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Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #774192014-06-02 03:13:48 *--Jack-- said:


    I just got it on steam, but LUFTRAUSERS is what I'll be playing in my freetime for the next few days. I remember playing the HTML demo on their site, and loving the more-realistic physics, and the combat system. Also explosions, of course.

    Also more of a different Devolver Digital Game, BROFORCE, considering the update adding some new characters, as well as Mechs, has finally been released!

    Did I mention I'm a sucker for Purposely-Low-Res, Retro-styled Graphics?

  2. #774342014-06-02 15:55:15hellstorm901 said:

    I decided to fire up Jagged Alliance 2 again. This is personally one of my most favorite games of all time even though I only acquired it not that long ago, I believe I acquired it from a GOG offer.

    The base game alone is good but what makes the game amazing is installing the 1.13 patch and the Urban Chaos mod. With these mods you get a ridiculously detailed game and I mean that. This game has virtually every modern weapon imaginable (Pulse Rifle included) and you have the ability to open up each weapon and apply any attachment the weapon could realistically carry or if that's not good enough for you a number of weapons can actually be broken down to their basic parts and be upgraded with kits to convert the weapon into something new entirely, got an M14? Why not find an EBR kit, got an M1 Carbine? Got an AR - 15? Break the sucker down for its parts and convert it to a better rifle. The mod and 1.13 patch doesn't stop there. Your individual character load can be customized just as much as your guns with you being able to stick new armour panels in your bodyarmour or put goggles and NVG's on your helmet.

    The level of inventory management in this game is both highly enjoyable but also your worst nightmare as you need to carefully work out what you're going to put where on your character as every action in battle costs action points. Do you have a Merc use Load Bearing Equipment to hold a medical kit in hands reach on there back or do you pack your vest full of magazines and grenades for a long firefight? Do you have everyone carry everything they need or do you pack light for mobility.

    (Welcome to your weapon management screen, yes a feature also means you need to regularly repair and CLEAN your weapons) (And welcome to your character inventory management screen, green * represent items within items)

    This game may not look glamorous but it is a pretty damn Mercenary simulator and that's the point when considering how to play it, you're not the US Army or Spetznats with full tank and air support, you're a small band of Mercs on foot fighting in guerrilla warfare against a vastly superior enemy force.

    Oh yeah and your guys also only fight for money so on top of paying for weapons, ammo and equipment just to get an edge in the fighting you gotta pay wages.

  3. #774482014-06-02 22:24:57DarkChaplain said:


    This is a thing. Currently in Steam Early Access, was kickstarted to allow the devs to get the rights to make an official Jagged Alliance game, and it seems fans are rather pleased with the basics available right now. Also, it has an editor.

  4. #774782014-06-03 10:45:36hellstorm901 said:

    I saw it mentioned a while ago.

    I personally never completely disliked Back in Action and Crossfire and the real time combat system which was used there. It was quite fun and made the game quite difficult now that everyone was trying to kill you at once. My only problem with both games is they were not optimised properly, you tended to get massive FPS drops in urban combat where there were large numbers of civilians and enemies which was quite unfortunate for two reasons. The first being because the urban centers are large and you need to take them over to actually get a foothold in the country and secondly because the enemy tended to garrison said cities with up to 80 troops at one time.

    I hope that this new JA game also brings back the amount of weapons JA2 with 1.13 had, I believe that the number of actual named real world weapons in JA2 1.13 stands at something like 350, it would be a shame if they didn't seeing as the game 7.62 seems to.

  5. #774792014-06-03 12:15:34DarkChaplain said:

    Full Control are fans of the franchise and taking it very seriously. The current build is still bare-bones, though, so not much in terms of mercenaries or guns implemented yet. They're focusing on the base mechanics right now from what I gathered, while giving the (pre)alpha to their kickstarter backers and steam early access customers. It is promising, though.

    Those are the same guys who did Space Hulk's video game adaptation last year, and while I can't claim that they've got the best models, or come even just close to Relic's depiction of Space Marine Terminators or Genestealers in Dawn of War 2, they DID manage to capture the aesthetic of the boardgame really nicely, and the game adapts the rules fairly accurately, with some concessions regarding turn-flow breaking actions. Those actions allowed the Space Marine player to basically spend leftover Command Points to move, shoot or turn in the middle of the enemy's turn, to save his butt and all.
    That doesn't really work with asynchronous multiplayer games, though, and complicates the whole topic of AI a ridiculous lot, so they left that out.

    Space Hulk would have benefitted from a launch about two weeks later for polishing. Instead they launched it with a fair few of bugs, most of which were fixed by the next weekend. Sadly, reviewers had already bitched about them. Early Access could've benefitted them better than a direct launch, I guess. Still, support since launch has been pretty good, there've been various free content updates, Co-Op is in now, the level editor is still being worked on for public access....

    Full Control, while not top-notch, is at least a really dedicated developer who respects the IP they're using a lot. They're fans themselves (I chuckled when I saw official wallpapers of various 40k novel covers on their walls during one of the Jagged Alliance kickstarter updates), so they'd like to do it as well as they can.
    I can appreciate that.

  6. #774882014-06-03 14:05:13hellstorm901 said:

    Sounds good then.

    I only hope they take away ideas from the fan made modifications of Urban Chaos and the 1.13 patch.

    The level of inventory and weapon management in JA2 UC 1.13 as shown in the pictures is immense yet at the same time everything from scopes and rifles stocks to where you magazines and med packs are loaded on your Merc is all worked into the game engine.

    Back in Action and Crossfire streamlined this system to make it easier for new players so that weapon attachments became a choice of 2 at one time and their impact on your weapon were all positives, e.g. Red Dot site increasing fire time, Scope for accuracy. Whereas in JA2 a scope may increase your accuracy but it causes Tunnel Vision (Narrowing field of view) and things like a bipod on your gun increases automatic fire counter force (ability to send a burst in a straight line) and accuracy from prone but impedes your ability to fire the weapon standing.

    Hopefully staying true to the IP we'll have a very complex game with the tiniest statistic for every weapon and piece of equipment.

  7. #800552014-07-11 13:18:52 *Zyxx23 said:

    Craft the World

    I really like games where you can either build, craft things, defend from things, or manage things. Now I am currently addicted to Craft the world, which has all of those things I mentioned. Basically it is Dwarf Fortress set in a 2d terraria like world. Build, craft, and survive. What got me hooked in this world is the tech tree. The urge to unlock every recipe is strong in this one. Plus, it helps me relax just planning stuff out and watching my dwarves do all the work. Also have that tower defense aspects, if you are that type of gamer who likes to build a defensive base full of turrets.

    Here is a video of the gameplay (part of it anyway)

  8. #816412014-08-17 08:57:18Kirn said:

    I haven't done it in about... maybe 6 or 7 years. But I am doing it again, I am replaying the Legend of Mana.

    You know, I am not a fan of Mana series, nor am I really knowledgeable of the whole world of it. But this one game... this game is ultimately the best PS1 game for me, I like it better than any FF game out there even. Hey, back in the day I replayed this game at least once a year.

    And really, after taking a look at this game, one would say that it looks extremely childish. And it does. I mean, hell, one of the first quests is to help a fat anthropomorphic rabbit with his business deal. On the outside the game style is bright, fairy-tallish and quite silly. I mean, there are pirate penguins there! Led by a walrus! And they are considered to be technically humans. Because fairies think so. And there's a poet centaur running around the world, trying to romance all the weird girls - sirens, mermaids and basilisks. And there are mages from the mages city playing fun war games as class activities...
    But when you look closer, you can find that this cute game hides some grim and nasty world. When you get to the main stories you will find demon, stealing other's life, you will find brother and sister locked in a battle to death, you will see the demise of a whole race... Even in smaller things the world is quite vile - there are shadows dragging living people into the underworld, and there are soldiers who can't stop serving the emperor even after death... The game never stops being a fairy tale, but it also never makes you think 'I am too old to play this'.

    The feature of the game that I like the most is that you are pretty much free to explore the world as you like. There's even no real 'main story' here. Sure, the game ends with the restoration of the Mana Tree, but finishing the game is actually the least important thing to do. Because there are 67 quests out there, and you will have fun doing those and meeting various and extremely diverse characters. Well, the game has three major quest chains, that can be considered to be the 'main stories'. But again, you are free do to those in any order, one at a time, or alternating between quests from each of the line.

