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  1. CL Radio & Updated Playlists

    #605742013-07-08 17:38:13 *Warlock said:

    Hey, CL, this thread's purpose is for me to state certain events for CL Radio and to provide you with an updated playlist, in case you guys ever wondered what songs are ever playing or are on the full playlist. Any CL DJ who has radio control may also use this thread to post their own playlists and host their own events as well!

    Warlock's CL Playlist: "Click Here"

  2. #607382013-07-11 07:31:17 *Warlock said:

    It's pretty much dependant on you being part of staff or a long time member I trust. Currently only about 3-4 people have access.

  3. #609262013-07-14 22:28:30Warlock said:

    Current playlist updated. Only sorted the songs by album artist. Enjoy. Let me know if you'd like the actual playlist file, and I can just send that to you via PM. I'll probably update the playlist later this week.

  4. #723682014-04-01 19:11:58DJSkully said:

    Hey colorless!

    This is DJ Skullly, here to hijack your radio with some sweet beats! Today we're playing some Family Force 5!

    There's some Johnathan Coulton!

    Modest Mouse!

    More coming, what do you want to hear? What have you heard and want some more of?


  5. #876312015-02-27 11:56:40Gwynn said:

    DJ Gwynny is back

    Requests considered, so much awesome: Angels & Airwaves, Bastille, Chevelle, Lily Allen, OneRepublic, Third Eye Blind, etc.