11:57Kirn said:

    I am not exactly playing this one at the moment, but I gave it a quick spin, and I think it should be mentioned here.

    So, the game is called Salt and Sanctuary, it's 2d platformer, and I still can't understand if it's a tribute to Dark Souls or parody for it.

    The story is simple. World is torn by war, but there was a political marriage arranged. Princess is to be married off, and there will be peace. Problem is, the ship with princess is attacked on the way, and she is stolen.
    You - one of the guards, apparently - find yourself on some island. And trust me, you would wish it would have been uninhabited. Nope, no such luck. It's crawling with monsters and occasional survivors and castaways.
    And so you go exploring...


    So, this is pretty curious. As I mentioned, this looks like a clear tribute to DS franchise. You create your character (actually, some nice and fun options there), you drag your sorry bones to the boss battles while trying to survive hordes of respawning undead along the way.
    Save points for you are "sanctuaries", dedicated to one of 3 religions of the land. You get to pick your religion at the start, and sanctuaries of that type will provide you better services. But you can heal and respawn at any shrine, which really helps. And at any shrine you can level up when you get enough experience, bringing you to a pretty extensive skills tree.


    Basically, there are nodes for mastery in different types of weapons, magic and armor, along with pure stat nodes and some utilities. I have no idea what's the level limit, but I can tell you right now - you will grind before going to fight any next boss, to get better stats for the fight.
    By the way, since you will die a lot in this game, you should know that, when you do, all your experience points, that you haven't spent on leveling up yet, are given to monster that killed you. So you have to kill it to get it back. Alternatively, if you die from environmental hazard - a weak monster just spawns there, representing your exp, so you have to kill that.
    There's actually a bit of clever and very thoughtful mechanic there. Imagine you exploring some area, with enough exp to level up, but not quite going back to sanctuary yet. And you stumble upon a boss, that makes short work out of you. So you lose all your exp. But you don't have to actually kill the boss to get it back. For bosses, you just need to damage them enough to get your exp back. After that you can use a recall item, and escape from the fight and go get some hard-earned levels.


    As I said, I only looked a bit at this game. But there also seems to be extensive inventory going along with it. Tons of usable items, a lot of armor and weapon variations. Which are also upgradable. There are grenades, twohanded swords, horned helmets, even items that just give you more exp. You can even find free point for your skill tree, just lying around.
    All those items you get from monsters, along with money and exp, as well as buy from various locals. Some of them are gathering in sanctuaries, and some are just sitting in the world. Really, after clearing first castle, I explored the dungeon and under some stairs (with monster lurking around) found some bum in dirty rags, selling full 4-piece set of level 2 heavy armor, for 2000 each. This makes no sense, and it shouldn't.


    Controls in this game are... much much better than in any DS game on PC. Well, it's just a 2d game, so controls are naturally easier, but it's all very familiar - you move, you hit with normal or strong strikes, you block, or you roll out of enemies attacks. There's stamina, which is spent on everything. It restores very quick, but you have to stand and do nothing for it, and that may be very dangerous at most times.
    Last, but not least - visual style. You can see from the trailer and screens, that the game is pretty grim. Bosses are gruesome. Well, I only met 2, but second one is tall blooded lady with swords for hands, living in room decorated by hanged people, and her name is Queen of Smiles. So yeah, it's a fun place, really. So, style is really good.
    I am unsure if the game has good story or not... I mean, sure, there was this bit about the princess at the start, but since then it's just exploration of surroundings. Maybe there's some story later.

    In any case, if you are a fan of dark fantasy, hard platformers or just want to see how DS would look in 2d - try this out.

  7. #1027392016-05-20 01:34:55Clever said:


    Dark Souls!! The entire series has captivated me for the last few months, and I cannot speak highly enough of it. The lore, the frustration of dying over and over, the sense of victory when you finally succeed in defeating a boss you've been fighting for hours.... I love this game.

    I don't know why I like the story so much. Bad shit has happened in whatever land you happen to be playing in, and you start from a lowly lost soul then fight your way to the ruler of the land. You'll fight hollows (husks of people), dragons, demons, skeletons, giants, giant skeletons, up until you fight the bosses, which are the real assholes. And bless your poor soul if the boss is human sized....

    The characters of this game are certainly remarkable, both by design and by what their dialogue. Solaire the sunbro, Seigmeyer your good adventuring buddy, Lautrec the murderous cheese grater, these and several others you meet on your quest. Not all of them are friendly though, remember this is Dark Souls.....

    Also, "hollow" means that you lose all hope and become a zombie dude. When you give up playing the game, that is when your character hollows. That's just a cool thing.

    Anyway, the whole series has a lesson: Get knocked down 9 times, get back up 10.

