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Parent: Fails/Frauds by the Mass Media you will never know of.

  1. #605152013-07-07 20:15:09 *Trisak said:

    This is Fox News... so well... This should hopefully not be where you get your information from. But I remember seeing this back when Mass Effect came out, and it's almost sad to hear how nobody gives a damn about what the guy who actually knows what the games is about is saying. This video is completely safe for work, unless you find hearing the word sex makes it NSFW. I feel like this is a fail, which is why I felt like posting it here.

    (also yes, I know this is not something hidden or anything, but I still found it worth posting)

  2. #605182013-07-07 21:06:49hellstorm901 said:

    You know we should actually thank Fox News in the Mass Effect sex controversy.

    Because when you try to use having sex with sexy Blue Alien chicks as a cause to rally around to condemn a game it actually has the Mass"ive" Effect of making more people want to buy it.

    I think Fox News coverage of Mass Effect is in part one of the things that caused the game early success. Because anything Fox News hates you will really love...

  3. #605322013-07-08 03:04:54Decae said:

    Wow. Just ignore the fact that a lot of popular TV shows have more graphic sex than Mass Effect. And a lot of books. And a lot of media in general. Goddamn.