    Interestingly enough, while game feels and plays really simple, it has a lot of mechanics to it. There's a combat system which is extremely simple until you get to unlocking all the skills and weapons super-attacks. And then you can add magic instruments to it. Which you have to craft. And you can craft magic items, weapons, armor and... even golems, which are robots that you will also have to craft programming for. Which is something I never could do right, honestly. Plus you can capture and raise monsters to help you in battle, and you also have a garden in your back-yard.

    If you don't want to bother with tedious in-game mechanics, you can play the game as casual as you like. Just watch the beautiful hand-drawn world and enjoy the characters. And if you want - you can craft the ultimate weapon, access the forbidden tome and go pit yourself against level 999 enemies. Game really allows you to play in a way that you want.

    So yeah, my emulator is running this right now, I am about 15 quests in, and I am really glad I am back.

  9. #816522014-08-18 07:43:01dontmesswithaotaku said:

    Right now I'm playing Osu! most of the time It's a rhythm were you need to click on the circles which are showing up, and each circle makes a sound which fits to the music. After playing a song you get performance points depending on how well you played the song, and those points influence your ranking. For example this is my ranking. There are lot of differnt songs to download (most of them are anime OP/ED or jrock/pop) but you can also create own songs.

  10. #821962014-09-09 01:45:19Teil said:

    100% Orange Juice

    OJ A cute little board game that is way more aggressive and punishing than images would lead you to believe. Travel around the board collecting stars and battling players and monsters in order to rack up wins. Hopefully, you'll land on a home space and meet the "Norma" before another player decides to murder you a send you straight from first to last place. This game is super addictive and will having you screaming at your monitor. If anyone else plays, shoot me a message sometime and we can go a round or two.

    Also, my favourite character from 100%OJ (Suguri) prompted me to buy another game.

    Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

    Suguri A 1v1 fighter game filled with fast-paced movements and bullet hazard move-sets. The simple controls of this game are easy to become accustomed to, quickly leading to intense matches between players or even CPUs within an hour of game play. The quick movements of the characters never allows for a slow match. There is a limited amount of attacking and defensive capabilities but the small range of characters and the many combinations of moves makes up for that, resulting in fresh battle scenarios each new match. Here's some game play:

  11. #828902014-09-24 21:57:42gawd_daym said:



    I haven't really played much tycoon games other than some of Kairosoft's games, which got really repetitive and boring. I came across this after gaining my interest in these kind of games again and started looking. I've been playing for about a week now.

    It's a pretty simple game. It's an open source simulation game based on a game called Transport Tycoon Deluxe. You make a business off of transportation. It has railroads, airports, bus stations, ships, and lorries. It's really fun and can keep you occupied for months.

    More info and download here. It's free.

  12. #835402014-10-13 19:30:29Kirn said:

    Just finished another game today. Ryse: Son of Rome.

    This game is an third-person action with some small tactical elements. Game has big emphasis on quick-time events and is set in the setting of Roman Empire during the rule of emperor Nero. With some mystical elements. The story of the game tells of a Roman legionnaire, sent to Britain to fight barbarians there.

    I will tell the truth right here - the gameplay is really simple, and quite repetitive. You got your standard buttons - attack, lock, break block and dodge. As well as directional buttons and button for interacting with staff or initiating special moves. And that's it. You soften up your enemies, until they don't have much health left, then you execute them with glorious moves. Moves do look glorious - limbs are cut off, throats are slit, faces are broken with your shield bashes. Along the way you get more experience, which allows you to get more health, inventory (used only for storing projectiles) and bigger variety of finishing moves.
    Additionally, at times you will be fighting alongside with other Roman soldiers. Sometimes you would have to finish your own objective while the regiment holds the line, at times you cover for them with pilums or scorpio siege crossbow. There are occasions when you decide what will they do - will archers cover you, or will you send them to another flank, for example. Most fun are instances, where you lead the formation against enemy archers, blocking arrows with shields when needed and attacking back.
    Action is fast-paced, and challenging at times, when you are surrounded by many enemies. However, it does get repetitive after a while, there's just no way going around that. Good thing is, game is not long at all. There are something like 8 or so chapters, and each can be finished in under an hour, or even less for some of them. All in all, gemaplay gets tiring and tedious on later stages, but not enough to make you drop the game, which is good enough.

