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  1. Skyward Sword and Skyrim; Two sides of the same coin.

    #62011-12-25 06:22:23 *VivoDePyre said:

    There are two big adventure games out this year: Skyward Sword and Skyrim in particular. They came out around the same time, were highly anticipated, have similar critic ratings, etc. Aside from reception however, there is virtually nothing those two have in common other than the genre of adventure.

    Skyward Sword

    Let's start with the new Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword. Just looking at the picture, we can immediately tell that game bleeds color and probably invented a few for the sake of saturation. The enemies look exotic and mystical, though nothing new to the LoZ series. The interesting thing is that Skyward Sword looks good despite it's low resolution. While not as evident in this picture, it's very obvious in game. It makes up for the Wii's lacking graphical capabilities by creating a diverse and aesthetically appealing world.

    When it comes to combat, some things are very “swing wildly, hope it dies” in nature, but harder enemies are more technical in nature. The Moblins here have the ability to block your sword if you attack from the side they hold their guard on. If you want to hit one, you need to switch directions really quick, or wait for them to attack and open guard. There are quite a few bosses, and all of them are fun. From fencing with the demon lord himself to skydiving onto a large bosses back, there isn't a boss that feels boring.

    Then finally, we have the story. The other LoZ games have been honestly lacking in story since Majora's Mask. There was enough motivation for you to get to the next dungeon and beat the game. Skyward Sword does it's best to change that. The main characters are really interesting, Ghirahim (the new antagonist) is rather sinister and interesting, and the main story shows real advancement as you progress through the game (as opposed to the old policy of before the last boss and after.)


    Now we can move on to Skyrim. By now, most all of you know about Skyrim. That being said, I'll focus on it's features relative to LoZ. The first thing you'll notice is how realistic it looks. The shaft of the arrow has texture, hand has veins on it, grass is not nearly as green, the wolf is... well, a wolf. The reason this game looks good is because it's so detailed and flushed out. The weather and atmosphere changes with location, everything just works. Rather than looking good at surface value to enjoy as a whole, it looks good down to the details.

    Combat is rather varied due to class differences. You can choose to be a crafty thief who strikes unsuspecting targets, a heavily armored knight, a magic wielding mage, or some combination of skills that you choose. Combat can be difficult, but it's more about management then what you are doing. The ability to manage spells, heal yourself, keep an eye on other enemies. If you keep attacking, enemies generally die and you just accept the damage as you receive it. Difficulty is similar in magnitude, but completely different in cause.

    Then we come back to the story. Most people can't really tell you what happens when you beat the main story, because nobody bothers with the main story until the end. It's more fun to do your own thing, and there are so many things to do. Become a paid assassin, an imperial knight, a student at the mage's college. You could say that there is a main quest, but that's not really true. The game is a large span of possibilities and options, with no real motivated direction. The characters are relatively dull, serve little purpose beyond giving you quests.

    So which would I recommend? Both, but none either the other. Legend of Zelda is like a book with the plot already written in, while you flush out the details. Skyrim is a story with the details written out, while you add in the plot. They are vastly different, but both are vastly fun.

    So to turn this into a conversation topic, which do you prefer in an adventure game? Realism, or fantasy? Skill based or progress based? Linear or non-linear?

  2. #332011-12-25 07:22:22JoJoBird said:

    I was just talking about realism in video games, apparently new tech is coming with photorealism. I'm thinking when that comes people will not want kill and such as it looks too real breaking the barrier of belief. That is another topic I believe.

    Although Realistic graphics and worlds look awesome, I love great fantasy worlds when they have a great style and way about the game. Making a choice sucks because having both in video games is awesome and allows creativity to flourish.

    I was also thinking when the photorealiistic graphics come that could potentially kill creative fantasy games.

  3. #372011-12-25 07:33:58Kitto said:

    I've played both games but I honestly think Skyward Sword is more fun :/ Skyrim to me is sort of like Grand Theft Auto,you just go around killing shit then if you ever want to actually make progress you load your real save file.

    Even though I liked Skyward Sword better I really like the good ol stats and skill progression.

    Linear just so it won't take years to finish or maybe after linear a non-linear save file.

    Fantasy,if I wanted something life like I wouldn't be playing games.

