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League of Legends (LoL)

  1. #892092015-04-30 00:37:17 *Yugure said:

    @Kip Ssssssssh. I am gonna BUY this skin. It's about time Lux got a cute and girly skin

    On another note, we got champ skins that are based on CARDS. And it's not Twisted Fate

  2. #892102015-04-30 01:13:47Kip said:

    i've been drawing magical girl lux b4 u were even leaguing, fool

    the samsung champ skins dont looks so hot tbh but Talon looks alright in his...... i guess. he needed a new skin.

    i am getting this lux skin the day it comes out, this is literally the only thing i care about. SHE DOES THE GOD DAMN SAILOR MOON TRANSFORMATION POSE AND PRECURE DANCE.

  3. #898032015-05-18 00:18:13Trev said:

    this is why you dont pray normans because both team can pick same champino just like japan does in their best of dives, you see im actually a mechonically intensivify prayer for legend to the point where i only pray ranked because in normans only troll premades go in to be toxin to the point where i tilt because legend is game to try to win and not try to troll m' elo points, i deserve challenjour but cant make it because troll premades, gg

  4. #898162015-05-18 16:10:16Dark-B said:

    Guys, there's a new virus around

    it might already be on your computer. check to see if there’s an installed program in your list called “league of legends”.

    if that is installed, you must get rid of it immediately. it’s a very bad virus. trust me. i am a certified computer virus expert.

  5. #899832015-05-28 20:49:45Hooyen said:

    So, I was carried through a small tourney the other day and got the best skin in the game. c:


    Feel free to add me my ign is Welpcolour (Might be changed soon)

  6. #903072015-06-14 06:55:04NiuWang said:
    It's been a while since I don't game much anymore...I should probably post here more often. My last good game at least.

  7. #912662015-08-18 19:10:28DalDal said:

    someone tried to play in Korean server ? (I know, for sure somebody already wrote like that. Maybe - even in great detail. But I'm too lazy to look .... I'm sorry)