    Game itself is quite beautiful. You visit Rome, you tour England, you go into the darkest pagan woods and you will fight in the Coliseum. All in all, it's a good range of locations, with a lot of detail. Levels are absolutely linear, though, but very nice looking nonetheless. Fighting is also very well made, though, obviously, with finishing moves being scripted, there are unavoidable instances of textures going one over another. Still, I rather liked how combat animations were made. Game is mostly about just timing the button presses right, but reaction to that looks fluid and correct. Also, speaking about combat, it's really unusual to get a hero who's fighting with a shield, so that really ads more flavour to the whole deal.

    I also liked the story. It's not too complex - a tale of revenge can't be too complicated - but it's nice even so. Some characters are overly grotesque (evil characters, obviously). I have to say this, and this will be a spoiler, but there is no love story of any kind. Hell, there's even no sex involved, which is something we now are accustomed to see in a tale of a fighting hero. Nope, not here. There's one female character, which you fight at first... and she does not become a love interest - she actually fights you even more, with a vengeance. Which is a very nice touch, and something we rarely see.
    Also, what is a nice touch, is a humanity of a main character. What I mean is, with games like God of War and DmC we are used to characters who can kill gods and jump over buildings. Here we control one - extremely brutal and skilled - man. And during the game, while there's a lot of epic fighting going on, there's nothing supernatural or superhuman in what he does. Well, there is one story-point, and there's the very final stretch of the game, which I won't spoil and which go beyond the range of what human can take, but first occasion has reasons for that, and second end is a very logical manner. All I can say really, to not spoil anything more.

    So. Ryse is not a ground breaking game at all. However, it's a good solid game, which is to be recommended to anyone who wants to relax by brutally killing a lot of people. You know what they say - join the Roman legion, go see the world.

  13. #835732014-10-14 20:33:49hellstorm901 said:

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment

    Yes a Sword Art Online so if you don't like the series then you may as well leave as you most certainly won't enjoy this game.

    So this is a game I got some time ago, as in, the day it got released in Europe and have played for a few hours before leaving it until fairly recently when I have returned to playing it. The reason for this is the release of the 1.03 patch, which for unknown reasons was delayed further in the EU but not NA. The patch fixed some things, made some tweaks and implemented a few common sense things which now have made the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

    So what's the plot of the game? Well I'm going to tell you now the entire premise of the game is a huge spoiler to the series itself so if you haven't watched it or read the light novels then go and do so before playing.

    The story is that during the final dual between Kirito and Heathcliff a glitch occurs which causes the SAO incident to continue onto the next floor with the players unable to escape as they did in the canon series. This plot is the opening to Infinite Moment, the original game this is an improved version of, the opening plot of Hollow Fragment goes further with Kirito mysteriously disappearing and finding himself in the Hollow Area, a mysterious place never previously discovered. It's here that he finds himself under attack by new character Philia, after setting aside their differences, mostly her being a Yellow who just tried to kill him. The pair decide to investigate the Hollow Area. Back to the Infinite Moment story (You swap between the two as you desire) Kirito and the rest of the Assault Squad decide to reach the 100th floor as originally required to escape the game only this time Kirito and co are now joined by Sinon and Leafa who both find themselves pulled into Sword Art Online along with new character Strea, a purple haired flirt with a mysterious background.

    So that's the premise. Yes it was a big paragraph but the opening of this game does drop a lot on you and I mean that literally due to the need to merge both the Hollow Fragment arc with the Infinite Moment Arc.

    So what is this game? Well it's an Action-RPG with Ad Hoc multiplayer mode/Offline large party mode and Dating Sim elements. (Sorry guys but although you can date the other girls and get very close as far as CG's go, Asuna is still Kiritos Wife/Girlfriend) You have a range of weapons to use from Duel Blades to Spears and many different sword skills to use each with their own benefits and weaknesses.

