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  1. Planetary Annihilation

    #593572013-06-16 09:10:11 *Kirn said:

    I'd like to ask those of you who are really into gaming a very simple question: how many recent RTS can you remember? RTS in a classical sense - where you build the base, build a shitload of units and kick the crap out of your opponent's base. I had to literally check this on Gamespot, but apparently during the last 12 months we only got the second campaign of StarCraft 2. Which is a good game that I personally love dearly, but... only one classical RTS in a whole fucking year?

    Don't you think, that in earlier days we had more strategy games? Just remember - Dune, Warcraft, StarCraft, Red Alert, Command and Conquer, Total Annihilation, Populous, Supreme Commander, even Dawn of War. Demand was high and supply was adequate. So what happened? Did the recent studies show that people do not want to play RTS anymore or what? Well, I don't know about that, but I know that there are game devs out there who also noticed that we do not have enough RTS games here. And they decided to do something about it.

    This is their kickstarter page, but, as you can see, the time is up, and they already got a good deal of money. Which means that the game is way in development and might be coming quite soon.

    Planetary Annihilation is a game that follows the gameplay of Total Annihilation, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms and Supreme Commander games. If you played those, you know what the core feature was in them. If you don't know - the game starts with basically you having one command unit, which is very strong and can build stuff, and you use it to build building, units, more building units, more advanced building and, in the end, a massive army that you use to rain all kinds of death and terror on your enemies.

    Sounds simple enough, and back in the days of Total Annihilation is was pretty simple even though gameplay had its unusual points. Then, years later, Supreme Commander added bigger scale, bigger robots, bigger weapons... everything was bigger. You could bring nukes to a battleship fight, you had more engagement options, you had more of everything. And now these good people (some of them even worked on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, so they know their stuff) are making things even bigger.

    If you watched the trailer, you already saw the good stuff. Battlefields will be in the shape of the planet, which I can't remember seeing in a proper RTS since the days of Populous (well, I also remember Spore planetary stage, but there is was only small part of the gameplay), so you will have to take that into account. Hell, you can implement old Soviet plan of attacking America - reach them through the north pole! But you are not limited to just one planet. In the trailer you see base built on the moon and even asteroids which are refitted into a giant balls of Exterminatus. Yes, I just said 'ball of Exterminatus', deal with it. Honestly, looking at the trailer, I kinda imagine that you can take the planet fully for yourself and then built on it until there's no free space left and then just admire it from the space. Probably the one thing I wonder about is if there would be battles between planets or even solar systems in this, which I would very much like to see.

    Well, as you can see, I am pretty excited about it, and if you liked any of the proper RTS games we had before, you would be excited about this too. Also, for those who want to see more, here's extended look at the game from one of the alpha-testers.

  2. #593642013-06-16 11:27:58Deftones said:

    This game is my wet dream. I am a big fan of RTS, I love it. And this just looks fantastic, to be able to make bases on asteroids and moons and so on is a fantastic idea. And the art is very appealing. From what I've seen, this is going to be an instant buy from me.

  3. #593792013-06-16 17:25:53DarkChaplain said:

    Well, the price is the same as the alpha tier in their Kickstarter - but it has been getting utter bashing from people due to it.

    Fuck, even Metacritic opened up a page for the game, even though it is NOT officially released yet, which means that they are going against their own set of terms and rules, ffs.

  4. #594792013-06-17 17:00:23Kirn said:

    Would be really bad if the game would be marked as bad because of alpha ratings. Would be a real shame...

    Also I am kinda sad about apparently not many RTS players on CL. But oh well, I kinda expected it.

  5. #596142013-06-18 18:20:16 *Mu said:

    The game definitely looks interesting, but before I write it off as a scam I wanna see how it plays. If anything, the Alpha at 90 dollars can be perceived in two ways: A.) a scam B.) An investment of both time and money for those who want to turn this game into a true masterpiece.

    The question is, if the Alpha is 90 bucks, how much will the finished product be if we ever get to that point?

    I guess we would get the vanilla pack and the expansion as well?

