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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #644392013-10-10 00:21:47 *Rune said:

    Just played: rain

    Available on the Playstation Network, rain is a simple adventure game where you play as a boy who was supposed to go to the circus but because he had a fever, he had to stay inside. While in there, he noticed a girl silhouette out in the rain and he chased after her. As he chased her, he went through the door of light that leads to darkness.

    That's the intro of the game. The premise is so simple and the gameplay is also as simple. But the main charm of the game is the fact that it is so simple yet the environment is just so breathtaking.

    This game is, for lack of better way to describe it, is pretty much like ICO. In fact, it is partly made by the same people who make ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian. However, unlike ICO, the girl is way more helpful than Yorda ever was.

    The town where they are in is also very beautifully done. It's obvious that it's supposed to be somewhere in Italy due to the obvious Italian Graffiti and architectures. The feeling I had when roaming the town was simply indescribable other than it was a beautiful feeling.

    Of course, while most of the game is spent in the streets, there are also other levels in the game that are almost equally beautiful. The Factory was just gigantic, the church was rather downtrodden, and the last level of the game was very eerie. Not only that but the graffiti (which are mostly in Italian which I do not speak) are quite interesting and could be a nice bilingual bonus to those who speaks Italian.

    All in all, if you're sick of waiting for The Last Guardian, then play this game! It's definitely not in the scale of ICO but it's definitely worth the 3-4 hours and the $15. This is definitely the game to play on a lazy afternoon.

  2. #644822013-10-11 17:45:57 *--Jack-- said:

    Well, I dove back into indie games again with this little treasure:


    Swim around in cubes of water floating in the sky.

    There really isn't much else to say. There's peaceful music that responds to whether you're outside of a cube or not, and you look like a little jellyfish/plankton thing. While this game is ridiculously simple, it's actually pretty relaxing.

  3. #646562013-10-16 10:22:00 *Kirn said:

    Finished this game this night, and it's worthy to say something about.

    Now, this is a Telltale game. If you know what it means - good. If you don't... well, I'd advice you to google it and go through Sam&Max episodes. Still, this game is different from the usual Telltale quests I know. From what I red, it's based on Vertigo comic book series, and I should say that I will try to find and read those right after I finish writing this post.
    Well, short story explanation. At some point the land of fairy tales got invaded, so all fairy tales characters like Snow White, Three Little Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, they had to flee into human world where they settled in the city where all immigrants go - New York. Being close to immortal beings, they have been living there for hundred, or even more, years, slowly assimilating into this new reality. They created their own government, and the sheriff for all the Fable Folk is the Big Bad Wolf. Or, as he is called now, Bigby Wolf. Yeah, the one who ate the Little Red Riding Hood.That's the guy we will be controlling.

    Now, this has to be said right now - this is not a game you would play to beat. It's not even a quest, really. If anything, it's an interactive story, and the first episode will not take more than three hours, and most of that time you would be listening to dialogue. Well, naturally, there are your usual quest elements when you investigate locations and collect items (all clearly highlighted), plus there are dialogues with many options and there are quick-time events, which are pretty easy. I will stress this once more - this is not a game in your usual sense, it's just a shell to take you through the story. This can turn off some gamers.

    But the story... Yep, the story is good. Imagine fairy tale characters thrown into the modern world with a healthy dose of noir thrown in the mix. The setting itself is interesting. Characters are very diverse, and you truly feel for them (one dialogue with the talking pig whom you owe a house is priceless already). And the story is engaging, with all the elements in place. Considering this game being just the first episode out of five, I expect a lot more of interesting things.
    Plus, and that is the selling point of all interactive books (and I somehow compare this game to a book like that), is re-reading value. Along the way there will be choices you would have to make that supposedly would affect the story in some way. And not only choices but just dialogue options too. You would be notified of such occasions, so, when the game would have full 5 episodes, I guess there would be a way to clearly see how all the decisions would affect all the events. Hell, maybe there would be a sort of best/worst ending there somewhere. Anyways, it's a nice feature and I do hope that if would be fully used in the future episodes.
    All in all I liked the game... well, again, it's not really a game, and it's only a few hours of gameplay... But I enjoyed the story so far, so I will say this is a good thing there.