    Fighting in the game is real time Action with elements borrowed from MMORPG's including a Burst system and Risk system. Burst is your characters ability to force an attack immediately to deal DMG/Draw Aggro while Risk is the level of Aggro your character has. Risk 0 means you character is unnoticed and can deal out damage while Risk 5 is you basically tanking at the expense of you doing less DMG. The game also uses the "Switch" system seen in the Light Novel/Anime where one character is in the front while the other is on support. If you are taking too much damage or want to change tactics you switch out with your partner who takes the Aggro. I believe this is quite a very good system for recreating the effect of Aggro in a Single player game.

    The company behind the localisation is also being quite fair to players with all DLC so far being made free to download, this includes such DLC as Sinon's GGO costume that includes her hair scheme, Yuuki's sword, wedding dress and many more (There's also a Swimsuit, say of that as you will)

    So if you love Sword Art Online I would recommend this game.

    Now lets address some problems with the game.

    The translation is pretty bad, it may have been improved now but I can't be completely certain. Anyone who followed the initial game will recall this humorous gem. (For note Yui was discussing "Daddy" clearing the floor, the word now has been replaced with Assaulting)

    The game can be pretty frustrating at times due to the fact that there is no revive system just like in the series and this combined with you having little control over your AI means that you can sometimes find your partner allowing themselves to die. In my own experience after beating a boss my partner was still poisoned and she wouldn't heal herself unless I told her to, by the time I realised she died, I got a game over and had to restart the boss.

    Fighting can get quite tedious at times and drag on especially if you're having trouble getting your Risk lowered as the more risk you have the less damage your attack does.

    The game is also "fanservicy" to fuck. I'm not even going to sugar coat it, this game is not only fanservice to Sword Art Online fans but to Males in general with plenty of suggestive content so that could put off female fans.

    Regardless of the games faults It's still very enjoyable to play.

    The following is a MASSIVE spoiler not to the games plot but to a secret character you can unlock that might interest some people. I repeat do not mouse over this unless you are too interested to know what the secret is





  14. #836472014-10-17 06:50:43 *Lieutenant said:

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War


    is a puzzle adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. The game is inspired by letters written during the Great War and has four characters on the battlefield help a young German soldier find his love in this story about survival, sacrifice and friendship.

    The game is powered by UbiArt Framework, an in-house engine by Ubisoft previously used for Rayman Origins and its sequel, Rayman Legends, as well as Child of Light, the former two being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier as well.


    This is a game that revolves around the World War I, on 1914. Honestly saying when I first saw this, I thought it would be one of the games where it'll occupy too much of your time and makes it look boring with the history being pushed in your head. This is the game where they inspired to create it based on the letters these people have sent to each other.

    But because of the interface and how they represent the game, with how simple it looks like with the controls and all, I decided to give it a shot, it's a single-player game with a pretty much understandable 2D interface that gives you the very well-clear idea of how the game is played, of course several languages were put here so they even imbued the pictograph in character's bubble instead of words to simplify messages and make the audience understand well even though it seems like they're just babbling, yes visual communication, though of course who knew the language could always tell easily the simple dialogue. Also let's not forget to mention that this game has good narration and music soundtrack.


    At first I honestly thought it would be a fun puzzle adventure games of killing people, because honestly that's just what you pretty much do in war anyway.I thought it'll be one of those typical war games where you're trying to be one character and making strategy to win a war against your enemies yadda yadda.

    It was awkward at first when the game started because you have to follow the story, which is my bad trait anyway because I suck at following stories, but I soon pick it up later. I get to know the characters, and each of these characters have their own story. The good thing about this game is that it doesn't stuck to only one character's point of view, they don't stick to only one character, they also provided diaries to each one of them so we can follow up their conditions.

    Other than that, the puzzles are in moderate level, they are not too easy, they are not too hard to be solve, you can also find little things (items) in this game which you should probably keep your eyes open for it, pretty convenient that they actually provided summarized facts while you're progressing so you'll get the overall view of how it used to happen back then.


