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Parent: The kind of people u dislike. -___-

  1. #580342013-06-08 10:21:46 *coobar1912 said:

    I absolutely HATE people who use the word "SWAG" or "Y.O.L.O" or any other mainstream Illuminati terms. In other words, I hate swagfags. (Basically, I hate almost all of the people in our society today. I have lost all faith in humanity.)

    I also hate a majority of the people at my school. They're, as I said before, swagfags, and they feel the need to constantly make racist and homophobic jokes just to be funny. No. Just no. The very few people I can tolerate are the people in the anime club. However, a majority of them are weeaboos, so I hate most of them, too.

    And I absolutely cannot stand weeaboos. They're annoying as hell. They post cancerous photos on tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. Can somebody PLEASE tell those assholes that "kawaii desu sugoi~!" is not in the English Dictionary? Ffs, if all weeaboos and swagfags were removed from this planet, then our world would be a much better place. But sadly, our society won't allow that. Shame.

  2. #580372013-06-08 11:22:02johan_5179 said:

    Grammar and spelling - Check

    Coherent distribution into paragraphs (and other syntax) - Check

    Cynical - Check

    Likes Anime - Check

    Dislikes Weaboos - Check

    Seems to have browsed the forum a bit before posting - Check

    @coobar1912, I think you will have a good time on the site.