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  1. #596382013-06-19 08:00:41Sol said:

    This game is going to either make it or break it depending on how the roster is set. If knuckles joins the fray, for example, in going apeshit in this game and maining knuckles.

  2. #596392013-06-19 08:09:00DarkChaplain said:

    I'm curious about the Wii U / 3DS cross-play. A few people confirmed that it'd be in, another few said it wasn't available. Highly confusing. Especially weird since both versions will have exclusive stages =/

  3. #596412013-06-19 12:22:01eterno said:

    cross-play is not gonna be in

    The Wii U and 3DS versions of the game do not support any manner of cross-play between the two platforms, he said. Sakurai explained that, due to the stages that will be unique to each platform, the systems would be incompatible. And while the handheld and console versions of the next Super Smash Bros. will feature system-specific stages, the game's moves, characters and items will be "nearly identical."


  4. #596462013-06-19 14:33:21awkwardangels said:

    I still think that Nintendo is awesome for putting in the most unexpected character, the Wii fit trainer. Oh and giving Megaman life again since Capcom forgot about him and all.

    I'm going to have to buy a Wii U now. My poor pockets. ;___;

    Still waiting for Reggie to be announced as a DLC character.

  5. #831622014-10-03 02:50:45Kittycat said:

    well, the game is coming out tonight! QUICK POST FRIEND CODES! :3

    Mine is: 0301 - 9783 - 2729. Message me if you want to play :p

  6. #831752014-10-03 12:17:27TeruShinozaki said:

    got my copy this afternoon. maybe I'll post FC eventually but i aint takin no challenges yet because im ultra shit

    also rosalina is awesome

  7. #831842014-10-03 16:42:34Xyopq said:

    Got my copy this morning, but only played classic a couple of times since Shadow of Mordor arrived as well.

    Still find the controls weird on the 3ds (even though I played the demo and changed controls) and feel as though I could break the console if I play seriously.

    Tried out Robin and Mii, which I quite like as well as the customisation options which are awesome and I'm looking forward to unlocking some more.

    The game should keep the smash cravings at bay until the console version is released anyway.

  8. #831852014-10-03 16:49:25 *9mm said:

    I got the game today. My old time favorite Marth remains the same. But this time, I have more favorites in this one than any other SSB.








    and oh yeah. captain falcon