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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #595562013-06-18 05:33:23 *johan_5179 said:

    Currently Reading -

    The murder of Roger Ackroyd ( Agatha Christie)

    Fathers and Sons (Ivan Turgenev)

    Crime and Punishment (Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 2nd time reading)

    Ayn Rand Answers:The Best of her Q&A

    Best New Manga( from around the world. Weaboos can die. P.S. Check out Selina Dean's work)

    Essays and Short Stories of Haruki Murakami (collected from the internet).

    In the pipeline - Kafka on the Shore (Haruki Murakami), Goldfinger (Ian Fleming, the last one remaining !), Ulysses (James Joyce. I'll try this.), Antony and Cleopatra (Shakespeare) and The Duchess of Malfi (John Webster) for my course, Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte).

    Will read some day - The Great Gatsby, Life of Pi, etc.

    Recently finished - American Psycho, In the Miso Soup, A Clockwork Orange

    Favorite Books.

    -Atlas Shrugged

    -The Fountainhead

    -The Golden Boughs:A comparative study in Magic and Religion

    -The Age of Revolution

    -Crime and Punishment



    -Brave New World

    -The Bourne Supremacy (Best political thriller ever)

    -Catch 22

    -The Exorcist

    -A Clockwork Orange

    -Anything from P.G. Wodehouse, though I have a preference for the Psmith books

    -The Stand (just like OP, I have read a lot of stuff from Stephen King)(And good luck to @Namida with the series)

    There's more but this is all I can remember right now.

    Favorite Writer - James Joyce. So what if I could only read 35 pages of Finnegan's Wake after 2 months of note making. It was worth it. And I respect Joyce for his vision (which I'll make a thread about now, although I should have done that on June 16th probably). I mean, how can you not love a guy who can write things like - 'Hootch is for husbandman handling his hoe. Hohohoho, Mister Finn, you’re going to be Mister Finnagain! Comeday morm and, O, you’re vine! Sendday’s eve and, ah, you’re vinegar! Hahahaha, Mister Funn, you’re going to be fined again!'