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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #608612013-07-13 08:30:14Trisak said:

    Dear Steam Support.

    When someone write a ticket to you, saying they are perfectly aware one of their transactions fail, and why it did, but want help with resolving the matter of it happening during a sale, actually read the message, and stop telling me that it went wrong when I worte I already am aware of that... and please stop pretending the issue is resolved when I write I clearly still have an issue... Would be appreciated, thanks

    Still don't like steam, Trisak

  2. #608632013-07-13 08:40:32DarkChaplain said:

    I feel ya. There've been so many times I had to contact Steam support (or Origin, derp) where it was absolutely clear that the support guy did not bother reading the message past the headline before pasting a pre-cooked reply.
    You'd think Valve has the financial stability to increase their support staff....

  3. #621022013-08-04 10:07:14 *Ecstasy said:

    I can now join this rant. The reply I got was pathetic. They basically just told me "I dunno lul, check this link here which will give you no info on the question whatsoever ahah".