    PS. Warning. The game is definitely not for kids. There's a lot of swearing, blood and some quite disturbing scenes of violence. Hey, if you think about it, fairy tales are full of violence and killing, so do not be surprised.

  4. #646572013-10-16 10:39:51 *DarkChaplain said:

    @Kirn I've watched a bit of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us on Youtube, and went right ahead to checking out the comics - something I don't usually, if ever, do. Read the first 5 issues, the first story arc, right that morning, and enjoyed it a lot.

    I'm looking forward to this one getting completed asap, it seems really, really well done, with excellent voice acting and script, a seriously great art direction and an intriguing setting.

    In fact, this one is much, much more appealing to me than The Walking Dead - and that one was proclaimed Game of the Year by a lot of people last year. With that in mind, I have high hopes for this one, even though I still miss the Inventory management....

    Currently playing:

    Electronic Super Joy

    As ragequit-tempting as it may be, it is actually quite relaxing for me.

    Also playing


    Because it helps me take my mind off things and I can listen to some audiobooks while playing. Too bad it still isn't fully done, and has some bugs, and sometimes pure bad luck can bring you down completely.

  5. #668422013-12-02 04:01:32saitama said:
    Simcity 4
    Am I the only one here who are still playing Simcity 4? I know the game is very old, though.
    It is addictive for me. I found it easy to spend a lot of time on the game.
  6. #668432013-12-02 05:42:36 *--Jack-- said:

    Retro Gamer -------^


    I actually have this too! Yes! I like this version of simcity more than most. There were a ton of terraforming options, vehicle driving options (in mayor mode) and other stuff like starting tornados! SimCity Societies (which came out later) didn't nearly have the diversity of options, or the ability to directly "Steer" disasters. Not to mention you couldn't terraform as smoothly or worthwhile in Societies.

  7. #682752014-01-11 11:43:48Kirn said:

    @Ecstasy depends. Core mechanics of the game are your simple Diablo-style hacking. Nothing more, nothing less. Clicking thousand of enemies into gruesome death. If you aren't a fan of that sort of thing - you will find it repetitive quite soon.

    The game is made with a heart though, and main hero gets a witty companion, so you don't feel alone and their banter is really fun to listen to. The whole atmosphere is pretty light-hearted and nice, and that's big plus.

  8. #682772014-01-11 11:46:22Kip said:


    it pretty much runs like Diablo, game play-wise.

    you get a companion who you can either make a tank or a damage dealer. then you can choose from 3 roles for yourself once you make your character in the beginning. it's interesting! i haven't gotten to play a lot since it doesn't run well on my laptop, but it was on sale about a month ago. the combat system was easy, lots of point and click stuff. the banter between characters is funny too.

    i'd recommend it though! i enjoyed what i played of it so far. it's pretty casual.

  9. #682572014-01-11 09:09:58 *Kirn said:

    Started Metal Gear Rising this morning.

    Not used to controls fully yet, and the camera is giving me troubles at times (like in most ported games, I feel). Still, this is nice. And this game right from the start makes other slasher over-the-top games look pretty timid.

    I am yet to see if this game would be a good addition to the canon Metal Gear setting... (Okay, yes, I laugh at this myself - we get prime-grade over-the-top slasher and we all are like 'yeah, I'm watching this for the story') But the very fact that the number or slices I would cut my enemy into is limited by my ability alone... and that I can cut out their spines and grab them... And that there's a German doctor in my support team who asks for my enemies hands as souvenirs...

    Yep. This is a good game so far.

  10. #682632014-01-11 09:33:45 *Rune said:

    Oh yeah, I just finished several games these past few days.

    The first, is Beyond : Two Souls. All I can say about this game is that it's probably what all the reviews have said about it: It's pretty much just a game where you get from one cutscene to the other and really, it's like watching a bad movie... for 12 straight hours.

