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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #608252013-07-12 18:31:30megumi-tan said:

    Recently finished playing "The last of us", and I really enjoyed it. The animation was great and at some points I couldn't tell the cut scenes apart from the game play usually there is always one main character that I cant stand, but I didn't have a pet peeve in this one. It was one of those apocalypse games but it was a little more complicated then your stereotypical zombie survival game which was nice. I really liked the relationship between the two main characters and how it developed.

    I felt like it was too easy to play stealth, cause your "enemies" are like fucking blind and really only notice when you are present, but don't notice another character which takes away from the challenge (maybe I had a bug but otherwise yeah). I also thought they gave you too much supplies and I always had a shit ton of amo and other things which again, made it less challenging. The ending, blegh. Could have been so much better. Just ending it on a different line would have worked, but I really felt like the ending just left me hanging.

    If this game continues I will buy the next one .

  2. #608262013-07-12 18:37:24Xyopq said:

    @Nekoo Me and my gf started playing that for a little while, before we got too annoyed by the voice acting. Might try it again if it has Japanese with English subs.

    I've mostly been playing the Final Fantasy 14 beta on my PS3, and I'm really enjoying it as my first foray into the paid MMO world. The combat plays like dragon age or White Knight Chronicles, and it's pretty cool plodding along and bumping into friends. The open beta should be starting in a few weeks. So if you happen to try it out, I'm on the Moogle server and my Character name is Balthier Stormbreaker.

    I've also recently acquired a second hand Wii, so naturally the first thing I do is soft mod it and 'backup' all my games to run through a usb hard drive. I've got to try out some of the best games for it so far, but I'm currently hovering around d MH3 because I miss it on Playstation.

    When the beta isn't active on PS3, I've also been playing some of the Devil May Cry HD collection.

  3. #608422013-07-13 00:27:51 *Alex_ said: The classic, One of the games that left me speechless in front of the screen for about 10 minutes after finishing it, and a proof that team Silent that worked on first 4 games really knew what they were doing. Not like these shitty new Silent Hills that really look forced and butchered to the max, only because of the franchise's popularity Also, briliant soundtrack, and even though it's from 2001, the game can still be creepy as fuck

    And GTA IV, thought I give it a try after all this time, started once, but didn't have the time to finish it , and now I dug out some old Dvds which turned out to be Gta IV, and I installed it again

  4. #633092013-09-05 10:33:47Kirn said:

    Got me Rayman Legends. Nice game. They pretty much continued the ideas of Rayman Origins - 2d spritey side-scroller at is should be. So, this time they added more levels, more characters, more mechanics, more things!

    Oh, and there are musical stages! Like, proper musical stages. I only got to one for now, but damn, it was pretty cool. Actual game footage:

  5. #633152013-09-05 16:03:27DarkChaplain said:

    Am playing Rayman Legends as well. Fuck Ubisoft, though.

    • Fullscreen runs at 50 Hz only
    • No Online Multiplayer in a game which basically caters to Coop and has extra game modes for coop play.
    • Lazy Wii U feature conversion. Remember how you had to swipe across the Wii U gamepad screen to make the frog thing do shit, move platforms etc? Yeah, that's one button press.

    I wonder how it is possible for Ubisoft to make SUCH AN EXCELLENT GAME and then fuck it up by not doing shit to adjust the game according to the platform. Lack of Online Multiplayer in the PC version of Rayman Origins was one of the biggest points of criticisms, and now they bring us Kung Foot of all things, and don't have online coop?
    A fuckin' challenge mode which pulls ghost players from the net doesn't count as Online, btw.

  6. #636422013-09-16 15:43:30Kirn said:

    Finally got my hands on something that looks like decent quest.


    This game is a sequel of Chains of Satinav game, and personally I am glad because at the end of Chains of Satinav game I did wonder, what would happen to Geron and Nuri now that she is a bird? Would they try to find a way to change her back? Well, turns out they would. It seems that Nuri isn't doing very good as a bird, so Geron is looking for a way to turn her back so that they can leave him home town for good. That search throws him into another adventure. That adventure is tied to 450 years old story of a princes that got hold of a powerful magic artifact. Oh, and he also has to solve a riddle.

    As you can expect, this is your point and click quest. The good part is that is Daedalic Entertainment quest, and they are have been main producers of good quests recently. In this game you control Geron, and you also control princess Sadja in what seems to be memory sequences of sorts. And you can see that events on both times are somehow connected very early in the game.

