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  1. Humans of New York

    #601112013-06-29 02:42:43 *Kirlyte said:

    Humans of New York

    Founded in 2010, Humans of New York is primarily a photography blog which specializes in taking pictures of -you guessed it- the people of New York City. The photographer, Brandon Stanton, has assembled quite the collection, each one highlighting just how unique everyone is-even in the hustle and bustle of the big city. Clocking in at over 5,000 pictures to date, Stanton hopes to one day hit the 10,000 mark. By including select quotes from his subjects along with their pictures, he sets out to capture the moment, keeping a sliver of that person as well as their mindset at the time preserved in this oh-so-ephemeral world-a perfect snapshot.

    In my opinion the pairing creates a unique sort of charm, giving you brief insight into all the photographer comes into contact with. Each person pictured is a small cog in the great machine of what makes up New York, and entering their minds even if only for a moment creates an unusual sense of understanding and empathy. One such portrait for instance shows a man in attire that cannot help but be reminiscent of revolutions gone by as he laments over the perceived ignorance of the masses-in this case over the price of coffee beans. Coffee man

    Of course, the photographer goes beyond simple pictures at some points. When he encounters truly interesting individuals, he may choose to write an article detailing his experience with them, turning the pictures into one long anecdote with no purpose other than to highlight the subject's particular condition or viewpoint. Above everything else, the website is about singling in on the humanity that may be missed in the crowd, after all. In this, Stanton does a fantastic job.

    Examples of his extended pieces:

    Wendell: The Spectacle

    Two anecdotes about a man, dressed in what can only be described as bizzare, appearing to hustle onlookers by harassing them for money after taking pictures of him.

    The Psychic

    The photographer tests the mettle of an everyday self proclaimed psychic on the subway.

    Jesse and Juan

    Stanton encounters two men who can only be described as, well, crazy.

    Harry: The Chess Hustler

    Stanton details his experiences with a chess hustler in Washington Square, an eccentric yet brilliant fellow with a passion for the game and its insights into life.

    On occasion, pictures of people from other cities may be posted-such as when the photographer visited Iran and San Francisco.

    The Roof of Tehran

    Anyway, the blog is rather popular on Tumblr and Facebook, but it is still by far my favorite website I've ever come across and thought it'd be interesting to share for those of you who haven't heard of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Feel free to share your critiques, comments, and opinions, or perhaps even similar journalistic or photography efforts.