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League of Legends (LoL)

  1. #776582014-06-06 17:50:05 *Ecstasy said:

    New Pentakill album "Smite and Ignite" is free to listen/download here.

    Pentakill were headbanging so hard during the marketing that we couldn't get them to tell us how much to charge for Smite and Ignite. So we're making it available for free through our website.

    And I actually think it's a rather good album and even people who don't play LoL but are into this type of music might still enjoy it :o

  2. #777172014-06-07 10:17:22Ecstasy said:

    Oh, come on, I posted the pic to prevent such comments. It shows that the number of polygons is actually lower, so it's not going to demand a higher spec PC.

  3. #778542014-06-09 20:52:34Chestnut_Rice said:

    I especially like the new way the minions are animated. Might not seem important, but it's gonna make lasthitting and harassing around lasthits a lot clearer.

  4. #781562014-06-14 23:44:58Chestnut_Rice said:

    Janna is still strong in soloqueue but she doesn't need a nerf.

    Nidalee in her current form is a shitty support and will be even shittier when reworked just because she'll want to asassinate instead of trying to peel (which she can't because she doesn't have any CC to speak of).

    Karma has been really good for a while.

    Thresh isn't going to benefit as much from this as other supports. I wouldn't be too worried.

    Nami has been really strong since the Thresh/Leona/Annie trinity was broken. Caitlyn/Nami has been a shitstomp lane in Korea since Spring. It's just that NA doesn't fucking know how to play her. You use her for disengage, siege and kite not for a "go in teamfight" comp. She's like only half a step behind Thresh imo.

  5. #781582014-06-15 00:30:19 *Teru said:

    Nidalee isn't a support. People just play with her in soloQ because they don't want to play with another support. For me, Thresh/Leona still the best supports.

  6. #781982014-06-16 04:39:06Chestnut_Rice said:

    I think spellshields are treated differently than the grey "shields" so not sure if it'll work but we'll see. If it actually works then Morg is gonna become even more fckn annoying to deal with than she is now.

    With the new item I think Nami will seriously be a top pick if not THE BEST pick in competitive. You could potentially apply the heal to two people on your team, not to mention the E buff. That's a huge buff to autoattackers like Caitlyn or Twitch who will get a slow, increased damage AND attack speed on their autoattacks for a while.

    Leona has a lot of tough poke matchups right now and this will only make them harder, so she might fall out of favour. Thresh will always be relevant just because of how inherently broken his kit is.

    And yea Nidalee is a support the same way other AP Mids with heavy-damage abilities are "supports": sure you'll do damage, but you'll just be an extra body to protect once dragon fights start. The job of the support, jungle and top is generally to "take the heat" off of the mid and bot carries with peel or by diving the enemy backline and making a fuss. You can't do that if the only thing you do is damage. You'll get focused immediately, provide no peel and ultimately die before you're able to do any thing, then get your true carries killed anyway.

  7. #785642014-06-23 01:16:54 *9mm said:

    who here wants to participate in a League of Legends tournament?

    A team must include at least one CL member.


    NA server only.

  8. #789862014-06-27 04:25:05Chestnut_Rice said:

    4.10 AD soloqueue tier list: S: Tristana, Twitch, Caitlyn, Lucian. A: Jinx, Draven, Varus. B: Ashe, Kog'Maw, Vayne. C: Corki, Ezreal, Graves, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Sivir, Urgot.

    Generally any AD that can autoattack quickly and from a long range is good. The changes favours ADs without much scaling on skills, with more emphasis on attackspeed and critical strikes. Overall though, it's a nerf to AD carries. I realized this as soon as I read the Bloodthirster changes without seeing any others. They basically gutted the BT, Doran and 'zerks itemization and made IE, and double Doran the equivalent. Except, that build barely does jack shit compared to the old typical early game core of BT, Doran and 'zerks and COSTS MORE. So in attempting to buff ADs, rito nerfed them. ADs aren't relevant until like 20 or 25 minutes now, compared to like 15 minutes before. Although I do think that their ultra-late games are better now, that's only because a lot of heroes WITHOUT TRADITIONALLY what was considered "HYPERCARRY" status were NERFED by the BT changes. ADcarry now consists of not trying to die in the first 30 minutes of the game, then literally just rightclicking (maybe popping your ultimate and ghostblade if you're Twitch) in the lategame. Fucking boring. But anyway on to some specific reasons why I put certain heroes where.