  4. #1062011-12-25 10:03:35Kron said:

    Japanese RPG: A highly interactive anime with battles and customisation. Essentially you put the protagonist on a wheelchair and push him/her to the next plot point Western RPG: What plot? oh yeah. Let me get those flowers first.

    Also in the argument between stylised and realistic art direction, the stylised one will be more likely to stand the test of time in term of graphics. Just look at Wind Waker and compare it to the first Elder Scroll.

  5. #4912011-12-26 03:13:05VivoDePyre said:

    @DarkChaplain Well yes, each game does have it's flaws. While I personally think Skyward Sword is among the best of the LoZ franchise, playing most all the games excepting the GBA ones, I see why some people don't like it. Motion controls are hard to get use to, and can be a major downfall for some.

    As for Skyrim, the stall quests are a problem. The talk to NPC -> enter area -> Kill weak things -> Kill strong thing -> Get prize structure falls apart moderately quickly. However, it's a good representative sample of the direction games are going. More focus on details such as being able to steal plates and writing words in pointless books. Less focus on a predetermined story to follow. It's not just the one aspect, it's how they mirror each other in so many ways.

  6. #5482011-12-26 09:53:13VivoDePyre said:

    As for Skyward Sword, I really don't have any complaints with those things. Perhaps I'm not a harsh enough critic. One of the things I didn't like in some of the older LoZ games was specifically how long one dungeon could drag on. Rather than keep you confined in one place for too long, it's relatively stream lined. Repetitiveness isn't too bad, though there isn't a good variety of monsters.

    And one thing I'll say about many of the complaints: fans are hard to please. Twilight Princess was the closest we got to the fans being happy since the n64, and even then people bitched about the wolf form. If they change one inch of the formula, LoZ fans jump. Honestly, I don't think it was given a fair chance by many of the long time fans. While I wish it had some more content, it's not a bad game by any means.

    As for Skyrim, it is what it is. I'm not trying to call it a fantastic game. I really liked it when I first picked it up, but the joy left after the first couple dungeons. The idea is not that the world is details, so much as the effort is being redirected. I'm sure Bethesda could have made interesting characters or a fun plot, but they chose to create a large landscape and improve graphics. Rather than improving the game itself, they've chosen to improve the supporting elements of the game.

    The real idea of the thread (bear with me, I'm not a wordsmith), was to talk about the diverging trend in video game development. Other than some select gems, most companies are making games with either detailed worlds or interesting gameplay. Aside from The Witcher and some assorted gems, you don't often pick up a game and find that the creators had crafted an expansive world with plenty of things to do AND you had fun at all those locations. They won't shell out the money to develop a game that has both, because it isn't profitable. So which is preferred, of those two options, if one had to choose.

  7. #8892011-12-27 03:59:11JoJoBird said:

    I love both Zelda games and Elder Scrolls, whoo. I've played many hours of Skyrim and I still have seen things that surprise me and are a lot of fun, yes there are fetch quests but for me its the experience not the end.

    Skyward sword I have not gotten yet due to overload of games. One thing pissed me off early when the game was announced was the controls, I've heard they're fun but as a left-handed person I felt like now I have to accommodate to the game and play right-handed hopefully it's not so dramatic. I hoped for a lefty control version but they didn't put it in. Many reviews I've read say that the new zelda is near flawless, a perfect blend of old and new, the best use of the wiicontrol in the years of the Wii, and possibly better than Ocarina of Time some reviewers claim.

    Personally I wish the Weewoo (WiiU) is a powerful enough machine to give me a full blown Majora's Mask Reboot with a large map and enough room in the ocean to do dolphin kicks forever. MM is my favorite in the series.

  8. #26572011-12-31 05:52:24 *cobra said:

    I just began to play Legend of Zelda Skyward sword! IT's AWESOME!!! Btw, there's something I have always wondered about this game series.....why not 'Legend of Link' instead of 'Legend of Zelda'? .

  9. #53142012-01-09 03:21:59KidaKidaMasaomi said:

    I just recently bought Skyward Sword, I love it, the color, graphics, everything! I do think the Wii motion plus is a pain sometimes though... I loved TP's controls, and I was used to them, so I had to get used to the Wii motion plus feature, but other than that, I say it's amazing.