    Anyways, I am not far in the game at all for now, but this is a good game from what I can see. The story grabs you from the start and you can't know what would happen next. Puzzles are not hard for now, and you get a sort of journal that tells you what your main objective is. Graphics are good, giving good feeling of the atmosphere. I swear, when I saw that tree, it was... well, I won't spoil things here )

  7. #636432013-09-16 16:04:57DarkChaplain said:

    Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition

    Currently playing this, because it was cheap on Gamersgate. Its about playing a game where your characters are playing a pen and paper game. It has some really interesting ideas, but also a bunch of crappy ones, due to being an expanded version of an iOS game. So yeah, microtransactions are in, and everything's controlled with the mouse pre'much.

    Völgarr the Viking

    Rock hard, but fair. Very, very good platforming and even if the new kids won't realize it, it is a very strong oldschool experience which relies on the player knowing his actions and how to approach different obstacles, rather than winging it. If you fuck up, it is your own bloody fault because you got your timing wrong, or did not observe your surroundings. I like that.

  8. #636442013-09-16 16:18:36hellstorm901 said:

    I'm loving this game so far. It may not exactly have the simplistic handling of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS) that i'm used to in these types of games but it's really good and so far my experience of this has been better than the rival Final Fantasy War of the Lions.
  9. #636512013-09-17 00:35:06 *momo said:

    This is a great game. While I agree that the FFT port to the PSP, War of the Lions, was terrible, the original PS1 release holds a special place in my heart. I don't know if I could say one is better than the other, both do things right in different ways.

  10. #636522013-09-17 01:56:28DarkChaplain said:

    War of the Lions terrible

    You, sir, are an idiot.
    88/100 on Metacritic, after 41 critic reviews, and a fan-favorite which gets highly praised all around. What did you even expect from the PSP port of the original? It ain't a completely no game.

  11. #636642013-09-17 17:01:47hellstorm901 said:

    I don't think FF Tactics War of the Lions is bad. It would probably be good if I got into it but on the PSP it handles poorly in comparison to other Tactic games similar and has unexplained slowdowns that just drag battles out. Also camera angles can be annoying at times.

    Tactics Ogre in my opinion hits all the rights buttons and whilst I wouldn't say it's beaten FF Tactics A2 on a personal level, it's coming pretty close if it continues being this enjoyable.

  12. #644482013-10-10 04:20:26 *momo said:

    @DarkChaplain You either misunderstand, or are the true idiot.

    88/100 on Metacritic, after 41 critic reviews, and a fan-favorite which gets highly praised all around.

    Why does this even matter? I am not saying the game is bad, but that the port is absolute trash, and that the imposed issues are software-limited, meaning that even on more powerful systems like the PSVita, it runs at the same speed.

    If you didn't notice, I praised the game highly. Final Fantasy Tactics is quite literally my favorite game, ever. However, the PSP port was terrible, and ruined much of the original game. The new cutscenes were great, but the game engine was ported so badly that it is nigh unplayable. Magic spells and attacks that take 5 seconds to play the animation, originally half a second in the original game, is fucking terrible and ruins much of the game. Two hours in, and that is half of your attacks. It artificially lengthens an already long game, and wasn't even fixed when running the game on the Vita, meaning they hard-coded it into the release.

    Square fucked up with that port, really, really bad.

    I was disappointed with how much they simplified the system in Tactics Advance and Advance 2, though they were aiming for a different market then.

    Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is probably the best successor to FFT, hands down.

  13. #636562013-09-17 04:54:10Wild-Wolf said:

    Assassin's Creed (PS3), League of Legends (MOBA; Mac), Final Fantasy XII (PS2 - on a hiatus with this one)

    I also bought KH3D a couple days ago.

  14. #639562013-09-26 04:59:30Rune said:

    I'm addicted to this. HELP ME!!

    I don't recommend this to anyone. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Otherwise, you'll be stuck in a point of no return where you suddenly know the names of Kings of Europe and then actually learn history!

    If you must play this, then this game is a very in-depth ruler simulator/roleplay/grand strategy where you can pick a character from the lowest rank of a Count (who rules a county), to an Emperor of every single country (as far as the engine can help it) that has ever existed in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russian steppes, and a little bit of Persia (Basically all the known World at the time) from 867(with the Old Gods DLC)/1066-1453(The Fall of Constantinople).

    Your first and most important job as ruler, is to get an heir! Afterwards, you can either marry with other rulers and have your kids inherit the land of his parents or you can expand your territory by war or both. If/When you're not interested in expanding at all, you can also try to put your relatives on every throne in Europe (like Queen Victoria did) instead.