    It's really unlike Heavy Rain. At least Heavy Rain had some sort of a compelling story and a compelling character as well as different ways it could end. Beyond : Two Souls on the other hand, well, at least you get to know who Aidan is... but really, it isn't worth it; just find out from YT.

    Second is Gone Home which was recommended by a reviewer who bashed Beyond: Two Souls and said that this is how videogame storytelling should be. I must say that the game is pretty immersive and compelling in trying to get its story out by putting you in the shoes of a sibling/detective person but in the end, I didn't feel that much connection to it as much. Perhaps it's because I don't relate with the whole Lesbian Love story that well but then again, I've read something of that kind in Manga form before and I could follow...

    In the end though, I kind of appreciate the effort of Game makers to try to make a game that is compelling to the players. I know that Rain did connect to me and I'm sure there are other games I've played in the past where I was really invested in the characters (Looking at you, Mother 3 ^^). Hopefully, next time they'll get it right, like how they did with Heavy Rain.

    P.S.: Ellen Page is not that big of a deal guise :\

  11. #682942014-01-11 15:19:26DarkChaplain said:

    I can't be arsed to continue Origins. Had to replay the beginning hours, and got bored by skipping cutscenes :'D

    Currently playing far too many games at once, again:

    • Guacamelee! Hard mode completionist run
    • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    • Hearthstone
    • Nihilumbra
    • Valdis Story: Abyssal City
    • Borderlands 2
    • Long Live the Queen
    • Skulls of the Shogun
    • BIT.TRIP Runner 2
    • Wooden Sen'SeY
    • The Bridge
    • Resonance
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut (replaying the DC version for new boss battles and developer commentary)
    • a bunch of other irregular stuff
  12. #687032014-01-18 10:23:16Kirn said:

    Finished playing Freedom Fall.

    You are a prisoner in a very tall tower. And you have to escape. Oh, and also all the walls are filled with messages to you. Written in cute pink letters. By a cute princess. Who is your jailer and wants to kill you. Right...
    So, this is pretty much a scroller platformer, the key feature of which is that you don't go from lest to right, you go from top to bottom. And, as in every decent platformer, you will meet A LOT of deadly traps. That will kill you. Don't even try to doubt it. So try to die in a funny way.
    Well, the graphics are nice. The game itself got simple mechanics and is pretty short - I finihed it in 1 hour 15 minutes on the first run, and on the second run I did it in under an hour.
    But the atmosphere of a game... Well, it's really great. The princess communicates with you through these messages on the wall, and that way you learn about the game world, about her, about her family and even about yourself. And it's really funny and quite interesting.

    The game got 2.5 endings, as far as I see. On the level before the last one you get to a fork in the road where you can make a plot-changing decision. Then, after beating the last level, you will get a short scene. Also, after beating the game, you will get a bonus level, which ends in another short scene that, I guess, finishes up the story.
    Without giving out spoilers, here's what I would suggest - first do a 'not guilty' ending (you will understand when the time comes), then do a 'guilty' ending, then do a bonus level.

  13. #687222014-01-19 01:09:48awkwardangels said:

    Pokemon X

    I guess I should say this: I'm not a huge fan of Pokemon. My first console was a DS lite, so I didn't play Pokemon when I was younger, etc. I... wasn't expecting Pokemon X to be amazing, needless to say. What, with it being overhyped too.

    I was not expecting it to be fun, and well... thrilling? 3D really does make a difference, and new gameplay options too. The story is really flimsy though... like every other Pokemon game. At least they try this time around, I guess. I have no idea why it takes so long to get the 2nd badge, it seems unnecessary.

    (The first gen Pokemon being offered is a huge thing and I like using my Charmander, Josuke.)

    Rune Factory 4

    This game is really, really adorable and I wish I had the time to play it more. I seriously need 2 3DS's omg. I've never played a Rune Factory game before, but I heard it was really good and... I don't regret asking for it for Christmas.

  14. #694322014-01-31 12:23:20Kirn said:

    Finished Broken Age yesterday.

