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  1. Who Plays Vindictus?

    #60632012-01-12 15:03:19 *Flywalker37 said:

    @Chou: Thanks for the revive!

    Hello all, didnt see a Vindictus thread so I decided to make one.

    We all love a good MMO, correct? And there probably isnt a better action MMO than Vindictus. [That's FREE.]

    Who plays Vindictus? What Guilds are you in? Who do you play as? [Lann, Evie, Karok, or Fiona?] What server do you use? [East or West?]


    usrnm: Flywalker server: East level: lv54 [currently] class: Lann [Dual Swords] Channel: 115 , 113 [usually] Guild: MidniteSymphony

    What I'm Doing Now:

    Doing those story quests so I can finally get to lv60. I want those shiny new swords ;-;

    Got my Royal Cadet set, as well as some scary new Ivory Twin Swords. Pics later~~

    Anybody who wants to join the guild and play with me on weekends, shoot me a PM with contact info. I'd be glad to play with you~

  2. #76172012-01-19 08:06:35Akri said:

    I don't play Vindictus. I play the crappier nexon game called dfo.

    Carry me to level 20 for Hat Trick's BMW, LOL.

    But I had a character in the West server, but it was a bit too laggy for me to play so I quit early, early on (back in closed beta).

    Now I'm waiting for Kai the archer, sort of.

  3. #172812012-03-11 21:08:57 *Spades said:
    Well I haven't been playing as much as i'd like, but I've been getting back into it as of late.

    IGN: DeathRebal
    Server: West
    Level: 70
    Class: Evie(Scythe)
    Guild: God Tier
    Extra: Usually in channel 135.

  4. #173532012-03-12 12:45:38 *Flywalker37 said:

    If anyone wants to play with me, I'm usually online on Saturdays sometime between 12:00 and 9:00 (New York Time.)

    Also, a friend of mine plays now, so most of my time will go to teaching him. Please help me school this n00b, all players on East who have passed lv40.

  5. #184762012-03-19 05:38:44 *Ucui said:
    Well as most of you who have played have heard, there is going to be a release involving an archer character in Vindictus. AKA Kai. An official trailer has been release awhile back and has only come to my attention now. Regardless, the gameplay of this character looks op as fuck. *OP = Over powered*

    Check out the trailer and judge for yourself. I personally find this new character to be a badass piece of gameplay.
  6. #249942012-05-07 06:02:51Spades said:

    For anyone just considering Vindictus as a game they would like to play, this video is rather entertaining and would serve as an intro to what you will be getting into.

    Also, the commentary really does add a lot of comic relief to the whole feel of the game that you'll get in the beginning. I find it highly enjoyable.

  7. #256432012-05-13 05:58:31 *Spades said:
    Nabbed me some new gear today. Raiders jacket, gauntlet, and boots.

    Also grabbed some nice screenshots. Such a productive day.

  8. #265462012-05-20 17:18:15Spades said:
    So with a free night of fucking around I've finally gotten around to making the guild logo for «God Tier».

    So join us.

    I made a red one, but it looked more like a devils contract according to certain people.

    EDIT: Inspired by gardening clubs and crowns that should be held guilty everywhere.
  9. #265752012-05-20 21:21:52Spades said:
    Since my last logo has just been recently pointed out to me as having the batman color scheme, I took the liberty of doing some more bullshit.

    This is what I ended up with
  10. #281832012-06-02 08:00:54 *Ucui said:
    Vindictus is having another update sometime this June. No description yet as to what this update holds, but a new raid is guaranteed. Cross your fingers for the new character Kai.

    A picture posted up as a preview to what will be coming.
  11. #286462012-06-06 04:51:17Ucui said:
    So all you fanatic dragon fans, Vindictus has a new update that you will sure too love.

    2 New dragon raids, 1 new solo raid. All coming in episode 10 along with new armor sets which, I must say, look delicious.
    New Episode 10 EXCLUSIVE TRAILER!!

    The Everlasting Armor Sets




    So far my favorite is Karoks. Gonna have to level him up so I can nab that new armor.
  12. #296772012-06-14 22:19:44Ucui said:

    Finally the new update for Vindictus has arrived. Episode 10: Forked Tongues and Broken Hearts. I'm actually unsure as to what the story is behind episode 10, but I do know that we get two new awesome raids which include the ice dragon, lightening dragon, and a solo raid against one of the your NPC allies.

    I'm very excited because this new episode harolds the arrival of the archer class Kai which is rumored to come out some time this July. Fingers crossed!
  13. #316722012-06-30 19:11:32Spades said:
    As previously stated, Kai has finally been officially announced. Just before July as well! I'm very excited for the NA release as we will finally be able to try out this amazing new class. From the numerous trailers and gameplay videos that have been posted from the KR servers this character seems to be one of the most flexible and versatile classes soon to be in game.

    Official announcement here

    Praying it's soon~
  14. #331252012-07-13 04:41:49 *Spades said:
    So two pieces of business today. Vindictus NA has just posted up an event for some really cool shiz. Free armor and bow for whoever can finish episode 7. Only thing is you have to start today at level 1 and work your way up. Sounds impossible so I'm ignoring it.
    Now this really wasn't all that important. The important part was that within this post was a time limit. July 12 - July 18. You can only receive your armor and bow before July 21.

    This is good news as it seems that the archer class Kai will be release next week on the 18th if we're really lucky. Link for this announcement here here

    Pretty cool, but it's easy enough to farm the materials so I wouldn't encourage bothering with it.

    Second form of business is that Vindictus KR servers or Mabinogi Heroes has just released the trailer of their new character which is planned to come out with the season 2 update. Now this just is a stab in the heart as the new character is a dual wielding hot piece of ass.

    The new characters name is Vella and she is a character similar to Lanns in her ability to dual wield, but different in play style being more defense oriented over DPS.

    The only trailer released so far only shows one skill.

    I'm rather excited and turned off by this as there is a good chance that we will not see her in NA or any other servers for a good 6 - 12 months.

    Her trailer:

    Some images:

  15. #331282012-07-13 04:55:26 *Spades said:
    This next post is just some more images involving Vella. Clearly this character is being made for her sex appeal and is meant to attract more male players to join Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes. I have no qualms with this.
    I'm really looking forward to the new playstyle that will be coming with Vella and the fact that she is attractive is a very positive plus.

  16. #331322012-07-13 05:50:04Kayoma said:

    I can't play this game, because shitty nexon blocked russia with IP. I don't want to use proxy anymore. This is annoing. T_T

  17. #369252012-08-21 19:06:50 *Spades said:

    I'm pretty sure no one really checks this thread, but I still need a place to dump all my Vindictus shit.

    A Vella teaser trailer for all those interested.