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  1. The Colorless hits YouTube!

    #582172013-06-09 15:10:09 *Kip said:

    So, as most of you already know, The Colorless now has its own YouTube channel! A place for members of CL to post videos to, in order to show off what kind of skills they have or just share what they like with others.

    The majority of users already know the channel and a few have subscribed to it. If you are unfamiliar with it or if this is your first time hearing of it, The Colorless Channel is where our Ringo Biyori CL Chorus was posted to.

    "But how do we upload our videos if we want to post something, Kip?"

    Well, currently the channel is owned by Staff at the moment. If you would like to have your video uploaded onto the CL Channel then follow these instructions:

    1. Upload your video to a website like 4shared, mediafire, or Dropbox.
    2. PM one of the channel owners here on CL, with a name you want for your video and the description for it that you’ve written. Add the download link to your video.
    3. After your submission is reviewed by a channel owner you will receive a PM back saying if it was uploaded or not.

    "Why not just give the login information to us users instead?"

    I can only trust most of y’all as far as I can throw you. If the login info falls into the wrong hands then we're going to have an issue. We want to keep our channel up for as long as possible, so let's try to avoid anything that could get us banned, yeah?

    The Do's and Don'ts:

    What should we avoid uploading so that we don’t get banned?

    • Most NSFW material. This means no pornography/hentai. Nothing too overly gory (some blood and violence in an AMV is okay, but don't go overboard please, and no real life gore). If you have to ask yourself "Will this get us banned?" then please read YouTube's Policy and Safety guidelines before submitting your video to a channel holder. If you still aren't sure, ask the channel holder you are PMing to give you feedback on whether it is or isn't appropriate for the channel - be honest if you don't know! They will also be reviewing your video, so you will have a good second opinion on it.

    • Uploading solid MP3 files. No "with lyrics!" videos, as well. If you happen to like a certain song and want to share it with others, that's fine, but there are threads here on CL for that kind of stuff. It's not really appropriate for the CL channel, and it doesn't show us any of your talent.

    • Stealing someone else’s video/reuploading material from other channels. Yes, it’s great that you like that music video or that AMV or some guys Playthrough of a video game…. But we don’t need to be flagged as thieves here, got it?

    "What did you mean by talent, Kip?"

    The Colorless Channel is for users to create their own videos and share them with others. Examples; if you recorded a cover of a song and want to show the other users, or if you made an AMV and think CL would be interested in it. You can even send in recordings of you playing videos games (walkthroughs/playthroughs) and show them to the other members. Do you like to skateboard? Show us some tricks you can do! How about a dance video? Yes, go for it! Play any instruments? Play us a song you're working on! Let's show everyone how talented our community is. :)

    Now, just because there is a CL Channel it does not mean you HAVE to post on it. For instance, if you already have a YouTube channel that has game reviews or whatever on it, just send us a link to that and we can place it in our channel description to promote you. It will probably be under something like "Check out these other channels from CL’s members!". We'll also favorite one of your most recent videos for any subscribers or channel viewers to look at (since CL Channel's favorites are public). If you have a YouTube account but want to upload onto CL's channel anyway, then that's totally fine too!

    Welp... happy posting, YouTubers!

    YouTube's Policy and Safety guidelines
    Youtube's Community Guidelines
  2. #582182013-06-09 15:10:22 *Kip said:

    I will be updating this post with any updates or new additions to the YouTube Channel!

    Latest Activity:

    Awaiting 2015 contributions!
  3. #582272013-06-09 15:30:41Kip said:

    i favorited one of the older ones but i couldn't find any others. if anyone wants to reupload them onto the channel or have me favorite those as well by linking to 'em, then that'd be awesome. :)

  4. #582522013-06-09 16:28:34 *Kirn said:

    @Kip found the second chorus. Here's the link

    Also. We had a fandub video. Just a short episode, but we did a good job on it, if I can say so myself. The trouble is, as you can see, with it being on vimeo and not on youtube. I believe there were some copyright issues with it... But it's on @n1xx's vimeo channel, so you might ask her for better information on this.

    Also. We had this promotional video made by @anon, I believe. It was supposed to be the start of our own Drrr abridged series, but, naturally it never came to be cause of most participants being jackasses. Still, it is a funny little thing.

    Hmmm... I think, that's about all I can remember right off the top of my head. Oh, and yeah, naturally, Myogi's videos - those where CL members did VA and scriptwriting jobs - can also be considered for the channel.

  5. #582532013-06-09 16:40:24Kip said:

    sweet! i'll talk to n1xx about the vimeo stuff when i get a chance to. favorited the two other videos for the channel, and i'll look at Myogi's videos as well! :D (i already explored the channel a bit, i'm about to head out now so i don't have time for much else other than a quick subscribe).

    thanks a bunch Kirn. much appreciated.

  6. #582992013-06-09 18:36:30MasquedError said:

    Ah, the Uragiri no Yuuyake Chorus. I am so glad the link was posted here, I remember when that thread first went up and I was so excited! Wish it was still accessible.

  7. #584882013-06-10 19:01:42Kirn said:

    I remembered about another one. Not really well-known here. Some time ago an artist from ru channel made a picture of many ru-channel regulars. Then another person from ru-channel recently inserted the picture into a video... and here it is. Really Drrr-centric, but I think it turned out really nice.

  8. #653782013-11-03 19:24:16Kip said:

    Congratulations on CL's newest Chorus! you guys did a fantastic job.

    i have updated the YouTube thread to feature the new video and have favorited it on CL's YouTube channel.

    (i apologize for the inconvenience, gmail had given us problems with allowing other users to log into the YouTube account. hopefully this problem will be solved and any new videos can be uploaded onto the channel in the future)
  9. #859722015-01-03 13:24:09Kip said:

    i agree @crazymexican!!

    we've been waiting on some new material to be added to the channel for a while now, but there are plans to revive the thread and the channel! if you have anything you'd like to add to it, please feel free to suggest or send it in. The CL YouTube channel is for the community to enjoy. :3