    Now, that's not the only thing the game provides, sounds pretty simple and a little bit silly, no? The strong point of this game that keeps you going on to playing it is simply how the story goes. You meet the characters one by one, sometimes you cooperate with them in any situation applies, you slowly progressing on how their story goes, and pretty much how the war affected them so much.

    Through all their fighting and sufferings, whether it be to save other's lives, each other's and self's, their courage and dedication to stay safe along with the ones they hold close to them, they have that oath to protect them no matter what. I myself grew fond of these characters and they surprisingly cheated death a lot, because they want to live to end the war one way or another.

    The ending however broke my heart, in a good way of course, it brings me to tear, even though it was a good ending, but when you get attached to some characters, anything bad happen to them will bring this certain emotion to you, just like how those characters from The Walking Dead affects my emotions throughout the entire series.


    So as a conclusion from this game, it doesn't show you the good side of war, there are bodies piling on top of each other and shows you pretty much people gets killed here and there, relentless people killing in the name of war, which gives you the good vibe and some fraction of how bad war really is. It gave me that understanding that war is stupid and not necessary and people have their own significant treasure to fight for. Even though, of course, sadly the world we live in today is still at war, this is the game that which doesn't just give you the understanding of history and war, but also how powerful a human can be to protect those valuable to them, no matter what risks they'll take to go through it.

  15. #836572014-10-17 14:06:32 *Lieutenant said:

    That is some strict review, thanks @DarkChaplain !

    I got myself amused with the comments as well. There are points which I agree and also disagree on this one but because that's his opinion and review on it, sure, different people with different view. The game itself does have its flaws but I still think it's worth to actually play it.

  16. #836582014-10-17 14:13:02DarkChaplain said:

    Well, it IS looking into how well it does mechanically, and how it approaches it subject material. And I agree, it is probably worth playing regardless, but the game wasted a lot of potential due to how it tackled everything on a gameplay level.
    And I must agree with the review - the gameplay is very mundane, and the Baron Von Dorf antagonist doesn't suit the narrative well. And... everything... falls.. into... place...

  17. #836602014-10-17 14:24:50Lieutenant said:


    the game wasted a lot of potential due to how it tackled everything on a gameplay level.

    Something I can agree about, there was a little part of me that kind of expects a little bit more of the gameplay, even though at some point it may seem repetitive, but the closure they put in this game made it an acceptable game for the people who plays game casually. If you put aside the ending for a while you'll able to see how actually this game is a little dull.

    It's like when people rush their work because of procrastination.

  18. #836632014-10-17 16:18:17DarkChaplain said:

    I'll just spam headers from Steam Storepages, I guess, since there's too many of 'em to talk about:

    Oh, and this piece of shit game

  19. #836642014-10-17 16:49:20judar said:

    Hotline Miami

    The soundtrack to this game is sick and the game itself is pretty fun although really, really frustrating if you're not the most dextrous or skilled player.

  20. #836842014-10-18 02:52:26 *Zach said:

    Sleeping Dogs is a 2012 open world action-adventure video game developed by United Front Games and Square Enix London. It was published by Square Enix and Bandai Namco Set in contemporary Hong Kong, the single-player story follows Wei Shen, an undercover Chinese-American police officer on assignment to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organisation.

    I enjoy this game because of all of its melee combat style and DLC.

  21. #836862014-10-18 05:48:52awkwardangels said:

    I got this game as a late-ish 19th birthday present, and woo boy am I glad I got it. I'm a huge Persona fan, I'm a huge Shin Megami Tensei fan overall, and I did like the first P4U game. P4U2 beats it out of the ballpark and then some.

    I'm not that huge of a fan of fighting games, well it's more like I'm a bigger fan of JRPGs I guess but I have played fighting games before. (BlazeBlue, SSB, Tekken, Soul Caliber, etc.) I've been having a blast with P4U2 because of how much there is to do, and it's huge character lineup. (Which mostly consists of females! I really like Persona's female characters, especially Aigis.)

