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Parent: Fails/Frauds by the Mass Media you will never know of.

  1. #604882013-07-07 08:31:05 *Kirn said:

    Here's media fail that many people might actually know, but it's too beautiful of a fail not to show here. During the war in Georgia, western media tried to spin the story so it would look like the Russians were the ones to start the war and not Georgians. However, all their efforts were crushed by this little 12 y.o. girl. They brought her on the news to stress the 'horrors of war' angle, but she told the truth, and you should see how the news guy tries to stop her there.


    So yeah... mass-media and truth? Sure, keep believing that tale.

  2. #604892013-07-07 08:48:50johan_5179 said:

    That was fun. That was one of the best 'Go fuck yourself' moments i have seen. What these people would have liked would have been an incoherent crying wreck of a girl. Then he would have gotten her as much air time as she wanted. That guy was so not prepared for what happened. :'D