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  1. Feedback Please: New Site Styles

    #60422012-01-12 10:38:40 *momo said:

    Basically, the idea of alternate site styles was brought up. You'd be able to choose what style you wanted to use, which would be carried with you across the site. There are no real issues with implementing it, save for the time that would be invested. Even so, I see no reason to implement such an idea if noone will be using it. For that reason, I am requesting a bit of feedback from you guys on this.

    What sort of site style would you like to see? This is generally not going to change how things work, but only how they are displayed.

    If you do not wish to have this option, or feel that you wouldn't really use it, explain why.

    Oh, and you can choose multiple options in the poll. Let loose~

  2. #60562012-01-12 14:50:19Shirosuke said:

    I feel that it's extra work and for nothing. I am also a lazy person and don't care much for personalized things..

    I don't see how having more than one style would benefit the site anyways. Unless you are wanting to revamp the whole thing and leave the option for the old style available, then that's also fine with me.

    This current style is good enough for me, simple to use.

    Not sure how much of the content is keeping people here though, and just the look of the site won't change much XD

  3. #60722012-01-12 15:23:00MrTrain said:

    If you implant this, unless there are trains everywhere, I probably won't use it. As the others have said, I also feel that the current simple style is good. Plus, I'm old-fashioned and not good with change. :0

  4. #60792012-01-12 15:36:46 *Fieyr said:

    Have to agree with @Shirosuke

    Personally I think time is better spent on displaying content in an interesting fashion as well as finding ways to encourage interesting posts, projects, etc.

  5. #61962012-01-13 07:04:56momo said:

    @Shirosuke & @Fieyr

    Well, as for changing the site style, that is not at all being planned here, only exploring the option of other coloring styles, for fun. Such a thing would obviously be low-priority, but would be something that could get the creative juices flowing. As I really don't do much for the site outside of management duties, this would be a nice little feature I could add in, myself.

    As for promoting better threads and whatnot, this is in the works in a couple of ways. We are revamping how badges will be styled, and have not yet found a consensus. This is being planned as a reward for good threads, among other things. We're also exploring different ways of promoting good threads, and how/when we'll be making the reputation worthwhile for users. Ideas we have had in the past include a member spotlight, Staff-approved thread spotlight, and contests.

    Any ideas you have on this subject will always be welcomed, naturally.


    I envisioned "AGH MY EYES THIS IS UGLY" to cover that field, actually.


    Exactly the thinking that fueled this idea for me. It can be quite fun, and doesn't hurt anyone, so why not? It is not like I, whom doesn't exactly do much for the site, have anything more productive to do.


    This was actually an idea of mine I was going to keep under wraps, and possibly explore further on my own if this idea gained traction.


    If this was done, it's be purely optional, as to not offend those that do not celebrate that holiday. Imagine us making a Christmas theme, and forcing it on everyone, even if others practice Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Not a great idea, though possibly ok if we offer many optional ones.

  6. #62212012-01-13 09:37:21Elegy said:

    @DarkChaplain without the option of not wanting it the poll doesn't show a good consensus on what everyone actually wants. The votes would be spread out over what people do want if it's added, but doesn't actually show how much of a percent of the active users would even care. There could be a lot of votes for 'colourful' but then it ends up being a insignificant number compared to our active user count and therefore be a useless addition.

    I'm not putting the idea down or anything, just pointing out why there should be an option for the people to say they don't care for an optional change.

    As for my own opinion on it: for holiday events it maybe interesting to have optional styles, but overall I don't really support it. The site is fine as it is. the simple design is very appealing. Even if it won't affect me personally, it's disheartening to think that there would be a feature to change it from it's basic design to something else.