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  1. Clearly the Xbone is the superior console of the next generation: Nobody Loves Mu

    #595532013-06-18 05:17:11 *Mu said:

    Clearly the Xbone is the superior Console, just watch. It will sell more units then Ps4 will be forced to use its business model just to keep up.


    Clearly I am talking out of my arse since all I can do is use very cheap trolling tactics to get your attention again. Nobody has loved me since Tai left me for another man, so please, dear CL users, acknowledge my existence and laugh about my unfunny trolling! Just this once!
    — Translated by @DC

  2. #595572013-06-18 05:49:05 *johan_5179 said:

    I think you are being belligerent. Why dont you browse the forum and look for the thread on the XBOX One? I'm sure you can argue it out there. Plus, I dont think you should start a sentence with Clearly unless you are stating the obvious. And no, you're not stating the obvious (Again, read the forum, man - Here)