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League of Legends (LoL)

  1. #665562013-11-25 16:40:24Trisak said:

    Since @MrTrain is trying to have all the fun with the new game mode up in this thread, allow me to bring you an addition as well

    Everyone... Welcome, to the League of Draven:

    (You all knew it was comming sooner or later)

  2. #678032013-12-29 16:48:47Lycan said:

    I've been neglecting league for a while... I've been playing a lot of minecraft and more recently WoW. My LoL skills aren't really that good and now they're getting rusty on top of that. When I eventually come back to LoL be warned! I'm gonna be terrible (for a level 30 account).

  3. #678752014-01-01 11:07:02Mau said:

    That was a really good game, that Fizz though after hitting level 4 he was comboing hard and kinda keeping from treading out too far from turret. Need to up my Ahri game.

  4. #679652014-01-04 09:52:35 *Kuin said:

    Harlen Titor on the NA sever I guess.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say one of my major reasons for posting is because I like being on lists...

  5. #681842014-01-10 05:36:26Chestnut_Rice said:

    I was having a conversation with a friend earlier:

    "What's a good reason to /not/ pick Jinx?" "Uhhh... If she's banned?" "That's a good reason."" "If... The other team picked her?" "Ahun." "And uhhh, if you suck at ADCarry." "...That's pretty much it, eh?" "Yep."

    She's so fun. :v