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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #608052013-07-12 09:23:36Kirn said:

    Recently I felt a sort of nostalgia for all the old jRPGs I played. In the end I downloaded the PS1 emulator and The Legend of Dragoon game.

    You know... after 13 years, the game plays as good as when if just came out. It's your basic turn-based jRPG with special Dragoon powers and additional gameplay twist of every attack being a small quick-time event. Music is there. Graphics? Were nice 13 years ago, yeah. But somehow the oldness of it doesn't bother me at all.

    The game has personality, it has deep story and great characters. Hell, the story was given 95% rating by, and those guys do tend to rate things right. The game is 4 discs long and you never have a dull moment - story just rolls and rolls, uncovering more, making the action more epic every time you think that's impossible.

    Well, I can rant a lot, really, about this. But I will just say - back in the day the game made so big of an impact on me that my most favorite character in the game made me add one more item to the list of my favorite colors. So, you know, it was really nice to return to this. I am now somewhere in the middle of the 2nd disc and I am having a great time.

  2. #608062013-07-12 09:35:17DarkChaplain said:

    Oh god, Kirn, oh my god... Did you know that they apparently worked on a Dart DLC for Playstation All-Stars, before it got canned? Fuck, that cruelty...

    Definitely a huge thumbs-up for that game!

  3. #608152013-07-12 12:58:07Kirn said:

    Oh, I didn't know that... but I am not following gaming news that closely, and definitely wasn't following them during those times. Anyways, that's not really important. The game is damn great - that's all that matters )