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The Colorless Short Story Anthology: Vol.1: Download and Feedback Thread

  1. #617632013-07-28 16:53:46 *Noodle said:

    Yeah, no. I didn't get any time to read them. I have my midterms test on wednesday so if the contest is still open to feedback by then I'll throw in my two cents.

  2. #617832013-07-29 07:41:37Kirn said:

    I would surely hope to see some more feedback even when jury voting would be over and we would have results. Though, I really would like to see any feedback at all at any time.

  3. #618732013-08-01 13:48:04DarkChaplain said:


    The less interested people appear, the less high the next round will rank on my priority list.
    I'm very much looking forward to planning the next anthology, but if participation is this bleak, I don't think I want to bother too much with it while I could be playing games or reading books.

    It's up to you to express interest.

  4. #619302013-08-02 15:46:40TeruShinozaki said:
    I'm on my way to finishing the anthology, and I'll surely post some feedback on the individual stories sometime soon. I really appreciate all the effort the writers and the organizers put into even bringing this project into fruition. I've been following the whole thing from its inception, and I can tell you, I religiously checked back on the threads for this, especially the weekend before DC released all the stories for the general public's access.

    As just a mere spectator to this entire project, I can say that it's a little disheartening to see that pretty much everyone, with the exception of like, one person, who posted feedback were either writers themselves or part of the jury. I don't think many people realize the gravity of this feat right here.


    I think everybody who participated in this project deserves a nice pat on the back. And probably somewhere else. Like your genitals. Do it. It feels good, and you deserve to feel good.
  5. #619492013-08-02 17:44:45Taro_Tanako said:

    That's nice. I got really excited about this project and enjoyed it (mostly). I'd like to think we could do this again sometime..or whatever..