    This is a very simple quest game with 2d graphics. Well, if I followed my gaming opinions, I am a fan of well-done 2d sprite games and I like quest, so I got this game for those two reasons and for one additional one - this is a Double Fine game. And Double Fine gave us Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. So if there's one thing you can be sure of - it's that the world you get into will be freaking weird in the most awesome ways.

    So, game itself is extremely simple. Probably won't take more than a few hours at most. The logic is pretty simple, there are not many items to collect and at every stage everything is pretty obvious. All in all, this, pretty much like the Wolf Among Us is more of a story than a proper challenge. Well, in this case it has more quest elements, but still nothing that would make an old Hero/King/Space Quest veteran to slow down )

    World, however, is as weird and freaky as you can possibly expect. And it's two worlds now, cause girl's story takes place in some undeveloped fantasy-ish place terrorized by a giant monster, and the boy's story is just a single space ship, traveling the universe. Well, Steam videos explain the story pretty well, so i only want to say that the story is actually done really good. At some points both parts of the game throw hints at you and you wonder about those... But those hints are actually pretty misleading, and at the end your mind, if you won't get other, truthful, hints, gets completely blown.

    Graphics are really cool too. It's 2d sprites, but every character got his/her own design, and when they speak, they do look alive - mostly because even their faces are in constant motion. I mean, it's damn rare when you can judge someone's mood by his face in a quest game. Pretty much no character is ever static, even when they aren't doing anything, so they never feel like a background. Backgrounds are also nicely done, though they don't feel that impressive. They do compensate that with the general weirdness of the scenery.

    One bad thing for me - goddamn chapters again! This game was act 1, and act 2 is supposed to be a conclusion. And hell, as I said, the ending to this pretty much blows your mind, and because of that it's even more frustrating - why can't I get the whole damn story right now?!?! Damn...

    Well, other than that - this is a pretty good story, so I am glad I played it.

  15. #694332014-01-31 14:18:57DarkChaplain said:

    why can't I get the whole damn story right now?!?! Damn...

    Because Tim fucking Schäfer used his Kickstarter funds horribly, refused to chip in from Double Fine's own budget, asked for more and more money for Double Fine Adventure via the website etc. Heck, a few weeks ago they still wanted to put this on Steam Early Access :')

    The project blew up, became too big for what they could fund realistically - especially due to hiring people like Jack Black, Elijah Wood, Wil Wheaton and who knows who else. Overshooting their original kickstarter goal by MILLIONS led to incredible feature creep, making Broken Age one of the biggest examples of what not to do with your kickstarter project.

    To be honest, I've only watched a good chunk of Vella's story on Youtube. The game seems so utterly simple, I don't really think I'll bother playing for myself at this point. The puzzles are nobrainers, and there aren't many random NPCs or easter eggs you'd be missing out on, especially not with people just as curious as you are playing the game.
    Tim said he wanted to make an oldschool point & click game ala Grim Fandango? Meh, this is more like the Telltale style of new age P&Cs - linear, with little to show on the sidelines. It kinda disappoints me

  16. #694352014-01-31 14:58:20Kirn said:

    Didn't know about the whole kickstarter thing. That's no good...

    Actually, while kickstarter is a good thing, I believe there are some big gaming projects out there, like Star Citizen, for example, that, if those would be failures, would utterly break the possibility of making a really major project of kickstarter money. Don't know, really, if that's the real danger or not - hell, I am just playing games without even paying for them.

    Well, as I said, the game is very simple. Not an old-school feel, but a good story and well-drawn.

    And to have me some challenge, I am playing other games. Replaying Borderlands 2 right now )

  17. #694372014-01-31 16:01:07DarkChaplain said:

    Double Fine Adventure, Star Citizen, Project Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera.... there are plenty of HUGE projects that will have to show serious progress in the coming year. Depending on their success, the concept will grow or falter.
    Still, right now Steam is getting more and more overwhelmed by really bad Early Access games, so it seems it is successful enough for the leeches...

    Personally, I'm currently playing more Gnomoria, Blood Bowl and finally got around and into the right mindset to play Breath of Death VII.
    I just picked up Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Conviction on the Steam sale, though, so I might play those as well.