    Not to mention, why are we investing so much money to beta test their alpha, and the only explanation was: "Our price was determined by kick starter"? It's kind of like a V.I.P club / scam odds high combination kind of thing. Honestly, I could throw money at this, but I would rather wait for more people to play the alpha and offer their opinions as a "safety net" as I currently have no job or stable income to recover that 90 bucks.

    The idea looks wonderful, but that game the WarZ may have turned fans off from kickstarting "amazing ideas" without any idea of what direction the execution will go into.

    Looked at a gameplay video, frankly there is no reason for me to buy this game. It was just a guy who took 30 minutes to build a rather mediocre army and scaling a globe for about 8 minutes to find his enemy. Honestly, Starcraft 2 does it for me right now so, I'll stick to that for my RTS needs.

    The basic idea would be to scout the enemy planet in the first phase, encroach on them in the second phase, build up your resources for your doomsday weapon in the third phase and destroy the enemy planet on the fourth. Sounds good on paper, but its execution is so easy to fuck up.

  6. #596152013-06-18 19:01:53Kirn said:

    Let's see... you said...

    The game definitely looks interesting, but before I write it off as a scam

    Which seems to translate from Mu-speak to human language as "Interesting game, so it's a scam". Great logic, mate. I mean, sure, the company who runs the ftp Super MNC game has all reasons to scam your broke unemployed nigga troll.

    The price is like that exactly because it's alpha package price from kickstarter. Which is finished, but look, they still give you option to test the game. What a scammers, eh!

    Honestly, I am not just not expecting you to buy the game, I honestly hope you won't get it. The thought of mindless cocksucker like you giving any sort of feedback to anyone is repulsive. Gameplay not to your liking? Well, you must have passed on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander then, right? Move along and fuck off, would you please.

  7. #596212013-06-18 21:27:18Mu said:

    @Kirn: Are you only upset that I have written something more constructive and thought-involved than you ever could?

    Reads the rest of it

    Wow.....You are angry......

  8. #596222013-06-18 21:30:47 *Cloud-VK said:

    @Kirn: Are you only upset that I have written something more constructive and thought-involved than you ever could?

    Well I can see where this is going. haha ....~

  9. #596372013-06-19 07:58:43Kirn said:

    @Mu, I always feel this special sort of joy and satisfaction when another imbecile states the most obvious thing as some sort of scientific discovery. Yes, I am naturally angry person, and aren't you a keen fucking observer!

    However, I could only be possibly upset if you would have managed to post this trolling crap as a first reply. Which you didn't. As far as I'm concerned, thread already ran its course and I have a scope on RTS community on CL. So yeah, better luck next time, you slowpoke cunt.

  10. #596402013-06-19 08:28:50DarkChaplain said:

    The Gaming community on CL is in general rather pitiful, I feel.
    When League of Legends and BGO are the peak of people's "gaming" hobby, things are terribly wrong.

    But I agree, the RTS genre has suffered a lot, not only on CL, but in general. I mean, come on, do people even realize there's more than Starcraft II? I can only hope that Company of Heroes 2 will shaken up the field again, and that Relic will be free to work on Dawn of War 3 soon enough, under SEGA... I don't really think the Warhammer Fantasy game SEGA's greenlit will be as much of an RTS as I'd like (wasn't it supposed to be done by the Total War studio, Creative Assembly?).

    Other than that, I'm kinda worried about the RTS genre. No publisher seems to want the hassle of supporting their games for a long time, and indies are falling short of the target whenever they make the attempt.

    Btw, I really liked Monday Night Combat and Super Monday Night Combat, and Uber didn't dick me over.

  11. #596482013-06-19 16:00:11Trev said:

    For fans of the original game, Total Annihilation is $5 ($3 today only!) on, DRM-free. Remember to build reactors and spam D-Gun to win.

    After the way the Red Alert franchise was ruined by EA's various machinations and a barely coherent plotline, I will be EXTREMELY happy to have another iteration in my now favorite RTS "series" to play.

  12. #596492013-06-19 16:19:37Kirn said:

    EA are proper bastards... They corrupt pretty much everything they touch. They rush developers, which it turn leads to fuck-ups like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 ending... They close series based on some bogus studies. They do not support new things. They all must die!

    Anyhow, if this thing would fly and turn out a really good game, that hopefully may inspire more people to go into 'less popular genres'.