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  1. Psycho-pass gets second season

    #604712013-07-07 04:45:40 *Chestnut_Rice said:

    What was probably one of the best anime of 2012 is getting a second season!

    I just finished this series, and I've got to say, Gen Urobutcher does it again. Every thing about the anime was great. The setting, the characters, the main plotline, and the symbolism at the end leaves a strange pit in your heart. Can't wait for this new season if it happens.

  2. #605782013-07-08 18:02:25Evangelina said:

    Yay! This anime is one of my all-time favorites. Usually, I'm not into all the gory anime, but this had just the right mount of everything, that i didn't mind that at all (at least not that much) :) I love all the characters and yes @Chestnut_Rice, the symbolism really left me wondering many things.

    I am so looking forward to the second season!

  3. #605922013-07-08 22:28:09coobar1912 said:


    You have no idea how happy this makes me. As long as it still follows the manga, then I'm good.

  4. #605972013-07-08 23:54:41Momimochi said:
    >No Makishima

    >New girl

    >Akane's gonna be the Kogami of the team albeit not latent criminal

    >New girl's gonna be the Akane of first season

    >Ginoza's gonna replace his father's role

    >Kagari's dead.

    God help me the second season better not make the new girl as fucking useless as Akane in the first two-thirds of last season and the villain better be someone I can ship with Kogami or Ginoza. I was about done with this series when a second season with the new girl got announced.