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  1. A Place at the Table (Documentary)

    #600842013-06-28 09:31:50 *Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all! A few years back I posted a thread about movie Food Inc. which was about food industry in USA and how fucked up it is. Sadly, it was deleted with all my other posts. Now the people who made that movie made a new one about how, while there are tons of food in USA, a lot of people there are going hungry.

    This is a movie about hunger and it got Jeff Bridges in it. And it is a documentary that really looks at the inequity in USA where the middle class ranges from people who live in those great big houses to people in apartments who from time to time have nothing to eat at all. I will stress that again - we are talking middle class here, not even homeless people. And it is sadly common in many countries - I myself was in a position when I had to severely cut on my own food to make ends meet.

    Interesting thing is that when you ask most people about hunger, they usually start talking about those starving kids in Africa. But people rarely think that there can be hunger in their own country, especially if they themselves never had this problem. You know, it's hard to imagine that such a problem can exist in country with enough food in it. Unless it's a war, you know. So, the true problem lies not in the lack of food in the country, but in other more complicated things. And the movie here tells you about those. Hell, it even tells about how people in USA can manage to be obese and hungry at the same time! That is certainly forth knowing, in my opinion.

    As I said, these people made the Food Inc., so they know how to make documentaries. They show you some example families, they show you some people trying to help, they show you the problems. Some history on hunger in USA is also presented, which is nice. The movie may be somewhat depressing because of the topic it tells of. Or maybe it's just depressing for me, cause I do know what it's like to go really hungry. I can tell you for sure, that it's not as entertaining as Food Inc., it's way more serious and it will end on a mixed note - not too negative, but not positive neither. Still, the problem presented is interesting, and the goal of documentary is to show you the problem, which it does, so I do recommend this movie for you.

  2. #600852013-06-28 12:59:46kiri_integra said:

    oh interesting will have to check it out. i'm wondering if it discusses anything about how US food prices impact global hunger? that might require a whole other film though.

  3. #600862013-06-28 13:01:25Kirn said:

    No, this movie pretty much keeps the topic local. I imagine, to really present the impact of USA on other countries you would have to do a whole documentary TV-series.

  4. #600872013-06-28 13:34:56kiri_integra said:

    argh! the food industry ripple effect is so vast it leads me to tears of fury. there is definitely scope for a series. Must pause my thinking.. too much reality for one day.

  5. #600892013-06-28 13:52:26Kirn said:

    Well, you might want to look at the Food Inc. movie that I linked in the thread. That one is about food industry reform that started in USA, but that business model now affects the rest of this planet.

  6. #600912013-06-28 15:09:10 *Truchie said:

    When I was watching the trailer I thought it looked really good and wanted to watch it later. Then I heard the Civil Wars and I am now watching it right this very moment.


    Now that I watched this completely, I was unaware of the hunger struggle that many go through in America each day. This documentary was very informative, touching, and shocking. At the end I actually teared up there for a moment when Barbie was giving that speech of hers. It made me realize that I am very fortunate and blessed to have what I have and I should most definitely not take it for granted. Thanks so much for posting this, it was well-worth watching it!

  7. #600932013-06-28 15:50:14johan_5179 said:

    This is a bit off topic because it does not talk about the documentary or the US. It talks about hunger in India. And even then it rambles a bit. Wanted to write this and didn't want to fill up the page. Please read and ask yourself if the same happens in your country as well.