    Don't you dare go hollow on me

  8. #1027642016-05-20 15:09:53Lieutenant said:


    So I've been replaying this game recently because fuck I missed older games of Silent Hill okay (and I'm a huge fan of the series), so I downloaded it and play it again, I had the full set of CDs with its box I got on 2007 because I won DDR and that was the prize (that's how I kinda get to know SH and got addicted ever since).

    You play as Heather Mason in this game, daughter of Harry Mason from SH1, the reincarnation of Alessa, real name Cheryl, okay whatever, enough. So at the first part of the game is where you thought everything starts already when you're actually meant to die, then you wake up from sleep, it was all just a nightmare. Those first parts were just the part where I suppose the game wants you to get familiar with the controls, but as you know, this is one of the old games where the control is reverse, like when you move your mouse to the left, the camera pans to the right and vice-versa. The real game starts (in the toilet) as you escape the detective that was looking for you.

    Then yeah, you meet Claudia and she speaks shit, the game goes on until you face your first boss fight. When she decided to go home it's quite a long journey rather.


    So yeah during all the journey, you'll also meet Vincent and he also speaks shit and you continue your journey home. It's amazing how a kid like Heather can withstand through all the bullshit she went through until she reaches home only to find her dead father. You went to Silent Hill with the detective after.

    So this is your standard horror thriller game, it's more to disturbing than disgusting to me, with puzzles to get your way through and some cutscenes. It was terrifying as a trend back then, and probably still is, You have your storage which you can place a lot of items in there (unlike SH Downpour, that just sucks) and sometimes, you just have to check every corner of this game in case you miss something, like supplies and all.

    Heather Mason is probably the only Female playable character in Silent Hill series (correct me if I'm wrong) and the movie featuring SH3 sucks ass in my opinion (no seriously how could they include Pyramid Head in there only to be the highlight of the movie when he's never in SH3 to begin with), but she is pretty brave as fuck and in a very angsty teenage phase, so most of the time she doesn't give a fuck and does it anyway.


    I also like how her character design is decent and not oversexualizing like most games nowadays but sure this game focus on the horrors more, which is nice all in all. Sometimes there are interesting things to see if you take your time exploring the map and see every angle, then you might just discover interesting things. It's not a game to be rushed, and most importantly, obviously try to survive, sometimes them monsters appears out of nowehere if you trigger something.

    You may have different endings of though, but commonly you'll get the normal ones. Obviously from how you play the game. So it's a game of Heather discovering herself, Alessa even.

    Oh also, game has awesome music, makes me feel all nostalgia when listening to it. Worth to check out seriously.

    When you meet the requirement of the games, achievements and such, you may unlocked costumes and weapons, which is super cool and made you play the game more, method of attraction I'd say, despite the game being a horror, they have humor in it too, so yeah enjoy this video.

  9. #1027842016-05-20 21:10:47ID_Tuner said:

    Anyone Ever Play Dark Souls?

    This is Dark Souls in Mech Form. And It's a big series. I can't show all the games here, so here are the first three aka first gen.

  10. #1030152016-05-27 00:56:20 *Bayne said:

    This game is called Overlord: Raising Hell, and it has a special place in my heart. It's one of the first games I ever played and definitely one of the best. It's a morbid story about corruption, sin and manipulation with excellent characters, unpredictable plot twists and intimating bosses. Additionally, it has witty humor, stunning visuals despite its age and epic soundtracks





  11. #1031932016-06-02 16:12:13Lieutenant said:


    So I just finished this game (because this is like the only AC games I didn't play yet, so I'm like back-tracking), Just side-quests left but seriously this game is huge! I mean like, it's released after Unity, right? Shortly after or so but it's somewhat under-rated but to be honest, it was pretty interesting. As in, the game started off immediately, it doesn't tell you who is this protagonist from the start, we only learn his name, Shay Patrick Cormac, an Assassin who turned against them to work with the Templar.

    Most of the gameplay started with you playing as the Assassin, you do quest and whatnot, you learn the basic and all, this game reminds me a lot of Black Flag because of what happens when you go against your brotherhood, you kill everyone, so in this story, his friends went all dead after he joined the Templar because he had to kill them in the name of true cause, sutffs like that, well except for Achilles though, he lives.

    Since this game's timeline is the same as Haytham's earlier days, you get to meet the guy, already as a Grand Master Templar, so the opposing side you were working on was Achilles. You'll also meet Adewalé, if you're familiar with him being from Black Flag, except that he's older here now. Aside from that we'll be entertained by Benjamin Franklin, one of the Public Figure you'll met, seems like he holds rather a great role here in this 'younger' years. Good thing is that you'll have a lot of interactions with these characters, and you're connected in terms of that you know each other, you work(ed) with each other and have all these bond and trust in relationships.

