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Parent: Your Recent Book Purchases

  1. #589172013-06-12 18:55:02DarkChaplain said:


    My latest duo. Almost done with Headtaker, only two into Baneblade.
    Headtaker has been excellent so far. David Guymer really feels right at home on the topic of sneaky, scheming Ratmen. Can't wait for him to get the green light on more Skaven characterpieces.
    Guy Haley's Baneblade feels good so far, nice prose and overall style. Using the rites of blessing of the Baneblade as the book's prologue was a great idea.

    My preorders for Guy's Skarsnik and John French's Ahriman: Exile should be with me in around two weeks as well.

    For now i want to stop buying books, i have a lot catch up to do, the pile is growing too fast. But in the end i know i can't help it.

    Weakling. My backlog is evergrowing, yet I don't moan about it - I treasure it!

  2. #589192013-06-12 19:04:03johan_5179 said:

    @DarkChaplain Try as I might, I can't treasure my backlog. Every time I think about it, it physically hurts. And then I see threads like these with titles I may never get around to reading, and for a moment there I lose my mind. So much to read, so short a life. T_T