    Tristana in S: Holy shit this bitch is the stupidest fucker ever. If you're not literally a potato she's the FREEST damage lategame you can get. She has 0 AD scalings on her skills, so is vulnerable in the midgame, but her Q(atspd steroid) more than makes up for it in the lategame. Her entire kit is literally to be an untouchable source of constant damage from afar. Guess what this patch favours.

    Twitch in S: Kind of the same as Tristana, except his ultimate combined with the popular BotRK and Ghostblade build gives him a HUGE midgame spike that continues until the lategame. His weakness and strength lies in his ultimate: you get AoE percent hp shred if you go BotRK and a huge amount of range, but this is compensated by a weaker laning phase and shorter range when not in ultimate.

    Caitlyn in S: Same idea as Tristana, except she has a bit more utility in her ultimate and Q and less range. Also can generally bully the other 3 S-tiers out of lane early with her range advantage, which is the only reason she isn't in A-tier instead.

    Lucian in S: This fucker can be built in a lot of different ways, that's what makes him great. BotRK or IE, Ghostblade, LW, Triforce, like holy shit the amount of build paths for this guy is insane. Extremely adaptable compared to other ADs in this patch so can ALWAYS BE SOMEWHAT RELEVANT EVEN IF HE LOSES LANE.

    I won't go over in too much detail why I think the other ADs are worse than S-tier but there's one example in particular that I want to talk about: Ezreal.

    Even though I fucking love playing Ezreal, he's literally trash this patch. The reason he was strong before was LITERALLY because of the BT/Tri buildpath combined with the fact that he had very safe laning and teamfighting in soloqueue, despite not doing as much damage as Lucian. Right now, because the late game carries are so strong late game, and Ezreal has traditionally not been a very late-game oriented carry, he has become trash-tier. He is outclassed at EVERY STAGE OF THE GAME by other carries and his traditional strength of "dealing damage from far away" is overshone by Tristana, who does the same thing, except with AUTOATTACKS, which are WAY STRONGER than AD-scaling skills this patch. This really saddens me because as you can see, most of the heroes on the S-tier list are fucking boring to play, apart from Lucian. They literally just rightclick, while fun carries to play with and against like Vayne, Ezreal and Corki are left in the dumpster by the changes.

    Why am I typing all this shit out? Because I feel strongly about this patch. It seems like this is the direction Riot wants to be taking the ADcarry role, and I don't like it. Riot had a good idea in trying to create more variety in the carry role but all they did was nerf popular alternatives to Lucian/Twitch in Corki and Ezreal with the BT changes. Vayne is still trash, Quinn needs some serious number adjustments, Urgot remains literally unplayed, etc. It either seems like their internal playtesting is off kilter, or they're just making changes for the hell of them. I never felt that I was "weak" at almost any point of the game after I got BT last patch (which was when teamfights generally started) but now I feel completely useless until I get 3 or 4 items. What the fuck Rito?

  9. #789872014-06-27 04:33:56 *Kirlyte said:

    Kog'Maw is A tier with new BOTRK and MF is easily A tier as one of the strongest solo queue ADCs due to ridiculous early game damage+one of game's strongest ults (10% higher w/r than Twitch is evidence of solo queue strength). I dunno if Trist is S or A but she's really really strong now yeah.

    Twitch got smacked with the nerfbat but he's still A.

    BT change hurt Cait but she's still S.

    Nerfing BT was an effective way to nerf Lucian by the way, he's significantly weaker though obviously still S tier.

    Ez is my favorite champ but Riot hates him ;-;

  10. #789892014-06-27 05:31:53Chestnut_Rice said:

    I don't believe MF is A. Earlygame means almost nothing in this patch. If you can stall it out to late, then any S will just destroy you with super-safe autos while yours will do no dmg in comparison and you'll have to get closer. The only place MF is good is in a huge wombo comp. Lulu, Yasuo, MF and Malph, then u get Black Cleaver early. ;^)

  11. #794112014-07-02 15:53:57Chestnut_Rice said:

    Lucian deserves a nerf for sure.

    Bless the Kayle nerf.

    I'm liking this patch so far, in theory. Haven't tested it out yet though.

    The BT change is very interesting. I can see BT-heavy ADs coming back again. The new passive basically makes it so that just a BT, Doran and runes/masteries could put you close to 100 bonus AD when you complete it. This is a huge up from what IE did for you. Combined with the incoming Lucian nerfs I think casters like Corki, Ezreal, Sivir, MF and Graves are probably going to come back a little.