    The story mode is greatly improved from P4U's. Instead of doing all the characters stories separately, P4U2 is divided by Episode P4 and Episode P3. (And Episode Adachi, I'll get to that later.) Both routes tell the story differently, it also focuses on all the characters somehow too. P3's episode is the best, P4's true ending is really good too though. Both stories also give proper closings to Persona 4 and Persona 3, making way for Persona 5 I'm betting.

    As for the new characters, and nifty new stuff added from P4U? The new characters are great. Rise kicks butt while looking adorable, Adachi's as much of a powerhouse as Yu is God bless, Marie's difficult to use, Sho/Minazuki are really fun to play as, and the rest of the new P3 characters are great too. All of them play differently, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Adachi for example, is a complete powerhouse but his range is really short.

    Golden Arena Mode, which was added to P4U2, is extremely fun. Basically, you crawl dungeons, fight characters, and level up the character you choose to fight with. They can have skills, increase their HP, damage, etc. It's kind of like the dungeons in the Persona games only well... you fight characters. It's challenging, and a really good way to get good at characters so you can fight people online. (It's how I got really good at using Sho and Adachi heh.)


    My favorite story was well, Episode Adachi. I got Adachi for free, and I'm really glad his story was added to P4U2. He's given actual character development, he helps out the Investigation Team (and the Shadow Ops in Episode P3), and doesn't want to help out Sho at all. He wants to, his words not mine, 'atone for his sins.' Adachi gets fed up at Sho, because Sho reminds him of his old self. He becomes friends with Yu, and even forges a bond with Dojima who visits him in prison at the end of his story. I mean, he's still a piece of shit but I like seeing characters try and redeem themselves.

    All in all, I'm really glad I got P4U2. some 18 days later and I'm still having a blast with it.

  22. #917192015-08-29 12:14:27Kirn said:

    I will start this with a question. Do any of you remember the game Syndicate? Not the new one. The old one, the proper one, the one that came out when we didn't even really know what Cyberpunk is, the one that made us cry at night because of how hard it was and how great it was!... Here's how it looked:

    Well, no matter if you don't remember it. But I do, and I can tell you, Syndicate lives! The spirit of team-based real-time cyberpunk goodness is with us once more! With the game called Satellite Reign.

    The story is simple. Is grim cyberpunk future, and the world is, as always ruled by mega-corporations. One of those suddenly invents a miracle cure that allows rich people to become effectively immortal. Company gets tons of moneys, controls a shitton of stuff around the world and is pretty much close to being the world ruling organization. Specifically, there is a city (mega-city, and it is in cyberpunk settings), where company's presence is especially strong. And this is where some rival corporation comes in. That corporation sends in a team of 4 cyborgs - soldier, support, hacker and infiltrator - to wrestle for the control of the city and eventually steal the secret of the miracle drug. And you are the one who will control those cyborgs to do it.

    The game is very atmospheric and it has a lot of stuff to do. You control your team in real time, infiltrating facilities, brainwashing people, hacking terminals or just walking around the city. The city is separated into a number of districts, and you pretty much free in roaming the district you are in. Obviously, there's the main quest line of sorts, but remember - you are working for the corporation. Wrestle full control over the district from the hands of your opponents! You will be opening up checkpoints, which will show you points of interests like reseach and military bases, you will be hacking ATMs for steady money flow, you will rob a bank.
    But it's not just that. Most missions have details and info that you will have to get. For example, you will have to hack terminal to open the door on the west side of the compound. But that takes hacking level 3, and your hacker might not have that yet. However, you can get a side-quest to steal that password, so after doing that you can just enter the door. You can even bribe people to give you more info about your objective. Which is important, as it will tell you which member of the team should be the one taking the objective for additional bonuses like saved researchers of weapon schematics for those researchers to work on.

    You can even hack and steal people! Some of them got nice implants, and you can literally steal people's bodies to use those for your agents. Not to mention that you can just hire people of the street as researchers if your support profiles them as scientists who are corrupt enough.

    All in all, this is pretty cool. Gameplay is solid, and I would say, the only real problem people will have here is that the game really is in real time. So it alright when you are carefully infiltrating some facility, but if you are in a shoot-out, you will have to do quite a bit of micro-management. But really, that's how it should be.

    Get this game if you are a fan of cyberpunk setting or squad-based games.