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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #578892013-06-07 08:18:51 *Kirn said:

    Have to say - awesome picture ))

    Now, yesterday I finished "Remember Me", which is your typical action game. The mail portion of gameplay was average, the fights gave me some trouble at first, but then I mastered combos and dodges and never had any trouble again. There were some pesky glitches with camera too.
    But the setting of the game was really good. That there was a true cyberpunk game, which felt honestly grim and dark and hopeless. I really felt for characters involved in the story. And the trademark feature of the game - memory remixing... It really felt like an incredibly wrong thing to do. Thing that needed to be stopped at any cost.
    So yeah, nothing unusual in terms of engine or gameplay, but a really good setting and story.

    Right now I am playing "Dust: An Elysian Tail" which is an indie side-scroller RPG game with furries. The gameplay is simple enough, but graphics are very good - bringing new look to old-style feel. Game is quite nice, with funny dialogues between two main characters. I'd say that the game is really quite simple, but it's well-made and, in fact, has character. And hell, where else can you play as a sword-wielding anthropomorphic cat-like creature in an incredibly weird hat? )