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  1. Project C

    #592322013-06-15 03:00:08 *kingcoal said:

    This is my first thread ever so don't judge me to harshly.

    Welcome to Project C we are basically a group of friends who plan to skype,play games together,watch movies and etc. The current members thing is only for us who want to joke around in chat with those roles. Anyway if u want to be added as a member just post me your roles and ur username and I'll add you as fast as i can


    • Kingcoal - Adventurer Mercenary and lonely traveler

    • Taro_Tanako- Adventure and Treasure hunter

    • Truchie- Unknown

    • Cenica- An Owl knight of the right flank

    • CloudVariasKira- Gunserker

    • Jack- Neutral Deviant and Team Counselor

    • Nekoo- Cat and Mercenary

    • Squareof3 - hand to hand combat specialist

    • MarkovAlgeroth - dragon borne

    • Wolfangle - former pinku clan leader , 1 of the bros ,

    • kid_dakota - 1 of the bros

    • Jake - the gladiator

  2. #592372013-06-15 03:35:22DarkChaplain said:

    Your thread has no tags. It also lacks proper formatting (tip: read the frakkin' sticky threads and FAQ).

    I don't see the point of the thread, actually.

  3. #592582013-06-15 09:32:31hellstorm901 said:
    I don't get this at all.

    What is this a team for exactly as @InsaneBoredGame was correct. By definition of joining the site we're already a team unless there's something your team is doing which no one else is doing which then means you need a team within the team.
  4. #592602013-06-15 11:30:50Kirn said:

    This serves no purpose whatsoever and everyone who joined this is stupid.

    PS. Actually, I just checked the list people who are in this, and yes, they are all extremely stupid.

    PPS. You fuckers have nothing on Annoying Orange, Red Rockets or Black Hats.

  5. #592622013-06-15 11:54:42 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Come on guys. This is just a bit of fun that came out of chat and yes, it's really not a particularly useful thread or anything but hardly worth your time and effort to vom vitriol at us.

    Where is your joie de vivre? Your joy of childish things? Your escapism? If little things like this inform your opinion of those mentioned here (again, just messing about in chat) then maybe you need to take a look at how judgey you are and what that means.

    I gotta say, all these folks are nice, friendly, and engaging peeps and im lucky to count them as friends here. Its kinda annoying when you attack them for being named rather than what they posted.

    So, please don't be douchey about this, and @Kirn can you please pour scorn on more deserving threads and folks rather than deadend trolling for the sake of it.

  6. #592632013-06-15 11:59:00Kirn said:

    Yes, I can. I can also start a shitstorm that will throw the whole forum into a fucking ungodly turmoil in about 30 minutes. But for now I decided to kick the self-proclaimed group that has nothing going for it except for some mediocrity.

  7. #592662013-06-15 12:03:29Taro_Tanako said:

    @Kirn Fine..kick it if it keeps CL safe from your wrath for a bit and keeps you sane man. But its like kicking a puppy that isn't going to fight back imho..

    I never meant to get serious but i just aint keen on seeing my friends insulted, especially when most of them didn't actually own this.

  8. #592722013-06-15 14:43:44 *Ecstasy said:

    Remembering how we had all sorts of things including ducks and corgi armies I have no idea why people are going so mad on this. Just another rp which will be forgotten in a couple of days. Or have everyone suddenly grown up? I mean we are on a site mostly related to video games and chinese cartoons anyway.

  9. #592762013-06-15 15:32:33InsaneBoredGame said:

    It's just the name. The name.

    Like if I went around, calling myself a Good Girl and others a Bad Man, it's okay, because I'm probably morally superior anyways.

    However, this is like going back to 2002 and calling yourself Internet Explorers. You will be mocked out of the Yahoo Group as soon as the page finishes loading.

    You can't really define or make a special group out of Team CL, because everyone here is already a CL member and the twilight fandom references are getting really old.

    It says a lot when you can't even be creative with an rp group.

  10. #592872013-06-15 17:06:20 *Cloud-VK said:

    I wasn't much for the name either.

    It does kinda give the feeling that he's talkn' about the site as a whole.

    Anyhow Taro might have joked about this thing on chat, but King was the one who made the thread, so to me it seems like if anyone's in the wrong here. It's King and then Wolfy for forming a different group in response.

    Whatever I just think that this could...maybe be a fun thing, for a little while.

    So I'm picking a side and going with it.

  11. #592752013-06-15 15:12:05Cenica said:

    On a more serious note I think this only became stupid when Wolfy decided to make a rival group. I mean one group. Sure we can find things to do; like activities and stuff. Talk on skype. But what's the point of a rival group? It's not like we're really going to be competing... Least I don't plan on it.

  12. #592912013-06-15 17:23:37johan_5179 said:

    @Cenica I beg to differ. This group became stupid when it was named 'Team CL' As @InsaneBoredGame has pointed out, it makes no sense. Also, this is a group which got together without a clue as to what they were going to do in the first place. The best group activities (actually the best activities) are those which start out with a somewhat defined purpose. Case in point is the Short Story Competition. You had an idea (CL thanks you far that), You took initiative, then people liked the idea. Then they made a group for the idea. And everyone can say that it is going on well. This group is like a shitty thread - bad OP which leads to fuck all.

  13. #592942013-06-15 17:30:16Cenica said:

    without a clue as to what they were going to do in the first place.

    It's a group of friends on Cl and anyone can join. We're going to do stuff together. Who knows what exactly. Not everything has to be planned. We may play games or watch movies together. Skype or what not.

    As to the name King didn't know what to put. We're working on a new name now.

  14. #592832013-06-15 16:48:02Lycan said:

    There used to be gang threads which I believe were pretty popular. Rivalry can spark good things. Just saying.

  15. #592952013-06-15 17:35:20 *Kirn said:

    Ahahahaha...... okay, this is even dumber.

    Projects on CL are, you know, some sort of actual activity. Like a chorus or voice acting and contest. So? What do you got that you are suddenly a fucking project?

  16. #592962013-06-15 17:37:37 *Cenica said:

    Yup. We're a group planning on doing fun things. So it's a project in itself to see how long things last.

    You don't have to join Kirn. In fact I'd rather you didn't. You're rather pessimistic and that's totally going to kill fun.