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  1. Rogue Legacy

    #601912013-07-01 14:47:51 *Kirn said:

    You know, what? I have no freaking idea how I got this link. No, seriously, I somehow found this link, I have no memory of how that happened, I watched the trailed, I got me the game, and that was yesterday, and then bam! Total blackout, and today I am probably on my 40-th play-through. But I am getting ahead of myself here. I am talking about the game called Rogue Legacy in this thread.

    The game is a mix of platformer, upgrades, bullet-hell and roguelike genres. If you don't know some of those (especially roguelike) - google it, it's too much to explain here. If, however, you know what I might be talking about - read on!

    Imagine - you are a 1st level hero standing in front of a dark castle - full of monsters and loot, naturally. You enter the keep, you find a first page from a journal of some adventurer who apparently have been here before you and you proceed forward. In further rooms you find traps, monsters and treasure. But more importantly - you find death. And very soon, because you are only 1st level character and you have no idea about most of the mechanics here. You get stomped by an evil knight or hit by fireball or you just get impaled on some spikes. You will die, don't even doubt it. And that's it, you will never see this character again, 'cause death is final here.

    But wait! Before entering the castle you left three heirs, so now, on your next playthrough (20+ years later in-game time), you get to chose one of 3 randomly generated characters. So you pick one of them, you start rebuilding your family castle (if you managed to get enough money on your first run) and you enter the castle again. Only all the rooms have changed, so now you again have no freaking idea what is where. But now you might be a little stronger and you might kill more enemies and get more loot before inevitably dying and continuing this crazy quest with a new character from the new set of heirs. And this will go on and on and on and on and freaking on... You know, the game frustrates the hell out of me but I just can't quit. Cause I know I am getting stronger! And one day, after many generations of dead adventurers, I just might beat the first boss. Yep.

    Now, let's talk about mechanics. The goal of the game is to finish the dark castle. Actually, your goal is to enter the throne room, the door to which is located right there in the very first room. However, to open the door, you have to beat four bosses in four areas of the castle. First area is the castle itself and it is the easiest one. Next area is the forest, located east of the castle. After that there is a tower, above the castle. And the last area is the dark and scary dungeon under the castle. After 40+ tries I sometimes can almost finish all the rooms in the first area and I am yet to beat the first boss. Every time the layout of the castle is different, but the general location of the areas remains the same.

    Every time you die, you get to chose a new hero from three possible heirs. Everything about them is randomized - class, sex, spell (every hero gets one spell that can change the gameplay a little) and... dysfunctions. Yes, you red that right. You might get a colorblind hero and the screen will be black and white. You might get a really fat guy and enemies will not be able to knock him back. You may take a gay girl and that would have no effect on the gameplay whatsoever. Dysfunctions are randomized and every hero may have from 0 to 2 of them. Some of them can help you while others can make your game intolerable.

    Also, after dying, the gold that you earned is transferred to your heir, so before entering the dark castle you can build your own castle (however, if you will have any money left, upon entering the castle it will be taken by the gatekeeper Charon, so no hoarding, sorry). Upgrading your castle gives you more classes, upgrades your stats and allows you to use services of blacksmith, enchantress and engineer. Blacksmith makes you new weapon and armor pieces (you get more blueprints in the dungeon and you have to buy them to use, but after buying you can use them forever), enchantress can cast some useful bonuses on your weapon and armor (you can get more bonuses by finding runestones, same deal as with blueprints) and engineer can lock the dark castle layout so it won't be changing. The bastard takes a lot of money for that, however, so I am not using this.

    All this allows you to have some sort of control over your gameplay while maintaining the random element. For example, right now I have vampiric armor and runes, so I get some HP from every enemy I kill. And I prefer to play paladin 'cause atm this is the best-hitting class I can get. However, I don't always get this class as a choice among my heirs and sometimes the character with this class has some dysfunctions that I would never ever take again.

    Okay, now for a small example of what to expect. While exploring the castle, you may find HP replenishing items (Btw, hit everything - chairs, chandeliers, tables. Inside you will find money and HP/MP items). HP replenishing items are a pieces of roasted chicken. Okay. One of my heroes, while having dwarfism, which isn't really important for the story here, also had unnatural fear of chickens. So, whenever I would find the HP item, it would still be a roasted chicken, but it will be alive and running around. And that's not all. When I found that, I was so surprised that I let the chicken bump into me. And this supposedly healing item hit me for 6 hit-points! So I got mad and killed the chicken and from it I received the actual healing item which healed me for 7 HP. But, since I also had my vampiric items, killing the chicken gave me another 5 hp. And that's not even weirdest thing that happened to me in this game.

    So. The game is extremely hard, and you will inevitably die a lot before you even be able to do anything. Right now for me the good run is the run after which I can buy at least one new castle upgrade. But, one upgrade at a time, one level at a time, I am moving towards the goal. And let me warn you - if you won't be put off by the gameplay from the start, you will probably get addicted to this.

    You have been warned!

  2. #602592013-07-02 13:01:05Kirn said:

    Just typical, I guess...

    I finally managed to bead the boss, but the first hero who managed to beat the boss and clear the whole first area... was the constantly farting one -_- I guess, that's really what counts as totally normal for this game.

    Btw, after killing a boss, it seems, you don't have to kill him on next playthroughs. Which is reasonable, I guess - if you get used to beating some boss, you could just farm him for loot.

  3. #602882013-07-02 23:04:37Namida said:

    I played this all week, its pretty entertaining, the traits are fun and the game-play is good. I do some runs in-between shit im doing on my computer, i totally recommend it for having some fun here and there.