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  1. Fails/Frauds by the Mass Media you will never know of.

    #604742013-07-07 06:11:22 *johan_5179 said:

    Post videos articles and pictures highlighting the fails/frauds perpetrated by news channels. Funny, scary, enraging or just WTF everything goes.

    I will start off with a very recent fraud committed by the media which no one will now report on, and which will live on only in the memory of those few who realized what the hell happened.

    For 3 days – June 15, 16, 17 – our celebrity reporters and their siblings in other news channels didn’t have time for the floods in Uttarakhand. When they finally found time they sent some junior reporters to cover the tragedy. In such a situation there isn’t any doubt that reporting isn’t easy and no reporter should be put in harm’s way. But in the absence of visuals some channels just resorted to fraudulent reporting. Take a look at this image flashed by NDTV on June 18:

    They took a random Youtube video and called it a live visual.

    Even worse than that was what another channel called ABP News did. They used pictures from an old Bolivian flood, edited them to resemble some exclusive stuff they were supplying the viewers with and even added commentary from a journalist who was LIVE on the scene.

    Now I have not watched the television in 3 years and the only reason I even know about this stuff is because of all the blogs I read. But I look at this and I think just how many people will never know they were punk'd by these dishonest fakers.

    How sick can these channels get? Even in a time of tragedy they resort to gimmickry and fraud in their rush to cover up their failures of not having original shots of the flood in Uttarakhand. They want to bedazzle you with BS!There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be sued and penalised for their floody frauds.

    (On a related note a statement came out which said We will never know the exact number of dead: Uttarakhand CM. Your wild 'official' estimates range from 900 to 10000. Yet you will take a buttload of money in the name of compensation and eat it up. Then, when people claim they didn't get any compensation you will say that your estimate was wrong and you will then proceed to swindle a bit more. Sick bastards)

    There you have it. Post similar fails. ( I will edit tags as posts come in )

  2. #604772013-07-07 07:02:05Decae said:

    Deadlines can be a bitch, especially if you have no footage. I honestly don't blame the reporters at all. Things need to get done, even if you can't get it done in time, which leads to sloppily put together reports using false footage. It's the way it is. I'm pretty sure that they can't just tell their bosses that they have no footage to show for the report. It's all just business, even if it shouldn't be.

  3. #604792013-07-07 07:12:20 *johan_5179 said:

    Other channels are in business too, and they didn't feel the need to indulge in this stupidity.It still is a fraud, why can't they just accept that they couldn't get the reports? Most other channels waited for the local news channels to get the accurate footage and then actually sent reporters to the affected areas. You can't mask utter disregard and dishonesty as a regrettable business decision. After all, they did wait for three days before some bright guy came up with this idea. The two channels I have mentioned could easily have waited another day or two along with the others. What deadlines? The same deadlines that are used as excuse to make homeless shelters which collapse on people's heads under the first rain? I understand that this false report did not endanger lives directly, but it is a question of credibility. They blew it. The truly regrettable thing being that most people will never know.

  4. #604852013-07-07 07:56:00Decae said:

    Okay, don't get me wrong, it's a fucked up thing. The truth is their job, and they should stick to it. But, still, people screw up; that's life. Sometimes people can't get stuff done in time because of shit management or newbies put in charge. People should get fired, yes. But a lot of times there's a lot more things you have to factor in before screaming fire. That's all I'm saying.

  5. #604882013-07-07 08:31:05 *Kirn said:

    Here's media fail that many people might actually know, but it's too beautiful of a fail not to show here. During the war in Georgia, western media tried to spin the story so it would look like the Russians were the ones to start the war and not Georgians. However, all their efforts were crushed by this little 12 y.o. girl. They brought her on the news to stress the 'horrors of war' angle, but she told the truth, and you should see how the news guy tries to stop her there.

    So yeah... mass-media and truth? Sure, keep believing that tale.

  6. #604892013-07-07 08:48:50johan_5179 said:

    That was fun. That was one of the best 'Go fuck yourself' moments i have seen. What these people would have liked would have been an incoherent crying wreck of a girl. Then he would have gotten her as much air time as she wanted. That guy was so not prepared for what happened. :'D

  7. #604932013-07-07 09:23:38 *hellstorm901 said:

    I saw one a while back.

