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Parent: Fails/Frauds by the Mass Media you will never know of.

  1. #605002013-07-07 13:01:55 *SlantDuffy said:

    I don't believe anything reported by television-based media, as their main goal is to get viewers, not to report the truth. They report what they believe will be "interesting." If "Soldiers Kill Civilians" is "interesting," then by God they will have a report, whether or not Soldiers are actually killing civilians.

    Sometimes, the media doesn't always report what is "trending." Sometimes, they shamelessly report lies to support an agenda or a cause, usually content that promotes the same views of their sponsors.

    This issue (along with gun control, the War on Terror, the bills being passed during media frenzy, religion, and the Federal Reserve) is a big fucking deal. Yes it is. Those who ignore this issue choose to be sheep. Those who are aware of the issue are different from the ignorant only in the sense that they are now aware of being sheep . Those who want to do something about the issue are terrorists. Welcome to 21st century America where you are either a sheep or a terrorist.

  2. #605132013-07-07 19:52:04Taro_Tanako said:

    Maybe in some places this is true but we still have news that is (mostly) rational, unbiased, and trustworthy here. All hail the BBC!

  3. #605452013-07-08 08:31:58 *johan_5179 said:

    @Taro_Tanako First up I'll say that media persons in the UK do seem to have higher standards than their counterparts elsewhere. But, in the case of media corporations they do have their fair share of troubles. The BBC itself has faced numerous accusations of bias and other wrongdoing, such as using millions of license fee money to gag their employees and burying their own reports concerning their employees' misdemeanours so that they don't look bad in the public.

  4. #605902013-07-08 22:04:56Taro_Tanako said:

    They aren't perfect but they're probably one of the best and most impartial in the world. Every big company will have ass holes in it though..