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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #606092013-07-09 13:28:20 *DeathByBiscuit said:

    I have been playing Digimon, three Digimon games in fact. The original Digimon World for the PS1, a game that's basically a tamagotchi but with digimon, so you take care of your digimon by training his stats, feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, treat him when he's sick, but you also have to rebuild a city by convincing other digimon to join it and set up shop, to do that you usually fight them, basically you beat the living shit out of them with your dragon and force them to work for you. The game's a bit of a slow burner but I really enjoy it.

    Next on the list is Digimon World 3. This game is a completely different style of game, in this one you are no longer raising a digimon and having all sorts of magical digital adventures with your digimon, instead you are given a team of 3 digimon, these will vary depending on the starter pack you choose, and then you're sent out into the digi-world where you go and fight all of the gym leaders and become a pokemon master. Yeah so basically this is more of a pokemon game without the capturing bit, while you can still get different digimon you can't just throw a ball at them and bam!, there a certain number of digimon that will join you if you do certain things for them. Gameplay wise, you can still train your digimon though it's way more combat focused than the first, combat is turn-based you can digivolve your digimon mid battle and switch them around, it's fairly simple and straight forward I think, you need to fight to level up your digimon so they get TP so them you can train their individual stats. While you are basically running around fight gym leader type people I don't really feel like I'm playing a pokemon rip-off so that's something I guess. It's also a big nostalgia trip for me because I played the hell out of this in a friend's house when I was young so that's was also one of the big reasons why I decided to play it again.


    (Here are pics so that people don't kill me)

    Last one is Digimon Masters Online, a MMORPG about digimon that plays a bit like Megaten but is not as good in my opinion. It's not that bad everything you need to get digimon and digivolve them is on sale in the cash shop but you can always grind to get those items. I'm not going to say much about this game because I have only recently started playing it. I will say however, that the game is flooded with brazillian people and kids (It's a kids game, after all) so that might be enough to drive off some people:

    Here's the website, it's a free to play game you can tried it out if you want, if for whatever reason you want to find me there, I'm the Beelzemon server and my ign is Molesto.

    Digimon Masters Online