    Anyways, if you like Black Flag, you'll love this game. The world is huge to explore and you'll be venturing with your ship the Morrigan, game is contained a lot more to sea-exploring, of course there is also the land-exploring but it gives you much more depth to the game by exploring the world. A lot of ship-war missions and just ships ships ships... at some point you'll go against Man O' War in this game which is like level 75 if I'm not mistaken and bitch that ship is too stubborn to lose, but it's very interesting considering you're going on one-on-one.


    Throughout the game, these people as usual they're trying to find the pieces of Eden, though this is more focused on finding the precursor sites, and as the game goes on, you'll discover what makes Shay went against the Assassins is because when you arrived at Lisbon to find the precursor site, by touching the object makes the place fall apart, like a disaster going on and like the whole continent or country falls, makes him think that the Assassins are finding their cause without safeguarding the humanity, which to his eyes, make them look relentless and inhumane to kill the innocents that has nothing to do with thair motives. So he betrayed the brotherhood, and while almost loosing his life, was rescued by the Templar Order, and they took him in. He worked with them ever since.


    Everything went very dramatic, you're apparently a Numbskull (that's what they called you) in the Abstergo Entertainment re-living Shay's pasts and they decided that Shay's probably the most important (ex)Assassin they ever found and it's pretty interesting and significant for them to contribute to their cause that they let you do more work. If you exit the Animus you'll be able to 'repair' some computers at the workplace wherever you can find them, solving it with mini-game. Though at the end of the game these people reveal to the Numbskull that they're Templars and insisted on him (you) to join, which I guess we did in the end, or they'll kill us.


    The game is fun to play for the story, at first everything went too fast and you have no idea what is going on until you further your progress in the game and then you'll learn everything slowly and it started to make sense. In terms of gameplay? Well you don't have to deal with shit like how it was in Unity. You'll feel the classical elements of playing AC, you also can manage your appearance and the Morrigan's appearance, weapons updates and upgrading the ship and all that, conquering the fortresses to make it as your own. A lot of things, really, too many to say it in here that you have to find it out on your own. I had fun, and Shay Cormac has a strong characteristics imo, I wasn't really into him in the first place but I get used to him as time passed by and we're given the chance to know him deeper, except that there's really nothing much about his past, just his progress, and I started to adore him more when he joined the Templar Order, well not because I support him or anything, but he seemed to grow to more of a mature characteristics and he looks neat as fuck then ) Giving me the pleasure to bond with a protagonist automatically gives me the pleasure to enjoy the game so there's that.

    Towards the end of the game, this is where you'll get all dejavu of Unity, you were finding Charles Dorian at the Palace of Versailles and you killed him there, on your way there you can see Arno and Elise as kids so the connection is kinda cool in itself ) Before he dies he told you about Connor undoing his works back at New York and stuffs like the American Revolutionary War and Shay replied about starting the French Revolution. And that's how the game ended.


  12. #1049392016-07-12 16:14:37 *Lieutenant said:


    Recent game that just came out, from the makers of Limbo, if you're familiar and enjoy the game, you should definitely check this one out.

    This game has a lot more colour than Limbo and is more 3D-ish (2.5D), so to say. You play as a boy, as usual, running in a rather linear direction, right or left and solve some puzzles around, just like how the game should be, seems rather a trademark from them yes. As you progress, you'll wonder around yourself what the actual fuck is going on. I honestly thought at first that the game revolves around history, a warzone or something, but the game keeps it vague until you progress further.

    The truth is much more disturbing than that. I'd say they kept a good job hiding all that and keeping it vague until the end. Though I would honestly say I'm rather downhearted at the ending (because it leaves you hanging) but the rest of the game top ups everything, it's amazing, and it keeps you curious so that you'll keep playing.


    I love the minimalism in the game, I love the gloomy colour and the effort they put in the atmosphere. They more or less put whatever they can put in this, like you'd think it's history / sci-fi / horror / thriller all at once and it's successfully delivered all that, to me at least.

    In the game, you'll get chased by dogs, by mermaids and you get to explore underwater, and seriously, it doesn't help anyone with fear of underwater and swimming, especially when being chased by the mermaid, or whatever that creature is. You get to play with some machines and wonder the fuck out of what is happening while doing stuffs, dive underwater with submarines and most of all, controlling bodies, yep. It does sound as good as it gets and you'll get to witness a lot more.

    Things get more fucked up and disturbing towards the end, and since the game is quite 'silent', no one tells you what is everything is about, unless you do your research on the internet I guess, they have a lot of theories and stuffs about it.


    This game is about $19.99 (?) on Steam and it sure is a nifty time-killer, much more better than Limbo in my opinion. Something so dark and mysterious like this game can be really gorgeous and worthy to check out if you wanna feed your curiosity.

    Also, in this game they have secret places and a secret ending, makes the game much more interesting.