    However, as a ruler, you can only rule a limited amount of territory at a time depending on your ruler's ability. Because of this, you'll have to rely on having some other people to look after your land for you. This is a double-edged sword though because they might be able to instigate other people who are also looking after your land and hate you to rebel against you!

    If you buy the expansions, the gameplay will be different if you choose a Muslim, a Patrician/Doge, a Pagan, a Zoroastrian, or with the latest one, a Viking!

    Playing as a Muslim is not for the faint of heart. Unlike their Christian brethren, your objective is to make sure that your kids don't breed like rats because every male needs their own fief to rule. If too many male members of your dynasty don't get land, your decadence will increase which also means that your country will be torn apart!

    As a Patrician, you're mostly only interested in money and political campaigns. Expand your trade posts to encompass all the World!

    A Zoroastrian can try to conquer their 'Holy Sites' and spread their religion to the World! Knock back all of those pesky Christian and Muslims to the curb and let it be known that Ahura Mazda is the true God!

    Pagans (Here represented as Slavic, Tengri, West African, and Viking) can also conquer holy sites and spread their religion with the added ability to pillage!

    Vikings however, are OP Pagans that in addition to pillaging, they can also sail the rivers of Europe! Resist the Christian expansion or embrace it!

    Umm yeah, anyway don't play this game if you value your time.

  15. #639982013-09-27 11:45:06Taro_Tanako said:

    Jealous. My dad bought me this to cheer me up but didn't realise I need two functional arms to play. It's just sat on my shelf waiting now. Soon..soon..

  16. #641502013-10-01 09:12:46Rune said:

    Now Playing: Persona 3 FES

    I suppose everyone should know about this one already. I just went to the Playstation Store yesterday and I decided on a whim, to buy some games I never got the chance to finish/play and this is one of them.

    My impression is, it's amazing how we have moved away from the JRPG genre! I mean, Western RPGs are nice and all but JRPGs just have that certain charm to it. Partly, JRPGs don't have the overly gritty graphics or utterly 'stunning' visuals but rather great characters/world/stories.

    Alright, maybe Western RPGs also have great characters/world/stories etc. but still, it's somewhat refreshing to play a JRPG after years of mostly playing Western RPGs (or rather, Western games with RPG elements). No, let me rephrase that: It FEELS AWESOME to play a GREAT RPG after years of looking through FUCKING GUN SIGHTS! Seriously, I'm sick of shooting at some 3D models (not saying I don't enjoy it though) and I feel that playing things that don't require me to shoot something is a VERY WELCOME CHANGE.

    But yeah, that's why I bought like 6 more PS2/PS1 JRPGs off of PSN...

  17. #641532013-10-01 09:24:12Kirn said:

    Good pick this one. Back in the day, I finished Persona 3, and then they made FES, and finished that one properly too, replaying the original story, cause they improved things there to... you know, made world seem even more alive and all.

    But the interesting thing is, in RPG games I much more prefer story, than dungeon-crawling, and Persona 3 had a good balance of that - you alternate dungeon-crawling with some story and daily activities. But in FES story it's pretty much all dungeon-crawling. Yes, there is a story, which explains some things about the original, but you mostly just do that long-ass dungeon. But somehow, I was okay with that and never got tired of it... so yeah, good addon that is.

  18. #643872013-10-08 08:51:58 *Rune said:

    Just played: The House of the Dead 4

    Finally, after all these years I can play this game! I remember seeing this game in the arcades way back in 2005 and had been waiting for a console release for so long that I forgot that this game existed!

    So, I beat it rather quickly since it's only like 44 minutes anyway and the first few minutes I was DISAPPOINTED because the game is so bad and I was like "The third game was better."

    But then as I began chapter 3, I realized that this game is actually the sequel to my favorite game ever The House of the Dead 2 and you know what? The voice acting is actually MILES BETTER. I mean seriously, once I realized that the sunglass guy was Goldman I was like "OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGOD!"

    Why did I become so excited? I mean listen to this

    And here he is in THotD 4


    Anyway, I highly recommend this game. In fact, EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY THIS THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVAROMGOMGOMG

    Anyway, next I'm looking forward to playing House of the Dead OVERKILL. For anyone who is interested, here's a trailer for that game:

  19. #971992016-01-10 13:11:31armedzerox said:

    The house of the dead! Love the series. Played all of them and still a fun game to play with friends! And totally Agreed with everything you say.coz i felt the same way too! Woohoo