    Iran Press TV took a video from years ago recorded by a British soldiers helmet camera during a USAF A-10 airstrike which overshot its target and nearly bombed their position. They then put their news agencies symbol on the footage (That in law is you claiming it's your own) and cut the footage down by a few seconds to make it look like a random bombing on a civilian area. They then used this footage on an article talking about "British atrocities in Afghanistan"

    British soldiers version taken from Liveleak

    The Press TV version cut everything after 20 seconds and replaced the Liveleak watermark with a Press TV symbol and had different captions around the video changing its meaning from "Close call after airstrike on Taliban position" to "British soldiers celebrate killing civilians."

    To be honest though this is tame by this "media organisations" fraud compared to some other things they've done e.g. Made up events all together, staged their own events, overplayed small insignificant things for all the Anti - West hate they can and their personal favorite one is to cite sources such as organisations and individuals of significance WHO DON'T EVEN EXIST.

  8. #604942013-07-07 09:39:53hellstorm901 said:

    Another attack on Press "bullshit" TV but who cares this one is the funniest thing I've ever seen. Facebook is a CIA front! Iran's PressTV Buys Into The Onion's Story

    "Facebook is a CIA front, Mark Zuckerberg is a CIA agent, and he just received a prestigious award from the spy agency for his work with Facebook. That's what the satire website The Onion would have you believe. Sadly, there are many clueless people who don't realize that anything posted on The Onion is for entertainment purposes only, including the Iranian state-owned PressTV. The 24 hour English language news network, based in Tehran, glommed onto that bit of false information and actually referenced it as fact."

    Onion win

    Press TV fail

  9. #605002013-07-07 13:01:55 *SlantDuffy said:

    I don't believe anything reported by television-based media, as their main goal is to get viewers, not to report the truth. They report what they believe will be "interesting." If "Soldiers Kill Civilians" is "interesting," then by God they will have a report, whether or not Soldiers are actually killing civilians.

    Sometimes, the media doesn't always report what is "trending." Sometimes, they shamelessly report lies to support an agenda or a cause, usually content that promotes the same views of their sponsors.

    This issue (along with gun control, the War on Terror, the bills being passed during media frenzy, religion, and the Federal Reserve) is a big fucking deal. Yes it is. Those who ignore this issue choose to be sheep. Those who are aware of the issue are different from the ignorant only in the sense that they are now aware of being sheep . Those who want to do something about the issue are terrorists. Welcome to 21st century America where you are either a sheep or a terrorist.

  10. #605132013-07-07 19:52:04Taro_Tanako said:

    Maybe in some places this is true but we still have news that is (mostly) rational, unbiased, and trustworthy here. All hail the BBC!

  11. #605452013-07-08 08:31:58 *johan_5179 said:

    @Taro_Tanako First up I'll say that media persons in the UK do seem to have higher standards than their counterparts elsewhere. But, in the case of media corporations they do have their fair share of troubles. The BBC itself has faced numerous accusations of bias and other wrongdoing, such as using millions of license fee money to gag their employees and burying their own reports concerning their employees' misdemeanours so that they don't look bad in the public.

  12. #605902013-07-08 22:04:56Taro_Tanako said:

    They aren't perfect but they're probably one of the best and most impartial in the world. Every big company will have ass holes in it though..

  13. #605152013-07-07 20:15:09 *Trisak said:

    This is Fox News... so well... This should hopefully not be where you get your information from. But I remember seeing this back when Mass Effect came out, and it's almost sad to hear how nobody gives a damn about what the guy who actually knows what the games is about is saying. This video is completely safe for work, unless you find hearing the word sex makes it NSFW. I feel like this is a fail, which is why I felt like posting it here.

    (also yes, I know this is not something hidden or anything, but I still found it worth posting)

  14. #605182013-07-07 21:06:49hellstorm901 said:

    You know we should actually thank Fox News in the Mass Effect sex controversy.

    Because when you try to use having sex with sexy Blue Alien chicks as a cause to rally around to condemn a game it actually has the Mass"ive" Effect of making more people want to buy it.

    I think Fox News coverage of Mass Effect is in part one of the things that caused the game early success. Because anything Fox News hates you will really love...

  15. #605322013-07-08 03:04:54Decae said:

    Wow. Just ignore the fact that a lot of popular TV shows have more graphic sex than Mass Effect. And a lot of books. And a lot of media in general. Goddamn.

  16. #605192013-07-07 21:14:31 *hellstorm901 said:

    This look familiar people? It should do as this was a scene from The Day After Tomorrow but dumb journalists at Press TV thought this was so real they should run with it as their top story picture for Hurricane Sandy

    As some of you probably have noticed I'm picking on Iran a lot but its entirely justified because the level of bullshit, fraud and fail on part of their media that comes out not on a rare occasion BUT WEEKLY could actually fill up this damn page.