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Gatchaman Crowds

  1. #640292013-09-27 18:10:47judar said:

    Regarding the OST, I have yet to listen but I really like the OP track!

    And gosh, Jou! Him and Sugane are so cute but Hajime brings out the best in all of them and the latest episode tore out my heart because I have a feeling that one of them will die and if that happens so will I.

  2. #640712013-09-28 17:26:54momo said:

    Wrote a little about it on Facebook:

    Gatchaman Crowds was really one hell of a ride, really sad to have seen it end but quite happy with how it all played out. It was really quite interesting in how it addressed topics like gameification, anonymnity/pseudonymnity, and the cacophony of voices and views that make up much of internet discussion.

    Might end up writing a bit on it, again.

  3. #640822013-09-29 14:25:39judar said:

    The ending was beautiful! This anime is also such a gem and it's execution and themes were wonderful to sit through and watch! I love Hajime with a passion and it's a bit of a shame that this anime was overshadowed by Shingeki and Free! because it deserves a lot more! I adored the ending and I adore all of the characters; I think everyone should aspire to be like Hajime because she's an A+ person and I love her to bits// !

  4. #640982013-09-30 00:03:57Kuroba_Loki said:

    ^yandere love :3

    I liked the series all in all, I think we all love how hajime's character didn't change throughout the whole series and was unaffected by the factors which were presented in the series~ Also dat OST is epic~