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  1. Gatchaman Crowds

    #608382013-07-12 23:43:35 *SENsei said:

    Simple minded high school girl meets strange tall black alien vampire on roof, from whom she receives an even stranger mechanical note book which turns her into Gatchaman. a Gatchaman is a sort of human sized mecha that fights aliens space invaders in shape rubix cubes.

    You will watch this.

    Fucking yes. I remember just watching Gatchaman on Cartoon Network when I was a kid. Then I came back and rewatched the series later in middle school. Good shit. Crowds is like a visual overhaul though. Still, good shit.



  2. #608452013-07-13 00:48:13DarkChaplain said:

    Just watched the first episode, and ain't sure what to think yet. I expected quirkiness, I really did, but this was batshit insane comedy.
    Still, very catchy, will keep watchin'

  3. #611022013-07-18 05:13:08Kuroba_Loki said:

    Interesting thus piqued my interest.

    Also is hajime an airhead or...she's just normally like that? XD

    Lastly, dat panda


  4. #611072013-07-18 05:52:50Momimochi said:

    Also is hajime an airhead or...she's just normally like that?

    That's like asking the same question but she is great, yes.

  5. #611792013-07-20 04:05:15Cenica said:

    Wasn't sure what I thought before the second episode but this seems like it's off to a pretty awesome start.

  6. #612162013-07-20 21:32:01judar said:

    I watched the first two episodes today and I really like this anime! Hajime is super sweet oh my gosh I just want to hug her preciousness.

  7. #617942013-07-29 19:45:08Evangelina said:

    Just watched the 3rd episode yesterday, and honestly, this is one of my favorites already. The OP is so catchy and amazing, I love Hajime and her way to look at everything outside the box, and her growing relationship with the other Gatchaman and the guy who gave her the Gatcha note! Can't wait for the next ep :)

  8. #618862013-08-02 02:32:01Acedia said:

    This Anime is weird, but in a good way as I am hooked to it. I didn't really like the art style initially but it grew on me, and the Music is fantastic.

  9. #624242013-08-10 23:10:18judar said:


    and I feel bad for Rui oh man but OD BECAME COOL too and JOU IS STILL COOL WOAH and Utsutsu is SO SAD BUT CUTE

  10. #632462013-09-03 16:01:37TeruShinozaki said:

    @Kiboune omg yes thank you for pointing that out! The OST came out a few days ago and uuuugh it's so good! I usually don't notice soundtrack in anime, but the songs on this show are so catchy asfdhasdgjsfjkl;;;;;;

    "GatchaMANNNNNNN oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz"