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  1. The Oculus Rift: 4D gaming is the Future!

    #597072013-06-20 19:35:30 *Wolfangle said:

    (I reccomend that you watch this in HD) So you've probably come here thinking this is some real SAO stuff going on. Well not quite. What the Oculus Rift is, is a immersive Virtual Reality headset. Think of the "Virtual Boy", 17 years later.


    Start backing on it's days of first appearing on kickstarter. Within four hours of the announcement, Oculus secured its intended amount of $250,000, and in less than 36 hours, the campaign had surpassed $1 million dollars in funding, eventually ending with $2,437,429.

    This was from September 2012 to August 2012. Along with the idea have having it launch compatible with Hawken (Course this got delayed for months). The dev kit is $300. Team Oculus currently has no consumer version.

    Hardware & Software:

    • Libraries, headers, documentation, and samples for integrating the Oculus Rift with any game.
    • Out-of-the-box Unreal Engine and Unity integrations.
    • The Oculus SDK will support PC (Windows) at launch.
    • Resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, with 640 x 800 per eye.
    • Horizontal Field of View greater than 90 degrees.
    • Diagonal Field of View greater than 110 degrees.
    • Head tracking accomplished with 1000 Hz absolute 9DOF orientation sensor (includes gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer).
    • 1280x800 LCD Screen (Innolux HJ070IA-02D 7" LCD)
    • Changeable/adjustable eye cups for people with poor vision & a conformable fit for those with glasses.

    The final component out of the headset is the Oculus Tracker V2 board, custom designed and optimized for a 1000 Hz refresh rate.

    • STMicroelectronics 32F103C8 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 72 MHz CPU
    • Invensense MPU-6000 six-axis (gyro + accelerometer) motion tracking controller
    • A983 2206—we suspect this is a three-axis magnetometer, used in conjunction with the accelerometer to correct for gyroscope drift

    How does the Oculus Rift hook up to your PC, you ask? With the control box, of course. From left to right:

    • HDMI, DVI, Mini USB, and DC-in.

    The main chips on the control box motherboard:

    • Realtek RTD2486AD display interface controller
    • Winbond W25X20CL 256 KB serial flash
    • Techcode TD1484A synchronous rectified step-down converter


    Now let's get down to the part that you're really interested in...Games. There is a great number of supported Oculus games out there along with simulation demos.

    Some such as Skyrim, Mirror's Edge, Strike Suit Zero, Superman, Car demos, Aircraft demos, Guillotine demos, ect. Think of a 3D or (in few cases) 2D game. Add a little hard work, and you could have yourself a possible virtual reality compatible game.


    To be edited later.

  2. #597082013-06-20 19:36:46 *Wolfangle said:

    To Be Edited later, along with features for the Razer Hydra, Omni, and Erotic/Porno usage... Yes, there is currently development for porno/erotic games...Surprised?

    The Omni:

    The Omni is the first natural motion interface focused on consumers: it is affordable, fits in a living room, and is the only way to walk, run, jump and crouch in your favorite game.

    The Omni is a fully integrated VR interface that comes with sophisticated tracking hardware and software and is ready to play, out of the box, with any game or app that uses keyboard input. The Omni is compatible with the Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra or other game controllers. That means that any game currently in development for the Oculus Rift will be ready to play with the Omni. An extensive collection of game demos is available on our website and YouTube channel.

  3. #597122013-06-20 20:01:37Taro_Tanako said:

    Wasn't that bothered about the Oculus Rift until I read this thread. I wanna play Strike Suit Zero and Mirrors Edge on this now!!

  4. #597632013-06-21 21:55:19Wolfangle said:

    Yea, it's amazing on how strike suit zero's already took a liking to this. We both have SSZ, and if we both had Oculus's, it'd work correctly instantly..It really forces the idea of multiplayer onto this.

  5. #597762013-06-22 07:41:59Kirn said:

    Okay, I have been looking at this thread for a while now and I have to say that the name of the thread makes mo sense. You are like those dumb movie-theaters that go '4D movies! 5D movies!' I even saw one offering 10D movies for fuck's sake. Which shows no knowledge of dimensions whatsoever.
    Well, here's the news - you have been playing 4D games for years now. Fourth dimension is just time. Imagine that, eh? While you are playing the game, the time is just moving forward. And you can't really talk about 4D gaming experience until you invented the fucking time-machine. What you are talking about in this thread is just a plain virtual reality device.

    Saying that, the device looks nice. I am sure glad to see that development continues in that area.

  6. #620002013-08-03 03:17:38Wolfangle said:

    Well due to my laziness, I decided to skip the Omni for now..

    This just in!!!! A new company wants to be partnered with Oculus. This makes competition for the Omni & choices for the great & oh so powerful Oculus!!!!!! BOOOOOOM

    They call it: (way to steal the name)


    • Atlas Machinama Interview has been deleted.

    So basically, Atlas is a beta solution for physical moment for immersive Oculus play. It's an iphone app. To set it up, you place a printed piece of paper (certain design, of course) on the floor (Each separated by equal distance). Then, with a chest-mount tied around your chest, with the iphone in the mounted position. The app, uses the camera to use those pieces of paper to map out the area as a walk-able distance within your room. To put it simply, YOU WALK IN THE AREA OF THE PAPER...AND THATS LEIK...YOUR DAMN MAP SIZE...NO FIRCKEN OMNI THIS TIME, BITCHES!!!

    So based on my horrible discription of this new idea..How do you think it will change VR Gaming.. Is it better?Worse? Is the Omni a better solution? Share your thoughts, yo!

  7. #642192013-10-02 22:09:21Toku said:

    Currently my tech guy on the company team is about to get his dev kit for Oculus, and while we work on our first game we'll also be working on a version for the Oculus.